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Instagram Verification Could Save Your Account

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 9 min read

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What a time to be alive. Your favorite celebrity is sobbing right now. That socialite who is famous for being famous is a bit salty. Yes, Instagram verification is not the elusive dream it once was. It’s now a status that can you can buy at a reasonable price. Now you, your cousin and your worst enemy can get verification on Instagram, so long as they can pay up.

Getting Instagram verified is a game-changer for both brands and influencers. It boosts their presence on the platform to a whole new level. You don’t want to miss out on this wave. You will be able to differentiate yourself in your field. Stop worrying about merging in with the other people there. You already have a large number of followers who can serve as social proof. The verification will be the final touch on solidifying your IG prowess.

Do You Know the Instagram Verification Requirements?

Instagram sets out the requirements for Instagram verification. They have a comprehensive list set out for enquiring influencers. You’ll find that Instagram verification requirements aren’t as strict as they once were.

It is not difficult to understand why Instagram verification badges were such a highly sought-after status symbol. Because of this, verification offered a higher status level. On Instagram, anyone may request to get their account verified. On the other hand, Instagram was notoriously selective when deciding who gets their social media accounts verified.

Do you meet the criteria for verification? The verification process on Instagram is still a fairly new development in the Metaverse. We’ve summarized the main points for you. Keep reading to find out more!

What Does “Verified on Instagram” Mean?

Verification on Instagram refers to the procedure of acquiring a blue checkmark emblem. This indicates to other site visitors that an account belongs to the person it represents. Whether it is an individual, performer, company, or business. Instagram verification can take place manually or automatically.

You have almost certainly come across several verification badges. Especially in 20233, but we will get into that later. IG uses those cute little blue checkmarks. They show that the site has validated the account in question as reliable. At the very least, it shows that the user is who they claim they are.

The verification badges are to differentiate genuine accounts from fake ones. These allow those who use Instagram to confirm that they follow the correct individuals. This also applies to businesses, which is especially important. They are simple to locate in search results and on profiles and lend an air of authority to the user.

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Why the Instagram Verification Badge Is Such a Big Deal

You can request a verification badge, according to Instagram. The Instagram verification badge is so much more than a badge. Instagram verification has always come with many benefits. This was before it had a price. Here are a few badge benefits:

  1. Verified accounts have access to new features on Instagram. They get them before they are accessible to the general public. This makes it easier for verified profiles to improve their game on Instagram. For instance, verified profiles accessed the “swipe up” function early. This enabled users to link their Instagram stories to external websites. This functionality is quite desirable for profiles trying to grow on the platform. You could perfect tactics before anyone else can and use them. Test out high-quality content before anybody else.
  2. Through Instagram verification, you can make it evident that you are behind the screen. All other profiles are automatically fakes.
  3. If Instagram verifies your account, other users will see that you are someone they should follow. After all, people have a natural inclination to follow famous people.

This is why obtaining an Instagram verification badge is not a simple task. The benefits make it worth it!

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This Is All You Need To Know When You Buy Instagram Verification

While you can now buy Instagram verification, it’s not free for all. You have to go through a few steps before you are even allowed to buy a verified badge. You’re only a few steps away from Instagram verification.

Open your account settings. Go to the “Accounts Centre” section, and click “Meta Verified” to purchase a blue tick next to your username. You’ll be able to see the Meta Verified option for either your Instagram or Facebook account. Well, that is if your profile meets the requirements for a paid subscription.

It will take Meta approximately forty-eight hours to confirm who you are. You must first provide a photo of an ID issued by the government to Meta. Only after providing your identification information will you select a mode of payment.

Meta Verify charges a monthly fee of $14.99 for verification on the Facebook or Instagram app. Meanwhile, a monthly fee of $11.99 comes with confirmation on the website. This isn’t the biggest investment you could make for your business. It is quite nominal when you consider the benefits of verification on Instagram.

