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Buy Instagram Verified Comments To Boost the Comment Section


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 9 min read

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When it comes to organic growth, you opt for active users. Yes, high video views are nice. Still, you want real comments and likes from real users who care about your content. The added prestige of interaction from a verified account is great, too. You’re not the only one that thinks like this. It’s big business to buy Instagram-verified comments.

We can help you decide if taking this route is good for your brand as well. Your social media experts at Plixi have done all the research for you! Keep reading to find out what we have to say.

Buy Instagram Verified Comments To Boost the Comment Section

Get Comments on Instagram the Organic Way 

You must be thinking that there has to be a way to get comments on Instagram from real followers. You’re right. There are organic steps that you can take to increase the chatter on your posts. The best part about it organically is that the engagement rate points count. 

IG will see the organic comments and recommend you to even more people. You’ll be on your way to get verified Instagram comments. Check out these tips below:

1. Host a Giveaway

Sweetening labor is not a new practice and has its place on Instagram, too. People love the idea of potentially getting something huge for doing very little. You can increase the likelihood of people commenting by promising them that they could get a gift. Are you aware of how Instagram giveaways work? You can personalize them to your liking, but we will give you the basic idea. 

You have to have an item that people want to have. This could range from a gift certificate to a popular store or two free movie tickets. Some gifts are better suited when offered in pairs. 

Instead of buying raffle tickets for the giveaway, they can enter by performing an IG-related act or two. They could like, comment, and follow the Instagram page in question. This could drum up more attention to your page. The relevant comments they leave could be a range of things. You can have them comment by tagging other Instagram handles. 

If you want more substantial custom comments, you could ask for something specific pertaining to the gift. You could ask them to talk about why they deserve the gift. You could ask them to come up with a really good caption for the post. Maybe the post is a riddle. 

The comment could be the answer to the riddle. You have a lot of freedom here. You just want to make sure you get those quality comments in.

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2. Include a Call-to-Action

The best way to get some comments could be to start the conversation yourself. People may think things when they see your posts. Still, there has to be an extra push to make them comment about it. 

How are you going to prompt them to comment on your content? It’s not enough that your content is objectively good. It’s not enough that your pictures are gorgeous and that the transitions in your reels are seamless.

People need a push to say something sometimes. This is where a good call-to-action comes into play. If you don’t know what a call to action is, it’s nothing intimidating. It’s actually something that you may already do. Think about your Instagram captions

At the very end, you can ask a simple question like, “What do you think?” You could say, “Help me decide, please!” or “Is it just me?” These are simple prompts to get people talking in the comment section. 

You could even give several options in your post or reel. Label each and then and prompt your supporters to comment on the corresponding answer to the one they choose. This is a good way to get some activity in the comment section. 

Hopefully, there isn’t a clear-cut answer. People could feel a greater urge to comment on their answers if they see other people disagreeing with them.

3. Reply to Comments

Another way to get the comments you desire is to be the example you want to see. If you want more comments, comment yourself. We aren’t telling you to talk to yourself in a comment section. That would only appear to be a little strange to your followers. Instead, what you should do is reply to the comments that you already get. This adds to the comments on your posts. 

It may not be the increase in comments that you have in mind, but it’s a great start. When your followers see that you reply to comments, they are more likely to engage in conversation on your posts. Make it clear to them that you are an engaged creator when it comes to your posts.

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How To Get Verified Comments on Instagram: Try These 2 Sites

If you are an Instagram creator looking to expand your following, you want more comments. It’s a vital part of growing and following the app and adds to social proof. The only thing better than comments is Instagram-verified comments. Our eyes perk up when we see the blue tick beside an Instagram handle. That’s just the truth. 

The same goes for your potential followers. Seeing a blue checkmark in the Instagram comment section makes you look more important. They are still a rarity on this app. It’s no wonder you’re wondering how to get verified comments on Instagram. 

Luckily for you, there is a way to do this. Some sites promise to deliver verified comments to those willing to purchase verified Instagram comments. Let’s talk about a few.

1. Viralyft

Viralyft sells verified Instagram cameras in bundles of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. Naturally, the prices go up as the demand for comments goes up. If you are lucky, you can even get a discount at Viralyft. They boast of having a phone support team ready to tackle your concerns. 

They even promise to deliver within 4-7 days. This site could be a viable option if you are in the market for Instagram-verified comments.

2. Top4smm

Top4smm gives you the option to customize the number of verified Instagram comments you buy. You can buy 1 or even 1000. It depends on what you want for your Instagram page. While there, you could also pick up some new Instagram followers and likes on your way out. Naturally, comments with a blue tick would cost more than the average follower. 

You can read the reviews to gain more confidence in the platform. You can also feel safe knowing that PayPal is an option for buying these Instagram-verified comments as well.

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The Benefits of Having Free Instagram Comments

Are you thinking about getting free Instagram comments? If you have a small and growing Instagram page, you may not have the capital to buy verified Instagram comments. You could be wondering whether the free options are a good alternative. 

Let’s discuss this. If by “free” you mean comments that you’ve earned organically, we have tips on that in this article. However, if you are talking about using a third-party site, there are some things you’ll have to think about.

You May Get Comments From Bots

“Bots” or fake accounts run rampant on Instagram. If you get free comments from a site, it is likely from a bot. They follow, like, and comment on posts, trying to fit in like normal people. You may think the inflated numbers look nice. The reality, however, is that these accounts don’t last long on the app. 

When IG catches wind of the fake accounts, it erases them. The comments disappear along with them. This would be a waste of your time in the end. You could have just spent that time using organic methods to generate comments.

You Can’t Convert Them To Cash

If you are growing your IG page to make money on the app, you’ll need comments from real people. It is these people who will financially support you. That random account posted an emoji because a third-party app made it do it. It won’t show up for you when it’s time to make money. It would use your affiliate codes or download your digital products.

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Can I Verify Comments? Instagram Blue Check Marks Look Better in My Comment Section

The possibility of having a blue checkmark in your comment section is intriguing, isn’t it? The thought may have crossed your mind: “Can I verify comments on Instagram?” Unfortunately, only IG can issue that blue tick.

The good news is that the process of getting a verification mark is far less tedious these days. Instagram verification is within reach after applying to IG. Accounts show proof of identity and pay a regular fee. 

This is good news for you because it increases the possibility of having a verified comment in your comment section. If more people can get verification, there will be more verified accounts on IG. Who knows? They could already be following you.

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You Don’t Have To Buy Instagram Verified Comments? You Can Earn Them!

Growing your page will take some time and effort from you. You can’t just post anything that you like. You want to attract the right audience with whatever you share online. This can get pretty tedious. The option to buy Instagram-verified comments can get very tempting if you do it without professional help. 

Luckily, you don’t have to play the growth game on your own. Plixi is the right platform for that. It even has the tools to deliver results, too. There is an in-house platform of IG influencers ready to share all the relevant knowledge. 

The propriety AI targeting algorithm that we’ve been working on over the last decade will do wonders, too. We can’t wait for you to get the results you need from our quality services. Let’s start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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