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Instagram Story Ideas: Check These Page-Turning Ideas

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 12 min read

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Everyone, please gather ‘round. We have a story to tell. It’s about how you can make your content creation even more compelling. The story feature on Instagram is here to stay; we may as well make the best of it. There is way too much possibility with that feature for us not to use it to its fullest. If you’re drawing blanks, you need some fresh Instagram story ideas. 

Luckily, you’re in the right place. Your social media gurus will give you the best tips to share the best stories.

Instagram Story Ideas: Check These Page-Turning Ideas

Instagram Story Ideas for Photos That Couldn’t Make the Feed

It’s not your fault you have high standards for your Instagram page. You have a particular layout going right now and don’t want to ruin it. That’s fine. Still, these extra pictures that you have are quite nice. You want to show them to your followers in another way. So you don’t come off as repetitive in your stories, check out these tips.

Use a Grid Formation

Did you know you can put up to 6 photos in a grid formation for each story? This is a great way to offload multiple photos at once. It works out well if there are small details in each photo that you would prefer to hide. You know you can’t zoom in on stories so that imperfections can stay hidden.

Overlay Your Photos

The grid formation may be too strict for you. Fine. Your brand is more free-spirited than that. Luckily, Instagram stories allow users to post multiple pictures on one story. They just have to access the sticker that lets them do this. 

They can add photos in varying shapes as well. The result will be a fun collage showing photos in different orientations.

Use Varying Sizes

To make things even more creative, consider using photos in different sizes. Position photos so that only half of them show on the screen. Randomly insert fun text and stickers. This is a great way to keep people visually stimulated with your stories. They’re more likely to want to skip to the next story.

These Instagram story ideas for photos allow you to share those photos from that beach trip. Yes, those are the ones that would clash with the muted pallet on your Instagram feed currently. It effectively gives your view as a break from a certain aesthetic. It even shows them a new side to you.

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Aesthetic Instagram Story Ideas To Keep Things Beautiful!

As free as you feel when you post a story, remember that you still have a brand to represent. Behind-the-scenes content is great. Unfiltered photos and videos are cute. Don’t get us wrong. However, don’t start to feel too free. It’s best to implement aesthetic Instagram story ideas wherever you can. We have some options for you here.

Match the Colour Scheme on Your Page

If you care about aesthetics, you likely have one going on your page. All major brands have a color scheme that flows through their exciting content. If you want to be a major brand, you should start doing that now. 

It won’t just stop at your Instagram feed. You’ll have to carry it over into your stories as well. Remember the color scheme you use on your overall feed when you post your stories. We’re not saying that the photos have to match that color scheme. No, that’s way too limiting. However, the text and stickers should tie into your Instagram feed theme.

Settle on a Text Font

Instagram stories aren’t all photos and stickers. Sometimes, they involve a little typing, too. The stories feature gives you a host of fonts to choose from. You can even highlight, mix, and match fonts. 

Don’t get too carried away with all these options. Maintaining an aesthetic on Instagram requires consistency. If you like a particular font or two, maintain them in all your stories. It doesn’t have to be one font. Sometimes, you want to emphasize something else. Take a secondary font to do that.

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Interactive Instagram Story Ideas To Start a Conversation

In everything, we must remember that engagement from your followers is the most important thing on IG. This should be at the forefront of your mind when creating Instagram stories. How can we increase our engagement rate using our Instagram stories? Interactive Instagram story posting ideas can achieve that. 

Ideally, all your Instagram stories should spur some interaction. However, these suggestions below should get people going.

1. Conduct Polls

Are you struggling to decide on what your next piece of content should be? You could ask your followers. We are sure that they are willing to give their two cents on what they want to see from you. Just don’t simply ask them. Confine their answers to only a few options. You can do this by using a specific type of Instagram sticker — the Instagram poll sticker.

This gives your followers multiple options to choose from. You ask them a question, and then they choose from this list. Instagram counts up the responses for you so you know which response is the most popular one. It will even tell you which user voted in which way. This is a great way for your followers to feel like they’re part of a community.

2. Request Questions

You may think you’re sharing too much on Instagram, but you aren’t. There are some things about you that people don’t know and are dying to know. You can take for granted what they already know. Allow them to ask you their questions. 

The Instagram sticker that can do this is a question sticker. Include it in one of your stories to get responses from users. It will not be anonymous. You’ll know exactly who sent in what question. When you answer them, however, Instagram keeps their identity private from the rest of your followers. 

Your answers to the questions could spur more conversation and more engagement. It can also be very fun for everyone.

3. Create Quizzes

Don’t mistake quizzes for polls. With Instagram quizzes, you indicate the correct answer to a particular question. Upon answering the question you ask, your followers will know if they are correct or not.

This is a great way to determine how well your followers know you. Or it could be an opportunity to ask random questions.

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Birthday Instagram Story Ideas To Celebrate the Special Occasion

Whose birthday is it? Is it yours or is it your friend’s birthday? Either way, there are some birthday Instagram story posting ideas that you can use. If you want to make a big deal out of a birthday, you should do it on Instagram. What is a bigger platform than that? 

Reshare Posts That Tagged You

If it’s your birthday, your friends might dedicate Instagram stories to you. Show your appreciation that they took the time out of their day to do that. If they tagged you in it, re-share the photo to your Instagram stories. It’s a great idea for content and lets Instagram followers know who your tribe is. 

