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View Private Instagram Accounts—Top Strategies!

Plixi Team

Jun 20, 2024 10 min read

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Do you want to view private Instagram accounts but don’t know how? There are a few common methods that most people use to access the photos and Instagram Stories of private accounts. In this article, we’ll share these strategies and how you can set your Instagram account to private.

We’ll also summarize the pros and cons of setting your Instagram account to private to help you decide if that’s the best choice. Also, read to the end for our exclusive offer for how you can grow your Instagram account to new heights.

View Private Instagram Accounts—Top Strategies!

View Private Instagram Accounts: What Are They?

Are you wondering why you may need to view private Instagram accounts? Private accounts are ones that users have locked from the public. This means you can see only a limited amount of information unless you’re a follower. It depends on what the account holder decides to share with the public.

You may have come across these accounts yourself and noticed that there are no photos, videos, or stories to view. However, once you become a follower of these accounts, you may find a lot of content to view.

Users may want to hide their Instagram accounts for a wider angle of personal reasons. It could be to maintain their privacy. This is especially important for celebrities and other popular people that want to maintain as much privacy as possible. Other Instagram users may only want to share their content with close friends and family.

However, if you’re lucky enough to receive a follow request approval, then you can see what content they have been hiding. Usually, once you receive access to a private account, it will not unlock unless the account holder takes action.

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Send a Follow Request To View Private Instagram Accounts

Sending a follow request is the most frequently used method to view private Instagram accounts. All Instagram accounts have a follow button that allows you to issue a follow request. An Instagram account lookup allows you to search for and view details about a specific Instagram profile, such as their posts, followers, and bio information. Then you’ll need to wait for the account holder to review and approve your request.

However, if the account holder denies your follow request, then you will not get to view the hidden content. One option is creating a brand new burner account to submit another friend request. In order to view IG accounts anonymously, you’ll need to use Instagram private account viewers as an alternative to stay hidden.

Before you can send a follow request, you’ll need an Instagram account of your own. Hence, only real Instagram users can view private accounts.

Instagram Private Account Viewer Overview

Another strategy to view private Instagram accounts is to use viewers. The Instagram private account viewers are software that allows you to look at images, stories, and other details of private Instagram accounts. This is possible without creating an Instagram account or requesting a follow.

Hence, users can look at private Instagram accounts in secret, so the account holder is none the wiser. In the next section, I’ll show you how to pick the best viewer on the market. You’ll need to pay to use these software solutions.

How To Choose the Best Account Viewer

Now, look at the top strategies for finding the best account viewer for your needs. With so many choices, finding the right one can be confusing. Hence, take these noteworthy factors into account:

  • Price: make sure to find an account viewer that offers competitive pricing. Shop around, and you’ll get a great deal. Also, don’t ignore the coupons and discounts to receive massive savings. 
  • User interface: look for account viewer software with an optimized user interface that helps you quickly find the Instagram accounts you want. 
  • Features: look for features like notifications, password management, and more to get more value from the account viewer. Comparing the features allows you to find the best software solution. 
  • Anonymity: you may want to use software solutions that support anonymity. This means your identity is hidden from the general public when viewing private Instagram accounts.  
  • Cloud-based: using a cloud-based solution is handy if you want to keep all data and resource requirements on the provider’s side.
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What Unlocks by Viewing Private Instagram Accounts

You might be wondering why you should go through the trouble to view private Instagram accounts. After all, your follow request might get rejected, or you’ll need to pay money when going down the private Instagram viewer route.

To help you decide if unlocking private Instagram accounts is worth your time, I’ll share what content you can see. However, it depends on what content the account holder has dedicated to publishing on their account.

How To View Instagram Private Account Photos

Are you trying to learn how to view Instagram private account photos? Then you’ll need to use account viewers or request a follow. Photos are one of the main things that unlock after getting viewing access to the private Instagram account.

However, not all photos will unlock if the account holder has made them private from everyone. This means some Instagram photos are impossible to view, regardless of your strategy.


Stories are another content type you can view once you gain access to view private accounts. These are similar to how YouTube Shorts or TikTok videos work. In fact, Instagram Stories are limited to just 15 seconds, forcing the creator to share their message quickly. To watch Instagram videos effectively, start by exploring the various features available on the platform. Videos in your feed will autoplay as you scroll, allowing for seamless viewing. If you want to save that amazing videos from Instagram, you should try using an Instagram Video Downloader.

