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Instagram Challenges Don’t Have To Be Challenging at All!


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 10 min read

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Instagram doesn’t have to be a challenge, but you need to do some Instagram challenges. Read that again. We promise it made sense. The word “challenge” may sound off-putting, so think of these challenges as “games.” They are always fun, and if you get people to watch, you win regardless. They are a great way to hop on a trend that everyone finds entertaining at the time.

These challenges can range from photo challenges to video challenges. You just need to find the one that interests you the most. Or you could find the one that utilizes your skills the most. No matter what your content focuses on, you can find a fun challenge for your page. 

If you’re uncoordinated, stay with us! You don’t have to do a dance challenge just because everyone else is. Maybe a makeup challenge is for you. Let’s explore your options in this article. Your Plixi social media experts will tell you everything you need to know!

Instagram Challenges Don’t Have To Be Challenging at All!

What Does Challenge Required Mean on Instagram Do I Have To Dance?

It’s no secret that there are bots on Instagram. There are also professional hackers just looking for weaknesses in your account. The app does its best to find these nefarious characters before they overtake the app completely. 

In its valiant effort to purge the app, IG may occasionally suspect your account. The “challenge_required” notice is a telltale sign of this. Are you asking, “What does challenge required mean on Instagram?” Well, now you know it’s not asking you to break out in the latest dance trend.

Notifications like that can make you a little nervous. You don’t want to think that you’re about to have your account taken away. But you shouldn’t have to worry if you are truly the owner of the account. You created it with your email address and password. 

IG won’t ask you to do anything crazy to verify your identity. You may have to provide the app with a code IG sent to your phone or take a self-portrait. Here are some potential reasons for a notification like this:

  • Those VPNs that we think are so useful can trigger a notification like this.
  • You are using an older version of the IG app.
  • You need to clear your cache.
  • You are using a weak internet connection.

As you can see, this is not the “Instagram challenge” we have in mind to talk about. Now that we have this out of the way, let’s talk about the fun challenges on Instagram.

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Instagram Story Challenges: 3 Popular Instagram Trends

Don’t ever underestimate how useful Instagram stories can be for your overall reach. The Add Yours feature, in particular, can expose you to people you may never have heard of before. This means you can reach new people too. This Add Yours IG sticker sometimes has Instagram story challenges associated with it. Here are a few of them.

Some may ask you to take a photo of what’s right in front of you. This could be very funny, awkward, or impossible, depending on where you are.

1. This or That 

Some stickers will list alternative options for a user to choose from. They may center around a particular theme, like Valentine’s Day or vacations. They would ask you to choose between options like flowers or chocolates. Maybe you have to pick between hotels or Airbnbs. 

These are usually fun Instagram trends that start conversations with your followers. They can learn more about you, and you find a way to share more about yourself.

2. Blasts From the Past

Some stickers may ask you to share photos from the past. Does your cellphone have a recollection of the past six years? You might have to use a grid to show the last six years of your life. 

This is a fun way to show off your glow-up to the people who just started following you. They could be pleasantly surprised by what they see. Or maybe they saw the Instagram baddie in you all along.

3. Sceneries

Some stickers ask you to share photos that don’t include people. If you usually share pictures of yourself, this may be a real challenge for you. If you are a travel influencer, this is a great opportunity to show off images of places you visited recently. From mountains to beaches to the classic photo through your airplane window. There’s so much that you can do as a travel connoisseur.

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Trendjacking: Why Aren’t You Doing It Already?

It sounds illegal, but it’s not. We would encourage the act of trendjacking. But what is it exactly? To put it simply, it is the act of using pop culture trends to inspire your content strategy. Think of that viral sound or that popular scene in the new movie. Is everyone on your timeline using some viral moment to make content? 

Then, perhaps, many people want to see content around it. Now is a great time to share your content surrounding this phenomenon. Feel free to throw your hat in the ring and open your page up to a whole new group of followers. We will give you some tips to make the best of your trendjacking efforts.

Use the Right Hashtags

Make sure your caption has all the right hashtags. If people want more information surrounding a viral topic, they will search on Instagram. They do this by searching tags. Put yourself into the mind of a person who would be looking for this viral topic. 

