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How To Get Verified on Instagram & Stick Out From the Crowd

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 11 min read

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There was a time when the blue checkmark instilled fear and respect in everyone on Instagram. You might be too young to remember that time. Content creators pined for an opportunity to gain verification. Everyone wanted to know how to get verified on Instagram. 

They knew that it was not a simple task, not something everyone could attain. Fast-forward to now. It doesn’t take much — creators building a brand love this fact. Celebrities with “legitimate fame” hate the accessibility of the blue checkmark.

You, too, can gain verification on this platform. You don’t even have to be a TV star or drop an album. You just need your credit card to go through every month. If you haven’t heard about this, read this article. We plan to tell you all about the process of getting verified on Instagram.

Firstly, let’s set up some ground rules. What is Instagram verification?

How To Get Verified on Instagram & Stick Out From the Crowd

What Is Instagram Verification?

Verification on Instagram is when you receive a blue checkmark beside your Instagram handle. This verified badge is very important to creators. It shows the rest of the world that the account belongs to the person it claims to belong to. 

This is important in a world of impersonators and sketchy fan accounts. It’s a great tool for people building a name for themselves and those who fear identity theft. 

Well-known people clamor for the opportunity to have this blue badge. They likely spent years building up their reputation. Losing it to someone nefarious would be devastating. Your favorite celebrity, musical artist, or household brand and tried to get verification to protect their name.

Followers need to be able to distinguish the real from the fake. This is how Instagram does that for its users. The verification badge means that Instagram is giving you the word that this account belongs to the real person. It wants you to trust that they have verified the identity behind an account. 

Over the years, accounts like these have received special respect on the platform. I meant that the account belonged to someone worthy of note. That has changed a bit in recent years. We will tell you why.

How To Get the Verified Emoji on Instagram

People once thought that getting verified on Instagram was an elusive task. They wondered how some got the check mark. Meanwhile, others complained that they couldn’t get the verified emoji on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Instagram is very transparent about the requirements. All you have to do is go to their website and find out the requirements for verification on Instagram. According to IG, this is how to be eligible. 

To subscribe your profile to Meta Verified, you need:

  • To be at least 18 years old.
  • A profile that meets minimum activity requirements, such as prior posting history.
  • A profile picture that shows your face clearly and a profile name that aligns with Meta Verified naming standards.
  • A government-issued photo ID that meets Meta Verified ID requirements.
  • To have two-factor authentication enabled on your profile.
  • To follow our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

Also, there is the matter of payments that you made to Instagram. We will touch on the cost further in this article.

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How Many Followers on Instagram To Get Verified Badge?

There is currently no minimum number of followers that you need for verification. You don’t even need to have a minimum number of likes or views on your Instagram Reels. 

You ask, “How many followers on Instagram do I need to get verified?” You saw the requirements that we set out above. Having a large following is not a requirement to purchase a subscription. This is why you see those small accounts with verification badges on Instagram. They didn’t need to have a cult following to receive verification.

This is great news for micro-influencers. If you have faith in your brand, you may expect to have a huge following. Consider protecting your name and reputation from now on. Don’t wait until you have the follower count that you desire. Manifest that huge following by verifying your page. 

You may even attract new followers when you get your verification badge. They may think that you are a person of note in society. They could follow you simply because of that.

Let’s Talk Numbers: How Much Does It Cost To Get Verified on Instagram?

It costs $11.99 per month for web Meta Verification. On iOS and Android, it costs $14.99) per month. 

You know there had to be a price attached to this. You won’t have to go through the long process that creators before you had to go through. Unfortunately, it will cost you to do it.

Did you ask, “How much does it cost to get verified on Instagram?” Maybe you didn’t like the answer. Remember that there is a free option. You could always try your luck with that route.

How To Get Verified on Instagram for Free: Applying for Verification

You might not be a big fan of paying Instagram your hard-earned money. Now you’re wondering how to get verified on Instagram for free. There is a free option, but it may be a little more difficult in other ways.

You can apply for an Instagram verification badge. Yes, there is a verification process that you can complete through your account. It will be up to Instagram’s discretion to decide if you get the verification.

We say this process might be more difficult because it requires that you are a person of note. This is how celebrities received verification before they could just buy it. They were people with well-known personas that required protection on the Internet.

You would need to have a name that people searched for often. There must be an existing presence. If you think this sounds like you, here are eight steps to verification:

  1. Log into your Instagram account and go to Settings.
  2. Select Settings and Privacy.
  3. Select Account Types and Tools and Request Verification.
  4. You will have to enter your Instagram username, full name, and some form of verification. This could be your driver’s license or other government-issued ID.
  5. Confirm your notable status by category and country. To show your presence online, you could include links and news sources.
  6. Carefully review your information.
  7. Select Submit.
  8. Wait up to 30 days for a response.

