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Instagram Account Lookup: How To Find Profiles of Interest

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 9 min read

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Do you want to uncover strategies for Instagram account lookup? We will help you find Instagram account details for profiles of interest. This includes phone numbers and emails. Therefore, you can contact the account for content collaborations or marketing purposes. 

You’ll see that there are several options for learning more about Instagram accounts. Therefore, you can use backup options if you’re struggling to find the required info. We’ll also share how you can find an account by using information like a phone number. 

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Instagram Account Lookup: How To Find Profiles of Interest

Instagram Account Lookups With Different Methods

Do you want to perform an Instagram lookup without an account? You may want to perform this action when you want to be anonymous or aren’t active on Instagram. Here are a few suggestions to find IG accounts without one of your own:

  • URL: You can enter the username URL associated with the account. The format is, where “username” is the name of the account you’re looking for. However, this will not be visible if they have blocked you or have made their profile private. 
  • Instagram account viewer: You can register an account with an Instagram viewer to view IG profiles anonymously. Some of these services allow you to register for a free trial, while others have a freemium plan. However, if you want to unlock all the features, then you’ll need to pay for the services. We’ll cover Instagram account viewers in more detail further on in the guide.

Instagram Account Email Lookup

Do you want to execute an Instagram account email lookup? You may want to find someone’s email on Instagram for commercial or personal reasons. Here are some of the top methods you should consider:

  • Account Bio: Look at their profile bio to see if the email is displayed there. Instagram users who want to be connected via email might leave it in the bio. This is arguably the fastest method, and you’ll get the right email for Instagram-related communication. 
  • Instagram email finders: You can use services such as Swordfish to help you find emails linked to an IG account. This is one of the easiest ways to find a large number of account emails in a short period. 
  • Google Dork: This powerful tool enables you to uncover hard-to-find information, but you need to type in the right search command. When looking for emails, you can type in “site: [username] + email.” 
  • Other social media websites: When you’re struggling to find an email on Instagram, consider turning to other social media websites. For example, you can find an account from the same user on Facebook or LinkedIn. 
  • Direct Message: You can simply ask for the email by sending an Instagram direct message. This allows you to start communication with the account in question.

Instagram Account Lookup by Phone Number

There are a bunch of ways that you can find an Instagram account by using the phone number. This allows you to contact individuals on social media if you meet them offline. Here are a few suggestions for how you can execute an Instagram account lookup by phone number:

  • Discover People: You can use the Discover People function from the Instagram app. You can find it by going to your profile, and it will need access to your phone’s contact list. You can then click the ‘Connect” button from the search results.
  • Scan contacts list: You should look at the contact list on your phone. Some phones will show an IG button if there’s a connected account. This is a fast way to find out who uses Instagram in your social circle. 
  • Third-party tools: You can take advantage of third-party tools that look up Instagram accounts with phone numbers. Some of these may require payment and usually have a wide range of features.
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Free Instagram Account Lookup

You can use a number of free Instagram account lookup options. In fact, third-party tools are the only time you need to pay for Instagram accounts. These tools allow you to find accounts anonymously, and you don’t need an IG account. 

However, there are plenty of free Instagram account lookup strategies. This includes visiting other social media sites and entering the account name in the URL. When using these strategies, you can find an account only if you are unblocked. Accounts that have blocked you will come up as “Page not found.” Therefore, you’ll need to use a free Instagram viewer. 

Advantages of Using Instagram Account Lookup Tools

Now, let’s turn our attention to the several advantages of using Instagram account lookup tools. Therefore, you can decide if they are worth paying for and match your use case. Also, we’ll cover a few of the top examples of Instagram search tools you can use today.

  • Multiple search options: Third-party account lookup tools allow you to find accounts using different methods. For example, you can enter the account name directly or use a phone number or email. Likewise, you can enter an account name and retrieve the email or phone number.  
  • User-friendly: They are user-friendly search methods applicable for users who aren’t technical. Hence, if you’re struggling to execute an Instagram user lookup, check out these tools for help. 
  • Multiple websites: Such tools may allow you to look up account data for multiple social media platforms. This includes Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X, YouTube, and more.
  • Fast search: Third-party tools can save you time when you need to perform an Instagram profile lookup. This is especially true when you need to look for multiple accounts in a short time. 
  • Free options: Most third-party tools provide free trials and freemium plans that you can use to search for free. Also, this allows you to compare multiple third-party tools without payment.
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Why Look for Accounts on Instagram?

You may want to look for accounts on Instagram if you’re trying to collaborate with other content creators. For example, you may want to ask if they will share your content, and you can return the favor. 

Alternatively, you may want to send direct messages to accounts for marketing purposes. It’s a viable strategy to reach out and show off your products to new customers on Instagram. Businesses can use Instagram as a marketing channel to grow their brand by interacting with target users. 

Casual Instagram users can utilize the Instagram account lookup feature to interact with accounts of interest. For example, if you’d like to find a personal fitness trainer, you can contact them on Instagram. Make sure to follow the strategies outlined in this article to save time and find accounts more effectively.

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Top Third-Party Tools for Finding IG Accounts

Let’s look at examples of the top third-party tools you can use to find Instagram accounts. Most of these have overlapping features, but you’ll also find a few that have unique ones.


Searchusers allows you to find target Instagram accounts by using a range of methods. You can find a range of information about users by using these tools through the convenient search bar. Furthermore, there are other features, such as viewing the popular posts and hashtags used by an account. 

The third-party tool is free, and there is no requirement to create an account. Therefore, you can start searching with Searchusers shortly after reading this guide.

Influencers Club

Influencers Club is a good tool for finding accounts when you have the username. You can also uncover the account’s location and other basic information. It’s an excellent tool when you’re looking to collaborate with other Instagram accounts. 

You can try the tool for free, but there is a cost if you want to use Influencers Club extensively. The tools offer powerful custom filtering features, which is one of the time-saving features that make it stand out.


Inflict is an excellent Instagram profile search tool that caters to different criteria. For example, you can find accounts by entering the email or phone number. Also, the tool has sliding bars that allow searchers to filter the results. This is great when looking for specific types of accounts for marketing purposes. 

Also, Inflict allows you to find Instagram accounts from specific industries. This is handy when trying to search for Instagram accounts when doing business on the platform. For example, you can find competitor accounts if you want to spy on them for information.

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Instagram Account Lookup: Is It Easy To Perform?

To conclude, there are many fast and easy strategies to look up accounts on Instagram. You can use a combination of these methods to find accounts for collaboration or new marketing opportunities. You can use free methods or third-party tools like Inflact and Searchusers. Some of these will also create a search history that you can review at a future date. 

Now that you understand how to perform an Instagram account lookup, you can give it a try for yourself. Consider trying the different methods outlined in this guide to find one that works for you. 

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