What keywords do they use? What variations of that phrase would they use? Make sure there are no typographical errors, and do a quick check to ensure they aren’t banned hashtags. Mastering hashtags is a great way to ensure that your content comes up in a search.

Ask for Their Opinion

It always comes back to the engagement rate with us. You want to get people talking. Ask for their opinion if the viral topic allows for that. Prompt them to like, comment, or share if they agree or disagree. You can encourage healthy discourse, or you can be incendiary by making a provocative reel. 

This all depends on the kind of brand you are building on Instagram. Keep the conversation going by commenting on their responses. Or, you can like the comments and let other users engage.

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4 Fun TikTok Challenges To Bring to Instagram

We have to give it to TikTok. This platform has normalized doing challenges for fun. You could be driving on a busy road. Kids are off to the side doing choreographed moves in front of a tripod. You could be strolling casually at the mall. Some people could be in crazy costumes with no context. 

TikTok has set the trends in this respect, and Instagram is a great place for people to follow. We will talk about four fun TikTok challenges you can incorporate on Instagram.

1. Cooking Challenges

This one is not just for the food influencers. In fact, professionals should stay away from this one. People like to see other people do weird things in the kitchen. It’s like watching a disaster happen before your eyes and being unable to look away. 

Maybe in this day and age, most people can’t afford just to waste food. They prefer to see someone else do it.

Try to find food challenges that require you to use interesting ingredients. Maybe there are a few meal ideas that you can convert to a vegetarian or vegan version. 

Maybe you could create a meal with a ridiculously low budget in mind. You can even have a random stranger decide on the secret ingredient that you have to incorporate.

Food challenges should be fun. Food is such a neutral topic that content is likely accessible to a wide age range of viewers. This could increase the number of people who will watch the content. If you want to create a reel, be sure to make the first few seconds very intriguing. 

Don’t be afraid to use something provocative in the thumbnail.

2. Challenges Where You Lipsync

Let’s take it back to when we were kids. We used to pretend that we were in music videos. Our parents would begrudgingly watch us perform for them at family functions. 

Well, lucky for you, strangers willingly watch you perform lip-syncing content on the internet. This kind of content is quite popular. You don’t have to limit yourself to just music. You can mime using viral audio clips of other people talking. It could be a viral pop culture moment or a popular scene from a movie.

Some people are just very intrigued and curious to see if you can move the words accurately. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter if you mouth them accurately. Of course, while you are mouthing these words, you could be doing something that is also entertaining. 

Show off a makeup tutorial or display different outfits if you are a fashion influencer. Using trending audio can be a good way to promote your page.

Instagram Challenges Don’t Have To Be Challenging at All!, image №5

3. Makeup Challenges

Before you skip this headache, remember that makeup is not just for professionals. There is a market online for non-professional people doing makeup. Or, some like to see makeup on unconventional pallets. For example, people love to see women put makeup on their male partners. Some people also like to see men do voiceovers while their female partners put on makeup.

There is something hilariously jarring about each scenario, and viewers lap it up. If you don’t have a partner to work with, consider doing a solo challenge. You can do a challenge where you don’t use any foundation. You can do a challenge where you only use eco-friendly brands. There are many options out there to choose from.

4. Dancing Challenges

Whether you want to or not, you’ve seen a dance challenge before. They are all over the internet. Artists use dance challenges to promote music after witnessing the power of TikTok. Now, you do them a favor by dropping in your dance entry. From pop music to Jamaican dancehall, your options are endless. You don’t have to execute the dances perfectly, but it could help!

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Instagram Challenges Aren’t the Challenging Part of the App

Growing your page is the challenging part. Making sure that you’re attracting the right audience with whatever you post can be tricky. The temptation to buy Instagram followers can get very strong if you do it on your own. You don’t have to do it on your own. 

Plixi is here to help you face these Instagram challenges. We have the tools to deliver results, too. There is an in-house platform for Instagram influencers waiting to share their knowledge. 

The propriety AI targeting algorithm that we’ve been working on over the last decade will do wonders, too. You’ll have to see the results for yourself. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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