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Social Proof Is the New Peer Pressure


Plixi Team

Sep 27, 2023 11 min read

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What if we told you that peer pressure didn’t end in high school? You may have gotten a brief break when you graduated. Still, the advent of social media meant that we would always see what everyone has. Social proof is now influencing our opinions.

“Numbers don’t lie,” right? If you see an IG page with a huge following, it must mean something. Hundreds of millions of people can’t be wrong about Kylie Jenner. There must be something on her page that is worth following. This is the effect of social proof. It gives credibility to a product or brand without a personal experience with it. It sounds crazy, right? Well, people apply this reasoning every day. Luckily, Plixi knows how to help with this.

Social Proof Is the New Peer Pressure

What Is Social Proof? ​​Let’s Unpack What It Is and How You Can Use It

Have you ever heard of the psychological phenomenon known as social proof? The basic idea behind it is that because other people are doing it, I ought to be doing it, too. It occurs when individuals model their behavior after that of other people. It is to demonstrate the appropriate response to a certain circumstance. It may sound strange, but people engage in it all the time.

Whether you believe it or not, we all tend to place higher weight on social evidence. This is in circumstances in which we can’t establish an acceptable manner of behavior. Subconsciously, we think that individuals in the immediate environment have more information. For example, they will want to visit if they notice that other people have shared a link to your site.

We see it in the area of online marketing all the time. We just don’t attach the name to it. An illustration of social media’s influence on online shopping displays significant consumer demand. We do this by showcasing the number of sales carried out and the few remaining products left. This tactic has shown to be quite successful.

Consumers who are unsure of what they want to do sometimes take solace in the actions of others, given the idea that everyone else is following your page. There is a good chance that these users will do the same.

What does this mean for you? IG users will be more inclined to like your posts, share your material, or share your content. They just need to see that others have previously done these things. So, what is social proof? It’s a tool to use to your advantage. We can show you how.

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Social Proof Marketing Is an Effective Growth Tool

Many different aspects of marketing make use of Instagram social proof in some capacity. We’ll discuss how you’ll increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts by making use of social validation on social media. Your brand would benefit from some intensive social proof marketing.

Utilizing social evidence in a post may strengthen a customer’s confidence in a decision to follow you. You can minimize issues that make clicking off your page. The following are some instances of how community endorsement may be used in online commerce.

People have an innate propensity to look for social approval. This whole concept takes advantage of the psychological biases that influence human decision-making. Your customers may acquire particular behaviors or ideas. These come from observing others engaging in those same activities or holding similar views.

People want to follow the actions of those of the people around them. Something happens when we observe others participating in a given behavior or making a specific decision. We automatically think that it is appropriate or acceptable, leading us to act in the same manner. This demand for peer validation impacts social proof to affect our decision-making.

Ways You Sell Your Brand To Potential Customers

Look around on social media. People use social tactics to convince you to follow or buy from them all the time. We’re going to talk through a few tactics. See if you recognize any of them.


Existing customers endorse goods and services using personal experiences with the company. Examples include user-generated content, customer reviews on social media, or negative reviews on online review platforms.

A Collective Group

This is the most obvious form. When many individuals promote your brand, this is an example of one sort of social proof. People subconsciously think that it may be worth the following if many people like something.


Your friends tend to have similar tastes as you. Your friends influence you more than you think. Imagine that you discover that friends are buying a product or following someone on social media. You may be inclined to see what that page is all about.

Experts or Specialists

A person considered an authority in a certain field can endorse a company’s goods or services. Maybe they are simply affiliated with the brand. Either way, this endorsement provides credibility and adds integrity to your product.


This is a reasonable form of social proof. This is when an influential individual in your field grants you their endorsement. Their seal of approval could mean a lot to your target audience. Before users could buy verification on Instagram, the blue check mark meant a lot. Users would flock to the page to see what it was about if they saw that in the comments.

Celebrity Endorsement

A celebrity or Instagram influencer may post about your product on Instagram. Maybe they mention it in their story. They bring a level of social influence that the average user may not.

Social Proof Tools Are Here To Help Capitalize on Your Brand Reach

Displaying social evidence on your website helps develop trust with site visitors. The ripple is increasing sales and conversion rates. You accomplish this using social proof tools.

