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How To Become a Fashion Influencer on Instagram: A Guide


Plixi Team

Dec 04, 2023 12 min read

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It’s a great time to be creative. Social media platforms like IG have made it easy to reach a wider audience with all types of content. People with unique and exquisite personal styles are making a living online with their passion for fashion. You can be one of them, too. You’re in the right place if you want to know how to become a fashion influencer. Yes, you can become a fashion guru wielding affiliate links yourself.

Put your sense of style center stage. Plixi experts will help you make your formal entry into the fashion industry. Let’s get started on carving out your niche and finding your target audience!

How To Become a Fashion Influencer on Instagram: A Guide

Not Sure if You Should Become an Instagram Influencer? Read This.

The idea of creating content for a living is still fairly new. We are slowly coming out of the mindset that we need to be in a job all day. We don’t need someone’s constant surveillance. So, I’m sure you may need some convincing. It may be unchartered waters in your family, and it’s daunting. Here are some reasons why being a fashion blogger could work out for you.

Big Potential for Financial Gain

It’s no secret that people make money on Instagram through content creation. If they can do it, why can’t you? Being an IG fashion influencer can result in a noticeable increase in one’s monthly income. Even if it’s not a lot at first, it’s more than you were earning before. A survey polled 1,865 Instagram influencers about their income from content creation. The results showed that the typical monthly earnings from an IG creator are close to $3,000. Of course, this is dependent on many different factors. Still, it could be you if you work hard!

The Flexibility Is Unmatched

You could make content on social media platforms part-time or full-time. You could start part-time and then increase. The freedom that comes with full-time content creation is no secret. These influencers show it off all the time. It gives you the flexibility to pursue other hobbies that advance your mental health and complement your content creation. Some examples are going to the gym or cooking more.  You can finally travel without waiting for your PTO. 

Even if you are just doing it as a side hustle, you’ll benefit. You’re going to wear clothes anyway! Just capture it on film. Going to church, work, or a coffee run can be content. Converting something you naturally do into income is extreme flexibility.

It’s Your Passion

Making a living off of what you love isn’t a crime. It’s the dream. When you figure out how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram, you can live this dream, too. Have you always had a strong interest in clothing and accessories? Do you have an eye for color? Becoming an IG fashion influencer is an excellent way to earn a living. With this avenue, you can also do something that you are truly excited about. 

You’ll be using the knowledge you already have. Or, you’ll be using the knowledge you would love to learn. Either way, it could add a fullness to your life you haven’t previously experienced.

Being curious about the purpose of being an influencer is normal. Ultimately, you’ll have to be sure about your choice. It’s a very demanding industry, and you have to want it. Hopefully, the considerations above helped you to decide whether or not to become an IG fashion influencer.

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How To Become a Beauty and Fashion Influencer on Instagram With So Many Options

You’ve always found the fashion industry mesmerizing. You probably think that being an IG fashion influencer would be the ideal dream job. You’re on to something there. These other influencers sure make it look great. Endless invitations to exclusive events, complimentary PR packages, and brand trips are just a few benefits. You need no convincing. You just need to know how to become a beauty and fashion influencer.

You’re willing to do the work, you just want to know what the work is. We can give you an idea of what you can expect to do to achieve your dreams.

Find Your Niche Audience

If you scroll your IG feed right now, you’ll see endless fashion influencers. You’re about to enter an inundated field. Standing out is imperative. You’ll have to stand out from the people in your community. To do this, think hard about the specific sector of the IG market in which you wish to make waves.

Do you like the DIY side of fashion? Your thing could be giving thrift clothes a new life. You could be a luxury girl and want to educate people on spotting dupes. Your office job or church clothes are niche as well. It may be normal for you, but not everyone wears those clothes all the time. You could focus on athleisure wear if you know you’re a gym rat. Think about what comes naturally to you. Then, your tribe will find you.

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Include Beauty With Your Fashion

Fortunately for you, beauty and fashion go hand in hand. When you’re showing off your OOTD, it may seem incomplete without a face to match.  The fashion industry and beauty industry are at least cousins. Maybe you already focus on jewelry, but you can accessorize your sense of style with a beat face. Even if your brand is activewear, you could show off a low-maintenance look. If you’re a runner, review your favorite sunscreen brands.

You can expand your reach this way. Marrying beauty to fashion can add a new facet of value to your IG account. It will reveal a whole new facet of your influencer content and attract followers your fashion content didn’t. This will be an easy collab for you. Speaking of a collab, it will explain the brands that could collaborate with you. Keeping your options open is the key.

Work on Your Media Kit

We haven’t lost sight of the mission. You’re not here to do this for fun. You’re here to earn a living. This tip helps you get down to business. Sometimes, brands reach out to influencers. Other times, influencers market themselves. A good fashion influencer should have a media kit ready to share with brands. It’s essentially a digital portfolio of all your work and accomplishments.