Yes, it takes about a month for Instagram to decide. This doesn’t mean that they can guarantee a positive response. They may deny your application. If they deny your application, you can reapply after 30 days.

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4 Reasons Why Creators Want To Post Instagram Verified Comments

You might think that content creation verification is not that serious. Perhaps you think it’s all vanity that these people want this checkmark. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Multiple benefits come with this checkmark. 

1. Assurance for Brands

People want to make sure that they are talking to the real you. Do you want special attention from brands? They need to know that they are not talking to an impersonator. 

Let’s say that you recently went viral on the Internet. You may have done something very quirky or relatable. A brand may think you fit in with a new product launch. Unfortunately, you’re not a celebrity with a verification badge. They may have to sit through multiple accounts to find the real account. 

This will be such a huge waste of time for a brand. And you could miss out on an opportunity because they can’t find you. But for the sake of your brand’s future, consider getting verified on Instagram.

The notification means Instagram is monitoring the platform for impersonators. The runs I want to work with you will know this. The badge means they are likely speaking to the person they intend to speak to.

2. Priority in the DMs and Comments

These verification badges actually stick out a lot. People notice them in a sea of Instagram handles. You would appreciate this as well. There are moments when we are sure that you want more visibility. 

Do you remember when you were in the comment section of your favorite creator? You had a burning question, but you never got an answer. Instagram-verified comments would help them to see you. It also helps all the followers in the comment section see you. It could increase the number of visitors to your page. And all you had to do was write in a comment.

In Instagram direct messages, people’s eyes go to the accounts with badges. They feel somewhat intrigued by the identity of the person. Before they know it, they are responding to the messages. 

You can’t pay for that level of visibility. Well, we suppose you can now use Instagram.

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3. Account Recovery

Verification helps you feel comfortable with your Instagram account. Instagram has to verify your identity to get this badge. This means that you should be immune from identity theft. At least, if someone tries to impersonate you, you have a legitimate account. No one will have any doubt that you are the real person.

A requirement for this verification is having two-factor authentication set up. This is a good way for creators to safeguard their accounts from hackers. They are using verification to force you to protect your account in this way.

4. Customer Support

Sometimes, you need the help of Instagram experts. It’s reasonable to have an issue now and then with the platform. The process of getting assistance on Instagram needs improvement. 

Luckily, when you have verification on Instagram, you have a different experience. There is real-time customer support for Meta subscribers.

This kind of priority is priceless when you have an urgent matter. You won’t have to speak to an obvious robot about your issues. Expect a response from a knowledgeable customer service representative. You can save precious time complaining to Instagram. Instead, spend that time growing your brand on Instagram.

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Is It Worth Knowing How To Become a Public Figure on Instagram?

You might be well-known in your community or country. People stop you when they see you on the road. The majority of your following are strangers. You believe that you are a public figure in the ways that count. You just want your Instagram page to reflect that. You wonder if it’s worth knowing how to become a public figure on Instagram.

To be clear, you are talking about the label on your Instagram bio. There are several categories that you can choose from. One of them is “Public Figure”. You’ll be happy to know there is no extensive process to get this label on your page. You don’t need to prove anything to Instagram.

However, you need to note that this label doesn’t mean anything. If you have a public account, you can acquire this label. It does nothing to increase your credibility on the Instagram platform. Literally, anyone can use this label, including someone who swiped your profile picture.

If you are seeking notoriety, you should opt for the verification badge. This mark has actual weight on the platform. Send your application to the verification team or subscribe.

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Let’s Get the Following To Match That Badge

You are asking about getting verified on Instagram. This means that you are ambitious about your authentic presence on the platform. Maybe you already have a following. Now you want to increase it. And how many followers do you have in mind? 

You don’t need a huge following for Instagram verification. Still, you know that you have the potential to have 100s more. Maybe even thousands more. Your dreams are not too lofty. They are perfectly within your reach. Well, without help, they are, at least.

You shouldn’t embark on building a following on your own. There are too many wrong ways to do it. You want to ensure that you get on the correct footing. Then, you want to maintain this growth for a prolonged period. Things can get pretty technical because of the Instagram algorithm

Rest assured that we have the tools to combat the ebbs and flows of social media growth. We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers, and the AI targeting algorithm provides excellent support.

In the end, you will have a host of engaged followers. We want to help you get the followers who will like what you post. You may not even want to know how to get verified on Instagram anymore. Your page will flourish without it. Are you ready to start growing your following? Sign up with Plixi today!

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