Social evidence can change the minds of potential customers. It can persuade people by demonstrating that others want your product or service.

Tools that provide social proof capitalize on the natural inclination to conform to the majority. Something happens when you see people using a product or service. They see it as being popular and trustworthy. This increases the likelihood that the visitor will convert. This is especially useful where gaining trust in online communities can be difficult. Here are some tools:


ProveSource broadcasts current client behaviors on your website. This fosters trust and increases conversions. It does this by displaying evidence of consumer behavior and successes. Effectively, you boost levels of trust as well as conversions and sales.


TrustPulse is a strong social proof alert tool. It assists businesses in increasing the number of conversions achieved. It does this by making use of real-time activity and the behavior of users. Effectively, you produce dynamic and automatic alerts. Increase your company’s reputation and win the confidence of your customers. Increase the number of sales you make with this platform.


The Loox app for Shopify reviews enables businesses to expand their brands. They do this by transforming genuine consumers into spokespersons for the company. This, in turn, increases sales.

Customers get the opportunity to post visual evaluations and discuss their product experiences. They can use the referral programs, which also contribute to an increase in your company’s reputation.

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Doing These Things Will Make Customers Trust You More

There are so many options out there right now. It doesn’t matter what your brand is and what you sell. There is an alternative to it. Your Instagram social proof has to be good to stand apart from the crowd. These tips can help.

Brand Logos (And We’re Not Talking About Your Logo)

One important method for establishing trust and credibility is to make use of well-known client logos. Did you bag a big-name client before? You better milk their logo on your page till it’s dry. They have put their faith in the provider’s abilities to meet their needs. It shows that you offer top-class service.

Show That the Proof Is in the Pudding

Before-and-after demonstrations are extremely useful in many different fields. They provide a visual representation of the transforming potential of a product or service. For example, think of the skincare sector. A product that displays amazing changes is more likely to attract the attention of potential clients. Visual depictions persuade people of the product’s effectiveness. They give concrete evidence of the desired results. They also demonstrate the potential advantages of the product or service. It motivates others to interact with the product or service.

Have an Active Online Community

People like to see active user participation on a social media page. These pages are more likely to attract new users since they highlight lively interactions and conversations. Develop a sense of belonging and trustworthiness to, in turn, encourage potential users to join and engage in the community. Because of this social proof, the value of social media platforms is clear. The platform becomes an enticing option for those seeking an attractive online community.

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Why Does It Work?

Social influence is a powerful thing. We see repeatedly how effective this tool is. But why does it work? More importantly, why will it work on your followers?

People Decide for You

There are a lot of options out there. Sometimes, people need clarification or guidance on what course of action to take. They may just need a review to tip the scales.

Social proof is a shortcut to decision-making. It’s helpful to see the actions and reactions of other people. We can deduce that those people have access to knowledge or information that we do not. Our level of assurance and confidence in our ability to make decisions like these increase as a result of this.

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

FOMO is an overwhelming sense of dread or unease. It comes with the concern that one would lose out on enriching events, possibilities, or interactions with other people. In this context, the fear of missing out, aka FOMO, plays an important part. It increases the effect that social evidence has on human decision-making. After seeing an overwhelmingly positive review, people fear not experiencing the same thing.

This is why we would encourage as many positive endorsements as possible. Don’t lose hope if customer reviews don’t go your way. Keep in mind that even a negative review may work to your benefit if you use it correctly. In many cases, it provides respectability to your product. People like to see brands reply to a negative review appropriately and diffuse a situation respectfully. Even this provides proof that the brand is worth the follow.

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People Like To Follow the Crowd

A piece of social proof might be a good statement about you, your company, or even your product. These online feelings affirm that this person, company, service, or product is fantastic. They have satisfied past buyer, or their content is consistently good. This could show up in customer testimonials or a high follower count.

Social evidence comes from consumers and past followers. The fact that influencers exist shows that conventional marketing is losing its credibility. Customers’ voices tend to carry greater significance than branded messaging from firms themselves. The sheer presence of social proof makes a business more trustworthy.

For online stores specifically, online product reviews, as a kind of validation, help to influence a company’s reputation. It also influences the purchasing decisions of potential customers. Win the confidence of potential customers as well as existing consumers.

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