It’s quite handy to have your content available in a single location. Businesses will appreciate it, too. Sometimes, seeing your aesthetic IG feed isn’t enough. They may want to see your engagement rates. They want to know the demographic you attract. Your brand may be the fun, soft-life fashion girl. However, when you approach brands, you need to be professional.

Keep Engaging Online

You can’t just drop fire content and go. You have to talk to the people who support your content. The people who make up your audience will look to you as an authority in the field. Why wouldn’t they? Look at how excellent your content is.

Don’t be stingy with the details. If someone asks about the fit of the jeans, tell them. Say thanks when they compliment your body in a new dress. IG notices the engagement, and you need to encourage it. Engage with creators in their comment section. The people who read the comments likely love that type of content and will like yours, too. Try to answer your DMs, too. You never know who is watching.

These things may not be second nature to you at first, but you’ll catch on if you create good habits. Be open to learning as you go along. Make a note of the things that work and toss out the things that do. Don’t slavishly copy another established Instagram influencer. Your brand is unique, and you should treat it as such.

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Budget-Friendly Tips: How To Become a Fashion Influencer With No Money

It seems like everyone has the LV Neverfull, but you. Those Hermes slides go with everything, but they’re so expensive. There are some aspiring IG influencers who just do not have the financial resources to keep up with this industry. You can’t reasonably keep buying outfits. Celebrities don’t even do that- they get gifts all the time. You want this dream but need to know how to become a fashion influencer with no money.

It’s reasonable to assume that becoming a fashion influencer will require regular and significant financial investment. If you have plans of becoming one, don’t let this thought deter you. IG is a lot of smoke and mirrors. The tips we will give you now will prove that, too. As you’re about to enter an arguably superficial industry, be careful with your mental health. Constantly comparing your wardrobe to another influencer isn’t healthy. You don’t want to get distracted from your personal goals. Protect your peace, always! That said, let’s get into the tips!

Recycle Your Content

Recycling is great for the environment and even better for your pocket. If you have excellent footage of a good outfit, don’t be afraid to post it multiple times. There are so many trending audios all at once. You can use the footage in different clips each time. Each reel may reach different target audiences each time. Use different hashtags to appear in different search results. This is how you maximize one outfit on IG. Are you worried that people will call you an outfit-repeater? Poke fun at it. There is so much going on on IG that people quickly forget.

Capitalize on What You Have

You already wear clothes, so you have somewhere to start. Take inventory of what you already have. It may surprise you what your closet is hiding from you. If you’re going to be a content creator, you have to be creative! Use your imagination! You can find new uses for the pieces you’ve had for years. Being efficient with a few pieces can be your brand. Some followers will love the transparency and honesty that this shows.

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Make Thrifting Your Brand

Some people say the world has become more materialistic. If that’s true, why is the stigma against thrifting gone? Thrifting no longer indicated your socioeconomic status. Everyone is doing it. The budget for your IG page doesn’t have to be huge if this is your brand.

Make content telling people about the thrift stores in your area. Or, you could review the sites online. Sounds like you have a built-in content strategy to me! You can brag about how little your outfit costs and draw the right crowd to you. No one needs to know you shop that way because you have to. (Remember: IG is smoke and mirrors!)

These are our suggestions for ways to be a fashion influencer within budget. With the right lighting, scenery, and transitions, your clothes will look like a million bucks anyway. You just have to believe it first!

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High-Quality Tips on How To Become a Luxury Fashion Influencer

Forget all other niches. You want to know how to become a luxury fashion influencer. Something about the white, beige, and tan that they all wear entrances you. This sector of Instagram influence may now be for everyone, but it can be for you.

Becoming an influencer, specifically in the world of luxury, maybe an exciting way to create content on IG. You can also make money this way on IG. The influencers use their passion for fashion to convince people to buy high-end items.  

These could range from makeup to fashion. It could include cars and luxury vacations. They could show off their rare vintage fashion or rock fashion trends first. If you want to know how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram in this niche, we can help. Generally, the tips we’ve listed above can help with this. Below are some tips specific to this niche.

  • Create high-quality content. Your photos and reels are going to have to be as high quality as the brands you wear. Pixelated or over-edited photos will cheapen a photo every time.
  • Tag these brands whenever you post. Let them know you already love and use their products. This way, when brands sponsor you, you can say you are a long-time user.
  • If you can’t drop $4000 on a Bottega, don’t. A lot of these luxury influencers had to fake it till they made it. Spend some time finding dupes. In a perfectly staged photo, no one will know the difference.
  • Maintain a cohesive Instagram aesthetic. It doesn’t have to be all crisp white, but it should be intentional.
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Plixi’s Tips Will Always Be in Style

Entering a saturated field is not for the weak. It takes a lot to enter the market and have staying power. You’re going to need some help with that. Luckily, your experts at Plixi will know what to do.

We have the tools you need to help you. We have  Instagram influencers on deck with the best tips. They keep their fingers on the pulse and know what works. We also have an AI-targeting technology that we’ve been building for a decade. We use, you can secure those followers who will engage with your content. With all these tools, you will know how to become a fashion influencer. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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