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How To Get Views on Instagram and Increase Visibility


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 10 min read

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Just when you thought you had sharing beautiful photos down, IG introduces reels. Your photos don’t have the same reach as reels, so you’ll have to learn the ropes. How else will you reach your target audience? Since a whole new set of rules apply, now you have to find out how to get views on Instagram.

Pivoting this way isn’t difficult, it just has a slight learning curve. We know it seems like everyone else has gotten the hang of it. They’re pumping out user-generated content and content strategy tips for growth. Don’t worry about them. Soon, you’ll be pumping out quality content like a pro! Just read this article to find out.

How To Get Views on Instagram and Increase Visibility

Yes, You Can Buy Instagram Views

This shouldn’t be your first option, but we have to mention it. What isn’t for sale these days? You find just about anything for sale on the internet. It should come as no surprise that you can also buy Instagram views. Yes, you already knew you could buy followers and likes, but you keep the trend going. You can give your reels an artificial boost by buying some views. 

We can explain in case you don’t understand how this works. We want to get your content on the Explore Page. It has a better chance of getting there if it already has a lot of views on it. It can be hard to secure the initial clout from your followers. After all, one account can only register one view. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands by purchasing them. This is how to get more views on Instagram and make sure you get the traction you deserve. Additionally, a high view count is good for social proof.

You can try Instafollowers. co. This is a website that offers the sale of reel views. It has respect in the industry. Additionally, it offers PayPal as an option at checkout. This way, you can check out safely if the idea makes you uncomfortable. Consider buying views as an investment in your IG page. Of course, there are still tried and true ways to gain views included in this article.

You can buy views for your Instagram Live streams as well. People do feel more convinced that something is good quality if other people think so first. Having a big audience could make someone peeking at your Livestream stay a bit longer.

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Step Into the Spotlight: How To Get More Views on Instagram Reels

Short-form video content has the internet in a chokehold, don’t you think? TikTok is the main culprit, but YouTube has entered the chat as well. If your main social media platform of choice is Instagram, you may want to capitalize on views there. You just need some tips on how to get more views on Instagram reels. We touched on buying views, but there are organic options out there, too. They aren’t hard to execute, either.

1. Use High-Quality Videos and Photos

There are millions of other content creators looking for fame, just like you. You have to make sure your content can hold its own. Since it’s a picture-sharing site, you do have to emphasize visuals. You may not have to go out and splurge on the latest camera. Still, a phone with a sharp lens should do. The quality has to be on par with the competitors. Remember, the ideal aspect ratio is 9:16. High-quality reels are about more than pixels, too. Consider these factors as well:

  • Position the camera at the right angles.
  • Time the clips to line up precisely with the audio. 
  • You have to frame the focus in each clip.
  • Get the best possible lighting for the objects in each clip. This could be natural light or artificial light. You limit yourself when you just use artificial light.

Make sure that the words in the clip are clear. You don’t want them covering important parts of the video. When it comes to the speed of the text, people differ in opinion. Some will say that the text should be on the screen long enough for us to read the first time. Others will say that the words should be fleeting so viewers watch more than once.

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2. Use the Audio That Is Currently Trending

Do you want to know how to get more views on Instagram? Think of that song or sound that you hear all over Instagram. You hear it so often that it’s now in your dreams. Yes, that one. It may be annoying you right now, so you won’t like this advice. You should use it, too. We promise that it’s worth it to utilize trending music in your newest IG reel. Hopping on the trend could raise the reel’s discoverability on the app. This could be your chance to appeal to an even larger audience. 

Instagram’s algorithm will see you hopping on the trend and show you to new users. You could end up on the explore page or the reels tab of people you couldn’t reach before. Many IG creators credit trending sounds with their exponential growth. You could be one of them, too. Do you know how to find them? Click on your reels tab and scroll. As you flip through, some sounds will come up more often than others. Those sounds are trending. Tap on the audio and save it. It will come in handy when you want to create a reel.

