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Buy 10 Instagram Likes: What You Should Know


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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You can buy 10 Instagram likes to improve the interaction with your IG posts. More likes makes your content look popular, and that creates a snowball effect of additional people taking notice. Therefore, you can improve the quality of your IG account by attracting more likes that turn into followers and other useful metrics.

This article focuses on purchasing Instagram likes, including the best practices, the advantages, and things to avoid. Also, read to the end for additional ideas on how to increase user engagement with your Instagram account. 

Buy 10 Instagram Likes: What You Should Know

5 Advantages of Buying 10 Instagram Likes

There are multiple advantages to buying 10 Instagram likes to improve the user metrics of your Instagram posts. This section covers the different benefits to determine if buying IG likes is the right choice for you.

1. Buy 10 Instagram Likes To Get More Followers

Any purchased likes could turn into followers if the viewers enjoy your content. Hence, one of the most important metrics for your IG account will increase. When you buy 10 Instagram likes, real users are sent to your profile, which gives you a chance to increase your following and community.

10 real likes is a small amount. However, do this for every post, and it will add up to hundreds of likes in the long run. It depends on the amount of money you have to spend on purchasing likes.

2. Buy 10 Instagram Likes From Real Accounts

Buying 10 Instagram likes from real accounts that are your target audience leads to the best results. It will improve engagement with your IG profile and increase the size of your community. It can also lead to word-of-mouth marketing, which allows you to get more brand recognition for little investment.

Getting likes from genuine accounts compared to automatic likes might be more expensive. Therefore, you must shop for different options to find a trustworthy vendor to offer a fair deal.

3. Grow Your Brand

Purchasing likes ensures you can grow your brand by improving your Instagram profile. For example, if you’re looking for more customers, those likes can become followers and, eventually, buyers. However, it’s a number game—the more followers you buy, the higher your chances of getting customers.

You’ll need to look at Instagram analytics to determine the commercial success of buying likes and how many translate into buyers. You can do this through powerful marketing software that keeps track of important metrics.

4. Buy 10 Instagram Likes Cheaply

Do you want to buy 10 Instagram likes cheaply? Fortunately, you can find many vendors that will give you a low price if you look hard enough. Overall, the best prices are when you buy IG likes in bulk instead of 10 at a time. Therefore, set up a schedule of 10 likes per day or per post.

However, you get what you pay for, so you may need to pay more than the lowest price to get a good service. This is especially true if you’re after genuine users who will interact with your content and possibly leave a comment. Many websites allow you to read reviews from sellers, so you can find one that’s trustworthy.

5. Attract Influencers

Improving the quality of your Instagram account can lead to more interest from companies looking to offer sponsorship deals. These companies inspect IG accounts in detail, which includes the number of likes the posts receive. Hence, if you get more likes, there’s a higher chance that a big brand will offer a great sponsorship deal to take advantage of your audience.

Make sure to inspect the quality of these sponsorship deals to ensure you’re getting good value. Some brands look for ways to get cheap traffic, so don’t give away your audience for a low price.

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How To Buy Likes on Instagram

How do you buy likes on Instagram? There are many places where you can buy 10 Instagram likes for a competitive price and from a trustworthy vendor. Here are some of the top practices you should consider when buying Instagram likes:

  • Research the vendor: Take the time to complete background research on the vendor you are buying from to ensure you can trust them. For example, when buying from websites like Path Social, you can look at other customer reviews. Alternatively, look if the service is on Trustpilot since that’s also an excellent location for reviews. 
  • Automate the process: Will you need to get likes periodically? Then, consider setting up a schedule for adding likes to your IG account. For example, you can buy 100 likes and spread them over 10 days. 
  • Budget: Ensure you don’t spend your entire marketing budget on IG likes. While they are useful, you should allocate funds for other aspects of your social media marketing campaign.

Best Place To Buy Instagram Likes

Some of the best places to buy Instagram likes are freelancer websites like Upwork and Fiverr. Here you’ll find hundreds of sellers with an established reputation you can verify. Here you can buy 10 Instagram likes for a competitive price, and the service is fast.

Furthermore, you can look into social media marketing services that offer a comprehensive package. However, these services may not allow you to buy standalone likes. Hence, you’ll need to invest in a bigger package at a higher cost to get the IG likes.

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4 Things To Avoid When Buying Likes

There are many things to avoid when you buy 10 Instagram likes. This ensures that you get the most out of your purchase, and you can improve your IG account with the transaction. This section is particularly important for beginners who might be buying Instagram likes for the first time.

1. Don’t Buy Automatic Instagram Likes

When you buy automatic Instagram likes, it might be part of a fake account network that adds no real value to your social media presence. You’ll benefit from getting likes on your IG posts, but not much more. The fake accounts will not leave comments, follow your account, or perform other actions. Hence, when you buy 10 Instagram likes, you should look for likes that might become genuine followers.

