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Free Instagram Views Are on the Way!

Plixi Team

Jul 08, 2024 7 min read

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Instagram used to be a platform that prioritized photos. Recently, it introduced Instagram Reels, a short-form video format. Creators used to panic about not having enough likes on a picture. Now, they aim to get free Instagram views for their videos.

It seems like the struggle never ends for creators. Do you want to reel in views as well? Read this article for the best tips on wider audience view generators!

Free Instagram Views Are on the Way!

3 Reasons Why Creators Want To Get Free Instagram Views

Creators genuinely benefit from having a lot of Instagram views. It’s about far more than just bragging rights to other creators. 

When you check out these three benefits, you’ll also want to get free Instagram views!

1. Social Proof

Peer pressure runs wild on social media platforms in more ways than you think. Social proof happens when IG users look at numbers before interacting with an IG page. 

They may look at the follower count before deciding to follow. They may look at who else likes a photo before they like it.

When looking through videos, someone may choose to watch the one with the most views. This is social proof at work. Free Insta views would be useful for creators looking to increase their views.

2. Engagement Metrics

The numbers on your Instagram are important. One metric you don’t see often is your engagement rate

This rate considers the amount of interaction on your page about your follower count. If you’re growing followers, you must also increase this rate. 

Your video views go towards your engagement rate. Naturally, creators would want free views on Instagram to improve this rate.

3. Opportunity for Creating a Stream of Income

Ultimately, most want to make our love for social media sustainable. It’s a great hobby but a great place to earn an income

Collaborating with established brands is a way to make money on Instagram. Strong video views are a great selling point for a brand looking for a social media presence.

These numbers are about much more than the vanity of views. These viewers could be potential clients for your online business. Securing as many as possible could mean securing your future livelihood.

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How To Get Free Instagram Reel Views Through Organic Methods

You don’t have to buy views for your videos on Instagram. You just need to learn how Instagram works. Then, you can manipulate your results using the rules of the platform. You will secure free Instagram Reel views this way. 

Here are three proven tactics for IG.

1. Use Trending Audio Clips

Think about that audio clip you hear on Instagram all the time. The one that all the creators are using. That is a trending audio clip, and Instagram is pushing the videos that use that audio. 

This recurring sound also indicates that you should use that audio clip. Instagram may boost your videos to more IG users.

You could increase your Instagram visibility among potential followers. They will at least watch the video even if they don’t follow you.

2. Make Good Captions

Do you know how to formulate a good caption for your Instagram Reels? If not, you might miss many views because your Instagram captions are weak. 

You should use your caption to encourage viewers to watch the video multiple times. Instagram will notice that people are watching your video numerous times. It may reward you by promoting your video to more viewers. 

This tip doesn’t mean you should explicitly direct viewers to watch your Reel repeatedly. You can be creative and clever in your caption. 

Encourage replays by saying that something interesting happens in the video. Viewers may repeat the video to catch what you were talking about. 

You could ask them to comment when they discovered what you were discussing. That adds extra engagement to the post. It also makes others watch the video more so they don’t feel left out.

3. Post Consistently

Posting videos rarely is unacceptable. You can’t show up every few months with content and expect people to engage at a high rate. Instagram rewards consistency with exposure on the platform. 

When it sees that you are making an effort, it shows your videos to more people. You could miss out on views because you are too shy about posting videos.

Logically, the more videos you put out, the more opportunities to receive views. You give yourself a better chance at gaining views by posting more.

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Why You Shouldn’t Secure Free Instagram Live Views Online

So, you want to see a high viewer count when you go Live on Instagram. It makes you seem popular and encourages other viewers not to exit the stream. 

It is tempting to secure free Instagram live views to inflate numbers. But is this a good idea for your brand overall? 

Consider these three tips before you try to get free Insta views this way.

1. It Violates IG’s Guidelines

It is against the rules to secure engagement using a third-party website. Instagram does not sanction these platforms and can’t help you after you give them private information.

IG prefers when users secure views through organic, fair methods. These websites seek to provide users with an unfair advantage. You may be better off with a few genuine viewers. You don’t want to see spam comments in your live stream suddenly.

2. IG May Punish Your Page

You don’t want to find yourself on Instagram’s blocklist. Violating the guidelines could mean that Instagram thwarts your progress on the app going forward. You may be the victim of a shadowban without even knowing it.

3. The Engagement Won’t Match

When people buy Instagram followers, it can be obvious. A high follower count and very little engagement is a dead giveaway that followers are fake. 

In a livestream, you see an amplification of this jarring disparity. It’s not a facade you can keep up for long.

You wouldn’t want to host a live stream with no one to speak to. Fake views could lead to very awkward live streams. Real-time interaction with a few people is better than a huge inflated number, anyway.

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Secure 100 Free IG Views Instantly This Way

You made engaging content. Now, you need organic views from real users. Those initial moments after you upload a video are crucial. Instagram is watching to see if you get post views. If your post gets enough traction, it may share it with more users.

Share this real with your Instagram Stories as soon as you upload it. That action lets your followers know there is some high-quality content to enjoy. Story views still count as views for the Reel.

They may even go to the actual Reel and watch it repeatedly, too. IG Stories are so important because your post may drown in other feed posts. 

Stories let people know that your content exists. This trick is how to get your first 100 free IG views.

Remember to keep up with the statistics for these Stories. They will tell you how many accounts viewed your profile after watching your Story.

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We’ll Get You the Free Instagram Views

Here at Plixi, we understand the desire for expansion. Social media presents huge potential for your brand and can only help you build as much visibility as possible. 

With the Instagram algorithm, all types of people will see your video content. They may not always be part of your ideal target audience. Is this what you want? Don’t you want to build a following full of genuine followers? If so, you are in the right place.

Plixi has the technology to help you attract more than just any followers. We get you the followers who love what you create. They will willingly give you free Instagram views. You just need to trust us to grow your Instagram following.

We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. If you join, you can benefit from our AI targeting algorithm. We think it’s time for eyes to be on you. 

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