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Is Instagram or TikTok Safer? Let’s Discuss

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 10 min read

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You know that you’re nervous to go into your direct messages. That’s because I’m very questionable; things might be in there. Social platforms give people the platform just to be weird. Now, you have to customize your privacy settings to keep those people at bay. Direct messaging you is just one way that people step out of line on the internet. If you have to deal with this, can you imagine the inappropriate content some teens are facing? Is Instagram or TikTok safer for them? It’s hard to tell.

Parents seem to think that this TikTok app, is a haven for harmful content. Even though the privacy policy may have certain prohibitions in place, kids seem to find a way around them. This isn’t to say that Instagram is an angel. You can find violent content there if you go too far in one direction. So, which is safer? TikTok or Instagram? Hopefully, this article will make things a lot clearer for you.

Is Instagram or TikTok Safer? Let’s Discuss

TikTok vs Instagram: Who Wins in the Battle of Online Safety?

People love to put these two apps against each other. Before, it was Instagram vs Facebook. Now, it’s mainly TikTok vs Instagram. No matter the competition, both these apps are raking it in big time. But are they raking it in at the expense of our most vulnerable in society? Do you know what your favorite social media platform is doing to protect the young people who use it? Whether they like it or not, these private entities have a social responsibility. Whereas adults have to make responsible decisions for themselves, there is a moral obligation to children. 

Instead of debating whether each platform is better at short from content, let’s elevate the conversation. Let’s talk about how they preserve the online safety of the next generation.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Have TikTok? There Are Little Kids Watching!

TikTok may sound like a light-hearted thing — until you actually use TikTok. When you go on the app, you’ll see that a lot of adults use TikTok. People your age and above have found their niche audience there. This makes for some very interesting content for you. However, it also makes you wonder if your children. I can see this content as well. He quietly wanted to yourself, “How old do you have to be to have TiKToK?” Is this app open to anyone who can use a phone? Can little elementary school children create an account and access content made for older age ranges? Let’s research this for ourselves. We can see what TikTok has to say.

These are the points to note:

  • Your location matters. If you are under 13 in the US, TikTok will not allow you to use the app freely. 
  • If you are in the US and you’re under the age of 13, you have a view-only experience.  Along with help from Common Sense Networks, they curate what they think is safe for a viewer under 13.
  • If you look for the TikTok app in the App Store, you’ll see a 12+ rating. It also attracts a rating that says “Parental Guidance Recommended” in the Play Store. If you are a concerned parent, you can use parental controls from these apps to prohibit access.
  • If you are in South Korea or Indonesia, this age minimum is 14 instead. Users provide their age to the app, so the only way we can protect them is if they are honest.
  • Younger TikTok users don’t have access to DMs and live stream hosting. This could help your child avoid dangerous situations.
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What Is a TikTok Age-Protected Post?

You might be thinking that 13 is still too young to view some of the content you see on TikTok. As a parent or guardian, that is entirely up to your discretion. We hope that telling you of another measure can help you feel assured of their safety. Have you heard of a TikTok age-protected post? We can explain what it is.

Some of the content on TikTok is better suited for adults. So when your child is over the age of 13 but under the age of 18, what happens? TikTok steps in to put up a notice that says that the post is age-protected. The app has already taken note of the age of your child centered upon creating an account. 

There is another reason why this message will come up. The user may have enabled “Restricted Mode.” When this feature is active, certain videos on the platform are not available. 

Don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. There are ways around both of these blockages. We can tell you what your teen might be doing to access these videos.

Getting Around the Age-Protection  

More than likely, you are seeing this message because you told Instagram that you’re under 18. Is it not true? Well, if you are of age, you can adjust your birthday in the app. TikTok lets you fix a birthdate that was mistakenly entered. It’s not meant for people who want to appear older in the app. You can ask TikTok to change your age for you. It’s not something that you can do on your own. So you can request an age change from TikTok and won’t see a notification that you can’t watch some videos. Unfortunately, by “you”, we could be referring to your child. Your minor child may easily find a way around the Instagram age restriction.

