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Instagram Analytics Tool

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Get actionable insights to optimize your social media strategy. Track 50+ key metrics across your Instagram account in real-time.

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Instagram Analytics

Measure and enhance your Instagram Growth with unrivaled Instagram analytics tools

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Instagram analytics

Why use Instagram Bots?
How Plixi is 10x better:

Real-Time Activity

Track your Instagram stats and interactions as they happen on your Plixi Analytics dashboard. Get live insights into how your Instagram page is growing all in one place.

  • Live Activity
  • Real-Time Stats
  • Insights
  • Daily Updates

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Influencer’s Basic info and Contact details
Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok Audience Demographics

Measure Instagram Growth

With Plixi Analytics, you can instantly understand what’s working and what’s not. Our proprietary data algorithms measures how well your account is performing and gives you tips on what to improve.

You can also view your best performing posts and automatically calculate your engagement rate.

  • Follower Growth
  • Engagement Rate
  • Audience Reach
  • Growth Rate

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Follower Demographics and Authenticity

In order to grow your Instagram followers, you need to know who your account is attracting. Plixi collects dozens of data points on each follower to give you insight into your audience demographics and authenticity.

  • Gender and Age
  • Language
  • Countries and cities
  • Top Sources

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Instagram Audience Type & Quality
Instagram Analytics

Drive Instagram Growth

With Plixi Analytics, you’ll grow your business by getting insight into what content is perming best. See how your Instagram page is performing overall and view specific KPI’s like engagement, like ratios, and more.

Convert Instagram followers into customers be tracking traffic and growth with Plixi Analytics.

  • Increase Engagement Rates
  • Grow Your Followers
  • Increase Post Exposure
  • Micro-Interactions

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Rich Analytics Reports

Build and share customizable in-depth account reports with your team or clients. Add specific metrics and charts to an exportable report. Get all your KPI’s in one place and transform them into actionable insights.

  • Easy Export
  • Daily Updates
  • Custom Growth Reports
  • Shareable PDF Reports

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Instagram Growth Analyses
With many more amazing features to boost your growth:

Post and Story Prices


See how much your posts and stories are worth to potential advertisers and sponsors. Estimations are made using a machine learning algorithm trained with market values. Take your account further with Plixi Experts, and we’ll connect you with advertisers and sponsors in your niche.

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Audience Quality Score

AQS was developed by Plixi to help you understand the overall quality of your Instagram audience. AQS is the result of over 25 metrics, which are split into 5 key categories.

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Estimated Post Reach


Using AI technology, Plixi is able to estimate the potential number of unique Instagram users who see one of your posts. This data helps you estimate the overall reach of your page and content.

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Dedicated Growth (Experts)

Plixi Experts is an add-on service that gives you access to world-class Instagram experts on-demand 24/7. Get growth strategies tailored to your specific page and niche, schedule calls, or chat with an expert any time.

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