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How To Become a Travel Influencer: Let’s Get Moving!


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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I see London. I see France. Where are they? They’re all on your IG page. You’re posting beautiful content. You’re advertising great places locally and abroad — for free. Maybe it gives you validation to post online, but it could give you more than that. Being a travel blogger doesn’t have just to be a hobby. You can use your social media platforms to create another stream of income. Are you interested in knowing how to become a travel influencer? We have all the helpful details.

The travel industry is a booming one. Whether land, sea, or air, people are getting around. After the pandemic, being a digital nomad became the in thing. You don’t have to be a successful travel influencer to move to the Dominican Republic, but it sure helps. If you can produce travel content in the travel niche, you have some more options you can explore. If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading! Your Plixi experts are about to take you on a little trip!

How To Become a Travel Influencer: Let’s Get Moving!

What Is a Travel Influencer?

It seems that you influence the masses in any possible sector. Travel influencing is one of those industries that you’d be happy to be part of. Still, it’s unclear. What is a travel influencer? We think we can break it down.

They Are Part of the Tourism Industry

It seems that you influence the masses in any possible sector. Travel influencing is one of those industries that you’d be happy to be part of. Still, it’s unclear. What is a travel influencer? We think we can break it down.

They Are Part of the Tourism Industry

A person like this is the newest edition of the digital tourism industry. Their job would fall into the marketing category as they essentially create digital material for the internet. They share their travel experiences, giving tips and stories. This is what travel influencers do. The aim is to inspire some travels from the audience, specifically to the places they’ve described.

They Do What You Wish You Could Do

For the most part, people love to travel. They may not like the journey but love it when they get there. Influencers, in general, have an enviable job description. Travel influencers are particularly prestigious. These are the influencers that blur business with pleasure. It’s their job to go away to places we have to pay for. They go to postcard-worthy places in beautiful clothes. They take photos of the wonders of the world and call it “work.”

They Leverage Their Following

Their social media following is how they do it all. With their IG influence, travel influencers get the opportunity to promote locations they’ve tested out. It also includes services or items related to the travel niche. Their main mode of working is producing content for their online blog or social media channels. On IG, this encompasses stories, posts, and reels. 

The majority of a travel influencer’s content focuses on travel-related themes. Some work alongside hotels, travel agencies, or airlines, for example. Some appear just to want to share their journey. Then they invite you to come with them. That is a form of travel influencer as well.

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This Is How To Become a Travel Influencer With No Money

In a terrible twist of fate, it takes money to make money. It’s your dream to travel as your job, but your job can’t pay for your travels. Now you’re seriously wondering how to become a travel influencer with no money. This could be the trickiest type of influencer to build from the ground up. However, you can do it. Here are a few tips:

Start With Where You Live

You have to live somewhere. There is nowhere that people won’t go for tourism. Start acting like a tourist in your own country. Start with your town, even. Who knows it better than you, a resident? You can share the unpopular places that a tourist wouldn’t know. You can share the tips and tricks regarding transportation that you learned from living there. Document the best local food spots. Share the tips on the best places to shop. If your content is quality, you can gain traction. Brands can look on and see the effort you put into your work. This compels them to invest in you.

Use Being Broke as Your Brand

While we’re in harsh financial times, people still want to see the world. They want to enjoy life in the present. With the rising cost of living, a lot of us are struggling just to buy eggs. This means that you have a built-in follower base. They can resonate with your struggle. Make saving up for trips your content. Share what online gigs they can use for extra cash. Tell them how to avoid the temptation to spend. Knowing that people are watching to see if it works out for you will be extra motivation.

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How To Become a Luxury Travel Influencer

The world is so big and full of wonderful sites. While you think climbing mountains and exploring safaris is fun in theory, you want something else. You’d prefer to trek across a palatial hotel. You’re more intrigued to break a sweat in your en suite pool. You prefer luxury travel, and there are so many people like you.

Potential followers daydream of flying or cruising to the world’s most exotic locations. They want to know what it’s like to stay in the most lavish accommodations. They also love to gag at the cost of it all. Does this sector of travel influence interest you? You should look into how to become a luxury travel influencer. You just may have what it takes. Traveling and creating quality content around travel are different things. In this section of the article, we will delve into the lovely world of luxury travel. We will talk about how you can make a name for yourself in this field.

There is no shame in wanting to know how to become a paid travel influencer in this niche. It’s your enthusiasm for luxury travel that will show followers a whole new world. People who have never left their city can start to think of faraway places as achievable. Think of yourself as the bridge between them and what they thought wasn’t possible.

Bring the Eiffel Tower to their doorstep. Take them swimming with the turtles in Zanzibar. Boost them to dive off a cliff in Negril, Jamaica. If you’re not sure how to do that, we talk more about it below.