Before placing an order for IG likes, make sure they are from real accounts and not bot followers. Take the time to look at what other customers share about the quality of the likes. Ideally, the likes lead to followers, comments, and much more.

2. Don’t Spend Too Much Money

Don’t spend all of your social media marketing budget on buying likes. It’s important to allocate funds for other parts of creating a winning strategy on Instagram. For example, you can ask influencers to mention your account in their posts for a fee. Also, you can use Instagram ads to receive an instant influx of viewers to your Instagram bio.

The amount of money you spend on buying IG likes should correlate to your budget and goals. It’s important to use analytics software to track spending and results. Once you see likes turn into sales, you can justify buying more in the future.

3. Buy 10 Instagram Likes But Not For One Post

You should buy 10 Instagram likes for several posts instead of focusing on a single one. This ensures you can promote multiple posts and improve your Instagram account overall. Hence, the chances of more than one post going viral increase, and you can get a good base of followers.

However, if you only buy likes for a single post, you place all of your eggs in one basket. That high-risk strategy may not lead to the desired results for most users.

4. Buy 10 Instagram Likes While Not Getting Caught

When you buy 10 Instagram likes for your account, you should avoid getting caught. That’s because it might be frowned upon by your community and lead to people pressing the unfollow button for your account. 

Furthermore, Instagram might ban your account or issue a suspension. This is disruptive for IG accounts representing brands that must be live to generate more sales. Also, getting suspended looks suspicious to your community, and they may question your practices.

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Buy Instagram Likes By Saving Money

You can save a lot of money buying Instagram likes if you know where to look and what steps to take. This includes buying 10 Instagram likes or hundreds as part of a bigger strategy. Here are a few ideas for saving money to get the most out of your purchase:

  • Shop around: Don’t buy from the first vendor you come across—even if it seems like a great deal. Spend a little longer to find a competitive deal, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much money you can save. 
  • Buy more likes: Typically, you can save money buying likes in bulk. However, you may only need a few likes at a time. In such cases, you can buy likes in bulk and ask the vendor to send them over a long time period. This ensures you don’t have to use all likes on a single post or rush to create content. 
  • Discounts: Vendors may offer you a discount as a promotion. This typically applies to new customers who are interested in using an IG-like buying service. Discounts are a great way to improve the quality of your IG account while not spending a large amount of money. 
  • Free trial: Services selling IG likes may allow you to receive a small number of likes for free. Think of it like a free trial that you can use to test the quality of the likes and verify the legitimacy of the vendor. 
  • Package deals: You can receive Instagram likes as part of an overall package for boosting your Instagram account. This includes sending you likes, followers, and comments for posts. You’re likely to spend more on a package than buying likes, but the cost per like is lower.
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4 Best Practices for Buying 10 Instagram Likes

The best practices for buying 10 Instagram likes in this section will help you avoid problems and wasting money. However, the advice here is just the tip of the iceberg. As you begin buying your own Instagram likes, you’ll develop a strategy to get the most out of your money.

1. Buy 10 Real Instagram Likes From Targeted Users

Buying 10 real Instagram likes from targeted followers is the best approach to ensure you obtain users who genuinely interact with your posts. Look for services that offer targeting services or can specify the niche users who will arrive to leave the like.

Are you not sure what users to target? Then you need to have a better understanding of your target market. This includes specifying things like age, geographic area, and gender. Making sure you can pinpoint the type of users who want to digest your content helps you place the correct score when buying Instagram likes.

2. Buy 10 Instagram Likes With the Right Payment Method

You need to use a trustworthy payment method when you buy 10 Instagram likes. On platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, this isn’t a problem since trusted payments are accepted. This includes credit cards like Mastercard and Visa or bank transfers.

However, the payment options can be limited when buying from social media marketing services with their website. Hence, you need to make sure your payment method is available.

Payment processors like Visa ask you to complete security steps before processing transactions. This protects you when buying from websites you come across for the first time.

3. Verify your Likes

Make sure to verify authentic likes after buying them from a vendor. That’s especially true after buying from a vendor the first few times. You can verify likes by noting an increase or checking your Instagram analytics software and viewing engagement rates. 

4. Buy 10 Instagram Likes Alongside Your Content Calendar

It’s a good idea to buy 10 Instagram likes for each post as they go live. This ensures they receive an instant boost and have a higher chance of going viral. Hence, the performance increase may be significantly higher for the small cost of buying 10 likes. 

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Instead of Buying 10 Instagram Likes Instantly—Try Plixi!

To conclude, you can buy 10 Instagram likes instantly to add interactivity to your posts and boost the quality of your Instagram account. Remember to keep the best practices in this article in mind to ensure you use a safe payment method and get a good price.

Also, there are multiple things to avoid, such as choosing a questionable vendor, buying likes from fake accounts, and putting too many likes on a single post. Also, don’t get caught since Instagram doesn’t look lightly on IG users buying likes for their social media presence.

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