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3. Use Your Insights

Your Instagram Insights will tell you when your followers are most active. You can share your reels at these times. When people are most likely to be scrolling their phones, your content will be on their phone screens. This gives your content the best chance at reaching the most people. There is so much content that it may get lost in the sea of reels and videos. Make sure your reel is freshly uploaded when they check their phones. You could schedule your reels in advance to make sure you achieve this.

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4. Use the First Three Seconds Wisely

If our attention spans weren’t already short, people swipe away from reels before three seconds. You have to keep them there for it to count as a view. You have to sell your followers in the first three seconds to have a chance of them re-watching. There are multiple ways you could do this, depending on your content. Here are a few suggestions. See which one works for you:

Start with a shocking, attractive, or confusing visual. This will keep them wondering what will come next. These days, people do this with thirst traps, but you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable with that. That’s not how to get more views on Instagram if you can’t maintain it.

Start the video with relatable words on the screen. This could be a problem that you once had. The background could be a simple aesthetic shot from your B-roll. After three seconds, show the solution on the screen.

Straightaway, tell the viewers that you plan to list something in the video. An Instagram fitness influencer may say, “My top three favorite glute exercises.” A fashion influencer may say, “The top three ways to rock this new trend.” These titles keep people in a place of expectancy. They are more likely to wait out the video to see the full list. Especially if you use the word “top,” they will want to see it all.

5. Use Hashtags

This is a piece of advice that still hasn’t gotten old. With all the changes IG makes, using hashtags is still an effective way to increase reach. They let you show up in the search results of the people who search those hashtags.

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How Many Views To Get Paid on Instagram: The Truth

You edit. You direct. You write killer scripts with amazing plot development. At this point, only Spielberg and Cameron work harder than you do. But does making miniature feature films have to be a thankless job? Is it possible to make a living from this? You must be wondering how many views to get paid on Instagram.

Well, we have to remember that IG isn’t YouTube. There is no payment-per-view arrangement currently in place. Yes, you may have heard some rumblings concerning IG earnings in the past. Well, it’s safe to say you’re reading this in 2023 or later. The Reels Play Bonus that compensated IG creators for making reels disappeared in March 2023. It served its purpose of encouraging reel creation. Now, as you can see, reels are everywhere. Most people are making them for the love of it, not the monetization potential.

Still, if you feel like your talents deserve some monetary reward, there are ways to make money on Instagram. These opportunities don’t appear as soon as you hit a certain number. It’s not an exact science. You just need to grow your numbers to increase marketability. Here are some ways to earn on IG:

Sponsored Content

When these brands see that you produce high-quality content, you will catch their eye. If you have access to the target market that they want to reach, they may reach out. They may ask you to create content that advertises the best of their product. They typically offer compensation in the form of money or free products. With a higher following and engagement rate, you’re in a better position to negotiate good rates.

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Affiliate Links

Some companies will give you links or discount codes to offer to your followers. These are for them to use on their website when buying products. How do you convince your followers to use these links? Through your quality content! Affiliate links track how many sales you were able to influence with your marketing. You get a percentage of each sale as payment.

Digital Products

Sometimes, your page isn’t the online store. It’s just the platform that advertises the online store. IG lets you put a link in your bio now. You can use your reels to show off what you have to offer in 4k. Then, you can direct them to your digital product or online store. IG is such a good springboard for e-books, subscriptions, and boutiques. It’s essentially just an online magazine at this point. Instead of launching an ad campaign for your small online business, create reels to advertise them. Think bigger than just views per reel.

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How To Get Views on Instagram: Maximizing Growth With Plixi

The content-making was the easy part. Now, you have to connect with the people you want to reach. This could be harder than the content creation itself. Lucky for you, you have help from your social media gurus at Plixi. Pretty soon, everyone will see your amazing content.

We have an AI-targeting algorithm that we are proud of. It’s an excellent supplement to our team of social media influencers. Together, they can bring you the results you need for your page. You just need to stick with us, and we can make the process easier. While you’re working out how to get views on Instagram, you shouldn’t have to worry about growth, too. Start increasing your following with our help!

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