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Steps To Influence Luxury Trips

Having the funds to travel everywhere isn’t enough to be a luxury influencer. The content has to scream luxury, too. You need dedication, good business sense, not to mention exquisite taste. We can show you how to become a travel influencer and get paid in this field.  To get started,  just follow these steps:

1. Pick a Luxury Niche

The luxury travel industry is multifaceted. There are luxury trips, hotels, or even restaurants that you could focus on. Jackie Aina, for example, has made luxury her entire brand. Consider making a category your specific niche. If you like, you could try them all out and see which ones stick. Capitalize on the content that your followers want to see.

2. The Content Quality Should Be Luxury

Your content should give an air of luxury as well. We’re not just talking about using a camera that has beautiful quality. Yes, the pictures and video should captivate an audience. The content should also be rich and helpful to users. Simply sharing photos won’t give the fulsome experience that your followers desire. It also helps to use a consistent filter or editing style. This guarantees cohesion and solidifies brand identity.

3.  Diversify the Type of Content

Even if you narrow it down to a niche, there is still a wide range of content to share. So you don’t bore your followers with unadulterated opulence, switch up your format. Try the following:

  • “Top three places to in Spain.”
  • “Best means of transport in New York.”
  • “Hidden Treasures in Bali.”
  • “Spend a little extra to get this.”

You can include your own experiences and pictures to personalize the advice.

4.  Find Friends

You can’t do this alone. Finding like-minded people can make the journey even better. You have someone to take b-roll shots of you walking and someone to share the hotel room cost with. In all seriousness, you can have a strong IG following by networking with other travel influencers. You never know who is making connections with some big brands or who needs a plus one.

5.  Engage

Your brand is luxury, not being stuck up.  When someone takes the time to comment on your content, you should reply. This helps with your engagement rate, which is always good if you want to grow. Interacting with followers builds community. It also lets brands know you’re willing to answer questions about their content.

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This Is How People Just Like You Get Paid To Travel

It’s reasonable to wonder how people get paid to travel. It should work the other way around, shouldn’t it? Too bad we can’t just tell you the price of each post. The range of salaries can be pretty wide. 

Travel influencers get their money depending on the advertisements and campaigns that brands pay them to run. Another consideration is whether they post photos, reels, stories, or a combination of them all. Then, you have to consider each influencer’s engagement rate and demographic. There are a lot of moving parts. What we can do is tell you how these influencers make money.

Partnership With Brands

Travel content creators sometimes post content with some of the most well-known travel businesses in the world. You probably see this happening on IG all the time. Like fashion influencers, travel influencers can earn big money through brand collaborations.  

At a basic level, these businesses give creators discounted products in exchange for promotion. Brands may ask creators to post content in exchange for a lesser cost to the hotel stay. This is a small cost to the travel brand overall. If a brand wants to spend big bucks, it gives creators access to trips, special events, and other opportunities. 

It all depends on a travel influencer’s clout and the brand’s budget. Either way, influencers have to place content in front of their audience.

Write a Travel Blog

Let’s throw it back to the 2000s. People wrote blogs, not filmed reels. If writing is your strength, you could look into this, too. You could have a written forum to document your travels. A blog can get into the details that a short-form reel can’t. It could be a good supplement for your IG page content. Creators run ads on their blog page as well. This is where the revenue comes in. You can even post excess photos here if you decide to go this route.

Brands Sponsor Their Content

Brands will pay creators to create content to advertise their products. This is similar to fitness influencers. This could be through writing in a blog or uploading visual content. Have you seen the #ad on some posts? It’s safe to assume that the creator received a payment to advertise the product. This can be lucrative for travel creators and could form a large part of their income. Depending on the size of their page, they could get payment in the thousands of dollars.

They Share an Affiliate Link

Brands will give creators affiliate links or discount codes to share with their followers. If these followers use this discount code, the creator gets a small percentage of the sale.

Advertisement for Their Travel Business

Some travel influencers sell their travel lifestyle. They show you all the places they go and act like it’s normal. When they have you fully mesmerized, they say that you can do it too. They provide group trips to diverse places with like-minded people. They can secure cheap rates and sell them to their followers at a profit. They plan out your itinerary and can even give an all-inclusive price. They are already making a profit from selling the package. The total revenue may also pay for their cost to travel as well.

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Plixi Helps Get the Following When You Know How To Become a Travel Influencer

Your next journey is important to us. No, not that trip you have planned. Your growth journey. Whether commercial or private, the sky is the limit for you. It takes a lot of dedication and attention to detail to become a successful travel influencer on Instagram.  You can do it with our help, though. 

We know that you will find success when using our services. The AI targeting technology and platform for Instagram influencers will get the job done. If we collaborate on this, we will be able to make gradual growth a reality. When you know how to become a travel influencer, we are here to assist you with growth. Let’s get started! Plixi can help you increase your following quickly and easily.

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