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Instagram Spy: Tips for the Sleuths Among Us 


Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 9 min read

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You are not the only one who has ever wondered what goes on in someone else’s Instagram direct messages. We’re human, and we are curious. It may pique your curiosity when the person in question is your child or significant other. This is when it is most tempting to become an Instagram spy.

Luckily, you don’t have to wonder for long. You can use a monitoring app to find out everything you need to know and then some. Some of these tools are shockingly good.

While your intentions might be innocent, some people don’t have good intentions. Because of this, we are going to give you tips on how to navigate Instagram safely. This is going to be a very informative article. Keep reading to find out more!

Instagram Spy: Tips for the Sleuths Among Us 

What Is an Instagram Spy App?

An Instagram spy app helps you monitor someone else’s Instagram account activity. You do this by installing an application on the target device you want to track. From the comfort of your device, you can keep up with what is happening on the desired device.

With the right Insta spy tool, you can keep up with all kinds of activity. This includes the messages, likes, comments, and following on the person’s IG account. You can have a comfortable overview of what’s happening with that person’s Instagram page.

You could take it even further if you wanted to. With some advanced tools, you can track the person’s activity on other social media websites. You can also record telephone calls, keep track of the keystrokes, and know their location. This depends on how much information you need. Consider these scenarios:

  • Are you a concerned parent of a teen on Instagram? You want to know the activity your child engages in. Do you think that there are some nefarious characters on Instagram? Well, then, you would be right. An Insta spy app could keep you in the loop when direct messages come from shady people.
  • Are you in a relationship with someone that you don’t trust? To ensure that everything is above board, you need to know what they do on Instagram. You don’t want to know just the public activity that everyone can see. You also want to know if it went down in an Instagram DM. In a situation like that, you may want to be a spy.

Do either of these scenarios apply to you? If so, consider Instagram spying.

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Here Are Some Options if You Are in the Market for Instagram Spyware

The tech geniuses understand your need to snoop in peace. They understand that it’s sometimes a matter of securing your mental health. Because of this, they have created Instagram spyware that can fulfill your needs. We know that you don’t want anyone to find out that you are now an IG spy. We will give you some options you should consider to make a good choice.


If you value an app’s popularity, you may like mSpy. It has about 2 million clients to date. You can see why people gravitate to this app. The features are very attractive. 

For one, you already get access to Instagram activity. You’ll see the messages, comments, followers, and photos on the desired device. Of course, you’ll also see the timestamp for each type of activity. Even better, you can download this content to your device for review later. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to just Instagram. Is the person also on WhatsApp, Telegram, or Tinder? You can gain access to the content on those platforms as well. You can even see the videos stored on the actual phone. Yes, the ones that are not on social media apps. 

It sounds like a pretty powerful tool, doesn’t it? Apple and Android devices can use it. The basic plan is $29.99 per month. If you need it longer, consider the three or twelve-month plan options. You’ll even get a better deal when you pay longer.


Approximately 1 million people are currently using EyeZy to spy on IG. We can tell you what the hype is. 

You’ll be able to check your Instagram activity on your desired cell phone. You will have access to direct messages, photos, and videos. You can find out when certain types of activities happen. You can save them to your phone to compare dates if you need to.

It gets better. There is a keylogger feature. This means that you can have a record of the keystrokes that the person typed on the device. This includes words or phrases that they searched for. This also includes passwords. You can also see the date and time these words went into the search engine. 

You also have access to the search history on internet browsers. You can see what websites the person bookmarked to go back to later. This is great if you have a child. You can block unwanted websites you deem unsuitable for your child. You could give this a try because there is a three-day trial period. With a 14-day money-back guarantee, do you have anything to lose?

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Protecting Yourself From People Who Know How To Spy on Instagram

Some of us want to keep tabs on our loved ones. Others want to keep up with their competition. This is normal behavior for creators online. Unfortunately, other people don’t use Instagram for the most innocent reasons. Some people come to spy on IG and not engage in genuine community.

Are you worried about those who know how to spy on Instagram? If you think you have a secret IG spy, there are ways to protect yourself. We have listed some pointers for how to use Instagram safely. These are our three tips:

1. Post Your Location After You Leave

There is no reason to give your Instagram followers a play-by-play of your day. You don’t need to give live updates to everyone willing to check-in. Yes, some people pride themselves on having a very transparent brand. Unfortunately, this can be to your detriment. Vulnerability is profitable to some users. To other users, it is extremely dangerous. 

If you want to take people with you in your daily routine, you’ll have to do it safely. For example, starting your day by going to the local coffee shop is great. Just make sure to update them after you’ve left the coffee shop. Yes, it may look weird to talk about breakfast around noon. But at least no one can find you there while you’re there.

If you have plans to see a certain movie at a particular time, enjoy the movie first. After you have left the parking lot of the movie theater, take a picture of the ticket and update everyone. A real-time update is not necessary if it will cost you your safety. An IG spy could be lurking in the shadows with too much time on their hands.

2. Don’t Share Your Favorite Spots

It might not be enough to hide your live location from your IG followers. You may have to take the extreme step of not letting them know the places you go at all. We can explain why this might be necessary. 

Say you want to talk about your favorite spots in your city. You could film a reel showing your favorite restaurants or places to get a drink. Just know that people will think you go there often. If you highlight that somewhere for a Friday night unwind, people will know they can find you there.

Do you want everyone to know where they can find you at any given time of the day or week? You have to remember that not everyone who follows you supports you. Some of them are just gathering information about you. They may not have the best plans for that information. In light of that, you may want to withhold some information. 

We’re not saying you should lie about the places that you go. Instead, keep your most frequented places close to your chest. This could save you some trouble.

3. Pay Attention to the Background 

Maybe you’re doing a good job of hiding the names of these locations. You don’t show the restaurant logos where you can manage to, which is great. Don’t take for granted that some people can figure out locations regardless. 

Sometimes, you take pictures in front of very well-known backgrounds. Maybe you have a very unique car that you drive around town in. We aren’t saying you should get rid of your vehicle. We aren’t saying that you should go to popular places. If a location is trending, I could help your brand to hop on that trend. 

We are just imploring you to be extra careful when you’re out and about. Remember to curate what you share on Instagram heavily.

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This Is How You Know You Have an Instagram Story Spy

Instagram won’t tell you every time someone comes on your Instagram page. It may keep a record of the pages people visit, but it doesn’t share it with you. However, it’s very transparent about the people that view your Instagram stories

Do you have an open Instagram page? That means anyone can see your stories as long as you have not hidden the stories from them. 

Do you suspect that someone is creeping on your stories? This is how you know you have an Instagram story spy.

  1. You have to have a live story for this to work. Simply launch Instagram on your phone and click on your profile picture in the top left corner. 
  2. You will see the current live Instagram stories. Pick one and then swipe up. 
  3. Now you have a list of everyone that has seen that story. IG regularly updates this. People may snoop on your page undetected but can’t do that on your stories.
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Do More Than Just Spy on Instagram Messages. Grow Your Page

Knowing how to spy on Instagram messages is fun and all. But when are you going to put that work into your page? Maybe you should put all this effort into monitoring your messages, followers, and page activity. You have the potential to take your page so much further. While you may need help, you don’t need to look further than at Plixi. 

We are growth experts with the tools to help you reach further on the Instagram platform. Instead of being an Instagram spy, consider being an IG influencer. We have an in-house platform of Instagram influencers to help. There is also a proprietary AI targeting algorithm. Your new followers are waiting. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!

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