Stores go live for 24 hours and will delete afterward—unless the creator pins them to their account. Most Instagram account holders share life updates and news using the Stories function.

Profile Details

You can view additional profile details when you receive privileges to view the private account. This may include a description of their account and other details. Reading the description allows you to understand better what the Instagram account is about. You can also see private photos and use the Instagram Story viewer to view the IG stories. If you want to watch and save someone’s story on Instagram without them knowing, you should use an Instagram Story Downloader and Anonymous Viewer.

Send Message

You may want to message a private Instagram account. However, to access this function, you need to request a follow and have it accepted by the account holder. Depending on how the account restrictions are set up, you may then receive the ability to send them a message. Furthermore, you can see if the user has seen your message.

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View Private Instagram Account: What Should Businesses Do?

Businesses may want to consider restricting their Instagram account to private. At first, this may seem counterproductive since you want the general public to learn more about your brand by viewing the private Instagram account. However, you can create additional Instagram accounts where setting them to private offers advantages.

For example, setting the account to private makes sense if you want to restrict access to news and product updates to an exclusive list. Also, send qualified leads to a specific Instagram account to nurture them. Setting these business accounts to private helps avoid unqualified leads that will add to the noise. You’ll need to provide profile details and accept manually in every instance.

How To Make Instagram Account Private

Do you want to figure out how to make Instagram accounts private? You may want to do this for several reasons, such as not allowing strangers to view family photos or allowing people you don’t know to see your location. However, you should be careful about what you post on your private Instagram account since people can use software viewers to see your hidden information. With this, some of you are interested in wanting to know if you can see who viewed your Instagram posts.

To make your Instagram account private, you should follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “More” button in the bottom left and click “Settings.” 
  2. Then click “Who can see your content.”
  3. Under Account Privacy, check the box next to Private Account. 
  4. Finally, select “Switch to private” to complete the process.

Note that anyone can make their account private, and the switch is instant after finishing the process above.

Advantages of Restricting View To Private Instagram Accounts

Now let’s take a look at the top use case of why you may want to make your Instagram account private. Therefore, to view your private Instagram account, they will need to request access. Here is a summary of the top pros:

  • Avoid stalkers: you may want to reduce the chances of stalkers following your account and finding out about your life. This lowers the chances that they can pinpoint your location and figure out how you live. You can always check your account in the settings to view Instagram followers.
  • Private people: if you’re a private person that doesn’t want to share their content with the public, then setting the account private is a no-brainer. 
  • Feeling of exclusivity: do you need to add a sense of exclusivity to your Instagram account? Then setting it to private and not approving every follow request will build a sense of exclusivity. 
  • Business: setting the account to private allows businesses to manage their operations and qualify leads. Also, they can nurture a small number of leads instead of letting anyone in to see the content. 
  • Testing: You can test posts or ideas by setting the Instagram account to private. After testing something for a small audience, you can make tweaks and release it to a wider audience.

Disadvantages of Restricting View To Private Instagram Accounts

I’ll also share some negatives of restricting access to your Instagram account to provide a balanced overview. To view private Instagram accounts, an extra step is required, so find out if adding this step is the best idea for your account:

  • Manual work: you’ll need to manually receive and process the following requests, which can get overwhelming if you have a popular account. Therefore, setting your account to private may give you a lot of extra work. 
  • Smaller audience: some users may not bother to ask for a follow request if they see a private account. This means that you’ll reduce the size of your potential Instagram audience and reduce fake profile requests. 
  • Only dedicated fans: you’ll find that the Instagram accounts that request to follow are dedicated fans. However, if you want to grow your audience beyond the dedicated fans, this will be harder when setting your account to private.
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Final Thoughts on View Private Instagram Accounts

To summarize, to view private Instagram accounts, you’ll need to request a follow or use software solutions called Instagram account viewers. However, the latter requires payment. Upon viewing a private account, you can access photos and Instagram Stories. Also, you can send messages depending on the account holder’s settings. Additionally, to save that beautiful pictures from Instagram to your phone, you can use an Instagram Photo Downloader.

Setting your Instagram account to private takes just a few moments, and it will restrict the users that can view your content. This means you’ll need to manually accept requests, giving you more work.

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