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What You Can Look Forward to With Meta Instagram Verification

Meta Instagram verification makes the interface on IG different. You don’t just pay for a checkmark. There are other promised benefits that you’d like as a creator. Instagram verification comes with the following:

  1. Special stickers and stars: Users who have obtained the Meta Verification badge get access to unique stickers. They get to use them on their Instagram Stories. Additionally, you may get unique Reels stickers as well. These features can attract people to your content and increase engagement. Increasing engagement is always a good thing.
  2. Access to the assistance agents: You will have access to support agents. These will be real people who will be available for live chat help. Yes, they talk back to you. This support feature will address the majority of the more prevalent concerns. Hopefully, you have your issues resolved quickly.
  3. Security against assuming the identity of another: Included in Meta Verified’s services is proactive account monitoring. Protect yourself against parody accounts impersonators who may target aspiring creators like yourself. Remember: you gave them your official ID. No one else should be able to claim to be you.
  4. Reach that is greater than before: Participants in the Meta Verified program will enjoy greater exposure and prominence. This will extend across Instagram features, including search, recommendations, and suggested accounts. This will play a role in expanding your follower count on Instagram.
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I’m a Small Creator. How Much Is Instagram Verification Going To Cost Me?

As a small creator, you want to save where you can. You see the benefits of this tick, but is it worth it? The blue tick is only available to those who have paid for the service. So, how much is Instagram verification? Currently, the Instagram verification service has a monthly fee of $14.99. Those who subscribe through the website will pay a reduced rate of $11.99 per month. This way circumvents the fees that app stores charge. Remembering that users will have to pay Facebook a fee to verify their accounts is essential. This indicates that users who want a blue tick on Instagram and Facebook must subscribe separately for each app. This brings the total cost up to $30 per month.

Are you interested in learning how to get your Instagram account verified for free? Are you a prominent personality or brand? If you want to apply for the verified badge on Instagram, you can contact Insta. However, you must be an individual, a registered company, or an organization.

Do You Want That Check Mark? This Is How To Get Verified on Instagram

Instagram has changed what it means to have Instagram verification. The application process for how to get verified on Instagram is straightforward. You can carry out these actions using the Instagram app, the Facebook app, or the web interface of Facebook.

  1. Launch Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Navigate to your profile and select the Settings option.
  3. Select Accounts Centre.
  4. Then select Meta Verified from the menu.
  5. It will say “Meta Verified available” next to your account if it qualifies to participate in the programme.
  6. Tap the name of the relevant account, look at the perks, and then tap the Continue button.
  7. Tap the Pay Now button when you have established or verified your payment method.
  8. You must provide a photo of your identification and finish the verification process. Your user name and profile picture on Instagram or Facebook needs to be identical to the ID you use to log in.

You also have the option to apply for meta verification through the Facebook web interface for a fee of $11.99 each month.

  1. Click the icon with three dots in it that is on the right of the top menu on the Facebook profile that you wish to verify.
  2. To subscribe to Meta Verified, click here.
  3. There may be a delay of up to 48 hours while IG verifies your account.

Once verified, you can no longer make any changes to your username. That goes for your profile name, date of birth, or photo associated with your account. To make these changes, you may have to restart the verification process.

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Plixi Can Grow Your Page With or Without Verification

Bear in mind that the success you have on Instagram is dependent on a variety of factors. Consider the number of times you publish posts and the number of people who follow the account. Don’t forget the specific timing of each post, as well as the content and the messaging. This affects the rate of engagement. Never believe that Instagram verification is the only option available to you. This is in no way a solution that can stand on its own.

The social media specialists at Plixi can assist you in achieving your objectives. This is because of their extensive experience in the field. You will be able to convince many real Instagram followers to engage with your profile.

We do our research at Plixi. We put into action a strategy to increase your online presence. It uses an AI-based targeting algorithm an an organic method to adding followers. You won’t have to focus on getting verification on Instagram.

You may rapidly increase the number of people who follow you on Instagram by putting Plixi on the case. We are here to help you achieve success on social media and look forward to working with you. Today is the day to expand your Instagram audience and get potential followers.

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