Switch off Restricted Mode

Your child can also switch off the “Restricted Mode” feature. They simply have to go into the Instagram app and turn it off there. Of course, they will receive a prompt to enter the passcode used when setting up this mode. If you, the parent, made this code, hopefully, it wasn’t too predictable.

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Instagram Parental Controls  You Should Know About

You’ve seen what TikTok has to offer. Now, let’s see, have Instagram step up to the plate. What safety measures do they have in place for the vulnerable who may use their app? Let’s talk about Instagram parental controls. 

You Can Monitor Activity

Parents can request the ability to supervise their child from Instagram. This way, parents can monitor online activity. You can find out how long your child is spending on the app, who they follow, and who follows them. If you want, you can set daily limits on the time they use the app. Schedule breaks for them if you must. Use Family Center to view all these accounts that you monitor and manage these settings. 

Find Out the Accounts They Block

Cyberbullying is a very serious consequence of social media. That’s a worry about possible bullies at school. Now, you have to worry about these bullies attacking your child even after they are at home. Your child may not feel comfortable enough to tell you that this is happening to them. Instead, they go ahead and block the person online. As an attentive parent, you may want to know if he’s threatening your child. With the “Supervision on Instagram” feature, you can see your child has been blocked on IG.

Instagram has a whole host of protective features that you can use. Be sure to check it out if you care about your teen’s online presence.

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Social Media Apps for Teens Could Be Doing Harm Than Good

Technology is part of our lives. We can’t expect teens not to use social media. It’s how they keep in touch with their friends locally and abroad. It’s how they keep up with the news. It’s how they learn a lot of information about new topics very quickly. If we’re honest, all of these advantages apply to us as adults as well.  Let’s think for a second about the negative side of social media platforms. Now, imagine these affecting an impressionable teen. Social media apps for teens can turn sour very quickly. Let’s talk about why.

Obsession and Overstimulation

It’s so easy to become attached to your cell phone. It is the device that can access the rest of the world. It keeps us connected. Ironically, it disconnects us from the people right in front of us. How often have you experienced a lull in the conversation and just reached for your phone instead? It is second nature at this point. Young, impressionable people will find it difficult to engage in real time because of these apps. 

This creates the constant need to know what is happening online. With so many apps to choose from, teens can always find something to stimulate them. At any given point, they can receive news about a devastating tragedy on the other side of the world. Instead of feeling the natural emotions that come with that, they scroll a little more. Then, they can see the smiling faces of someone on a European tour. It can’t be healthy to experience this level of emotional whiplash, and teens go through it often.

Envy and Comparison

Social media lets us know what is going on in places that we dream of being. That girl who is your age is currently in the Maldives on a random Tuesday afternoon. While you pretend to work at your desk job, she is living her best life. If social media didn’t show you her life, you may not feel the negative emotions you’re feeling right now. Teens go through this as well. It could be that someone their age is getting the latest pair of sneakers. It could be someone their age is becoming a social media star out of the blue. Teens are very prone to comparing their lives to other young people online. It could birth very depressive thoughts. It doesn’t matter which is safer, TikTok or Instagram, they are both dangerous for this reason.

Online Bullying

With every new social media platform comes a new way for bullies to thrive. From sharing unkind photos to leaving threatening messages, bullies have a field day online. These days, please have gotten even more nefarious. At their worst, they will share personal details of your life. This includes your cell phone, your address, or your full name. This allows dangerous people to locate you and possibly harm you. The advent of AI has targeted innocent people. People can use your face and voice to besmirch your character. Yes, we’re not in the age of the chat room anymore. If your team shares their face online, people could use it to blackmail or impersonate them.

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Is Instagram Safe for Kids Who Want To Use the App?

It’s hard to shield the world from your teens. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to allow them to have freedom. Of course, you make it clear that they can come to you about anything. This way, they feel safe coming to you with their questions. That goes for teens. Is Instagram safe for kids, though?

When it comes to your kids, you may want to take the active rather than passive role. There are many content creators online who are passionate about creating content you may not agree with. They are excellent at content creation and know how to leave an impression on little kids. There is a reason the privacy policy for Instagram prohibits users under the age of 13. They simply aren’t mature enough for a lot of the content. It. may be best to keep a watchful eye on your young kids. 

Is Instagram or TikTok Safer

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