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How To Do a Giveaway on Instagram To Increase Followers

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 9 min read

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Are you feeling philanthropic? An Instagram giveaway may be just the thing to show your followers you appreciate them. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also a great way to grow your following and increase engagement. Who says you can’t do both? You’ll be asking how to do a giveaway on Instagram after we tell you how it benefits your page!

In its simplest form, an Instagram giveaway is a promotion promising a prize to one lucky winner or winner. They have to perform a task or two to stand a chance of winning. This may include linking a photo, commenting on a post, or sharing content to the stories. The discretion lies with the creator giving away the prizes. Are you interested in this fun way to expand your following? We have all the details and are giving them away for free!

How To Do a Giveaway on Instagram To Increase Followers

This Is Why You Should Learn How To Do a Giveaway on Instagram

Giveaways could be a goldmine for new followers if you do them correctly. They aren’t just popular because creators want to “give back.” Here are a few benefits of a successful giveaway.

You’ll Get More Followers

Following the Instagram page is often required to qualify for one of the giveaways. Some of the present followers will, without a doubt, seek a piece of the possible winnings. Still, there will almost certainly be an influx of newcomers. The ultimate consequence is an increase in the number of followers.  When the giveaway is active, you should maintain publishing high-quality material. This way, these new fans are more likely to stick around.

Your Engagement Rate Will Go Up

You may anticipate a high level of activity on that post. Just make it a condition of entering the giveaway that participants like it. Because of the attention that one of your posts is receiving, Instagram will share some of your other posts. This results in an increased number of opportunities for involvement in other postings. In a perfect world, all of this will result in a ripple effect that helps your whole page.

You’ll Reach More People

The reach of the posts will significantly increase if you insist that users tag other accounts in them. More impressions will benefit your brand by putting you in front of new potential followers.

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How To Do a Free Giveaway on Instagram: Follow These 5 Tips To Cover All Your Bases

A giveaway shouldn’t be difficult to execute if done properly. If you don’t know how to do a free giveaway on Instagram, you could get confused. We can help you gain as much from the process as possible with our tips:

Decide the Giveaway Goals

As we stated above, there is a lot to gain from doing a giveaway. You need to be clear on what your objectives are. Are you satisfied with just increasing your follower count? Maybe you also want to increase sales revenue. How you execute the giveaway depends on your goals.

Choose the Giveaway Gift

Brands approach this part very differently. Some giveaway actual stock that they would normally sell. Others may offer a prize not related to the brand. An example is an online boutique giving away a weekend for two. Some creators will bundle their gifts with products from other creators.

This is why knowing your goals is so important. If you want to stimulate sales, giving away products is a good idea. The people who engage with the giveaway will genuinely like your products. They may buy even if they lose if you promote the products successfully.

On the other hand, if you only want to increase followers, an unrelated prize may do. However, you run the risk of them leaving after the giveaway if they aren’t interested in your brand.

Know Your Giveaway Guidelines

What are the entry requirements for this giveaway? Do they have to use a campaign hashtag or share the giveaway post to their Instagram stories? Always make the rules very clear in the post caption. You don’t want them to be too demanding, either. This can turn people off altogether. Liking, commenting, and sharing are sure to impact engagement rates positively. Requiring at least these is a good starting point. Also, do not forget to put the deadline for entry.

Put the Giveaway on the Grid

You need to promote this for people to know it exists. Sure, having participants share their stories promotes it for you, but you need to do some work, too.

Get a Good Giveaway Picker

Giveaways could lead  to losing credibility with your following. This happens when they have to question how you arrived at your winner. Having an impartial tool is key. We will discuss this point further shortly.

With these tips, you are closer to knowing how to do an Instagram giveaway that benefits your brand.

Keep the Giveaway Fair With an Instagram Giveaway Picker

It only takes one poorly executed giveaway to get a reputation that sticks. Labels like “scammer” or “fraud” don’t disappear as easily as they come. When deciding how to do an Instagram giveaway, a good Instagram giveaway picker is essential.