If it’s your friend’s birthday, consider creating a collage of all your memories. A nice filter could give the effect of nostalgia. You want to make it seem like you are reminiscing on a long-standing friendship, which is a good touch. Next, don’t forget to tag them. 

Have a Countdown

Why should you only countdown to New Year’s Day? Your birthday is just as important and marks a new beginning for you. You can watch the ball drop any time of year. Instagram gives you the option of putting a countdown on your stories. You just have to make a note of when the end date is. Instagram will insert the remaining time left. 

Of course, the end date would be your birthday. You can use this sticker whenever you want. You can do it a few hours before your birthday. This way, people can see the story within 24 hours of its being live. They may catch the ending and wish you happy birthday on the spot. This is a great opportunity for more Instagram engagement.

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Instagram Story Collage Ideas for Every Type of Creator

Maybe it’s our inner child, but collages are still so fun. It’s a creative way to share pictures of memories that we hold dear. You’re not the only one who likes a good collage. Your followers like them, too. Keep them hooked with some good Instagram story collage ideas. We have a few here.

Your Instagram Story Layout Ideas Could Look Like This

The collage is one of the best Instagram story layout ideas ever. It’s a great way to show the progression of something over time. These days, people use reels to do that. But not everyone has that kind of time. A good collage on the IG story will get the job done.

  • As a travel influencer, share a collection of your recent travel pictures. These could be local travels or full journeys abroad. There’s no need to provide context; just drop those beautiful pictures. It may still qualify as educational content.
  • As a fashion influencer, share all the outfits you wore this week. People might want to know how you mix and match pieces if you have a minimalist wardrobe. Or, if you have a particular body type, people may want to see how you style yourself for different tasks.
  • This is a great tip for beauty influencers. Show all the looks that you wore to different events. This can show your followers that you have diversity in your skills. Suppose one look gets a lot of attention; zero in on it. Share a collage of the steps to achieve that look.
  • If you are a fitness influencer, show the exercises you did that week. You can specify that you’re aiming to reach a specific goal. The pictures will outline what you’re doing to get there. You can take a completely different route and share progress from doing certain exercises over time.
  • Food influencers could make a collage of the progress of making a dish. They could start by showing the ingredients for the complete meal. Visual aid is a great way to help people learn. This is a great opportunity to share something new with your followers without the effort of an Instagram reel.

There are so many ways to show a progression without using video content. A collage helps with that tremendously.

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3 Cool Instagram Story Ideas for Businesses

It’s no secret that Instagram is a platform for running small businesses. It’s a great place for buyers and sellers to meet. However, this means that a lot of businesses are online. No matter your industry, you likely have some competition. You need some cool Instagram story ideas to set you apart from them.

1. Behind the Scenes

Some people love to consume as much information as possible. Customers will want more than just seeing what you have in stock. They want to know the journey to get their product in hand. Some behind-the-scenes content could give them a new appreciation for how well you run your business. 

You can show them what goes into packaging, shipping, and creating products. They will feel like they’re in an exclusive group. It’s a great opportunity to remove the filter and be vulnerable with your following. They may appreciate user-generated content as well.

2. Meet the Employees

Consumers like to know that they support an ethical business. It helps to know that the people who work for the company also like the company. Showing off your hard-working team members is a great way to let your audience know you value people. 

Showing little profiles of members of your team can humanize a business in the eyes of the public. Release them incrementally with your content calendar. When you’re done, save these features to your Instagram highlights

3. Flashbacks

Some of your followers may be new to your page, so you may have to re-introduce yourself to everyone then. A nice walk down memory lane is a great way to show consumers how your business is growing. 

When you do this, play up the angle of appreciating them for their continuing support. Consumers like to know that businesses appreciate their financial support.

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Creative Instagram Story Ideas Still Need To Be Strategic

Instagram stories may seem fun, but they are still an excellent marketing tool. Don’t forget that your stories are still supposed to help grow your page. Creative Instagram story ideas are the most effective when there is some strategy behind them. We can help you make sure that you keep your growth goals in mind while posting stories. 

1. Use Hashtags

You already know that you can find IG users with hashtags on posts. Did you know that you can find them through hashtags on stories? You need to ensure you post some good hashtags in your stories. 

The same tactics you use to choose hashtags for IG feed posts will be useful here. You can increase your reach just by adding these hashtags. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

2. Drop Locations

People can find your content through location tags as well. After you’ve left somewhere, share a beautiful post and tag in the location. Other users may be interested in that location or want to know what it looks like. It would be great if your story came up while they were searching.

3. Tag Brands

Tagging brands helps to put you on their radar. Some creators say that they tag brands until the brands notice them. Pretty soon, they will be getting free items to create content around. You never know!

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Cute Instagram Story Ideas Won’t Secure You the Growth You Need

We love that you want to know more about these cute Instagram story ideas. They should make a big difference to a page. However, great as they are, they may not be enough. To achieve the exponential growth that we know you want, you’ll need the help of an expert.

Plixi has the expert tools you need to create social proof. For one, there is an in-house platform for Instagram influencers at our fingertips. There’s also a propriety AI targeting algorithm that we’ve been working on over the past decade. 

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