If your giveaway got an overwhelming response, manually checking the results isn’t an option. Luckily, you can automate giveaways with a picker tool. Here are some options:

You to Gift

This giveaway tool claims to be completely secure. They won’t be asking you for your Instagram login information. You will only need to submit a link to your giveaway post. Establish the conditions for your Instagram giveaway to verify who is participating in your Instagram contest. The next step is up to You to Gift. The tool will begin doing automated checks on the entries to identify people who meet the requirements.


Consider this free option for a giveaway picker. It will go through all the comments on your giveaway post and choose a winner at random from among them.

You can be transparent with your participants by sharing the name of the tool you used. Your credibility is everything on this.

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4 Options for Your Instagram Giveaway Rules

There are so many ways to do this giveaway. Choosing the best Instagram giveaway rules can determine how successful it is. Therefore, this step is crucial. When deciding how to do an Instagram giveaway, focus on engagement. We’ve set out four options for you below.

Have Contestants Tag a Friend

To maximize reach, have the contestants tag a friend in the comments. This way, you bring attention to the post, as well as encourage a comment. It makes sense to offer a prize that accommodates the friend in the prize. Who knows? That friend may want in on the giveaway, too, and comment for themself.

Have Them Follow You Across Platforms

Some influencers have great reach on other platforms than IG, or vice versa. You could require that contestants follow you on more than one platform. This helps secure a following across multiple platforms.

Have Them Follow Other Pages

Instagram collaborations are a great way to capitalize on others’ followings. Instead of posting joint photos or reels, consider collaborating for a giveaway. You and other pages could offer a small gift to create a basket. You could choose a page that offers products that complement yours. If you have a candle business, tag a brand that offers homemade skincare products. Don’t let their smaller following deter you if they have one. They may still have totally different followers than you do.

Have Them Give Testimonials

In the comment section of the post, require that contestants give a short testimonial of why they like your products. These short quotes spark engagement and double as user-generated content for later.

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These Tips Help You With How To Do a Book Giveaway on Instagram

Oh, so you’re an author? No, you’re not an author. You just want to know how to do a book giveaway on Instagram. Either way, knowing how to do an Instagram giveaway will help boost engagement. If you follow the tips above, you’re sure to experience growth in followers.

If you’re a local bookshop or budding author, a book giveaway can reinforce existing relationships. A giveaway will renew interest in the brand. Free books can help to foster a good relationship between you and your existing target market. If you are new to the market, a giveaway in the beginning can bring attention to your page. It advertises the product before you put it out there.

A Good Instagram Giveaway Template Stops Them From Scrolling

For most of you, creating all the rules was the hard part. For those who don’t have a creative eye, designing the giveaway poster has you stumped. Did you collaborate with other creators, but who saddled you with the graphic design? You may know how to do an Instagram giveaway, but now you need to get people to look at the post.

You want people to come to stop scrolling to read the post in the first place. There is no hope for a like, comment, or share if the giveaway post doesn’t inspire people to read it. Luckily, an Instagram giveaway template should do just the trick.  Instagram templates have always come in handy for content creators. Here are some websites that you could look into using:

  1. Canva
  2. Gleam
  3. Postermywall
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Even the Best Instagram Giveaway Ideas Don’t Replace a Good Growth Tool

Don’t get us wrong. These are top-tier Instagram giveaway ideas. You can watch the followers roll in if you pick an enticing prize. But what happens when the giveaway is over?  Will you fall back into stagnation? You don’t want a host of new followers that you don’t know what to do with. Educate yourself in organic growth tactics to keep them engaged.

Plixi has an in-house platform of Instagram influencers, so we know what we are talking about. In addition to this, we have a propriety AI targeting algorithm we’ve refined for a decade. We know how to make the best of your content and bridge the gap between you and your followers! After you know how to do a giveaway on Instagram, trust Plixi to keep those gained followers. Are you ready to take your page to the next level? Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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