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Instagram Location Ideas That Will Put You on the Map!

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 11 min read

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It’s not enough to have the prettiest pictures on Instagram. If you’re serious about growing your page, you will use some Instagram location tags. It’s the extra touch you need to increase visibility online. We will make everything very simple for you with these Instagram location ideas. We have a lot to cover, so let’s go!

Instagram Location Ideas That Will Put You on the Map!

Cool Instagram Location Ideas That You Could Look Into 

You appreciate diversity in your travels. They are all great location ideas for Instagram. Sometimes, you’re at the most serene locations that inspire famous paintings. Other times, the background is positively chaotic, like at a carnival in the Caribbean. 

All locations deserve a spot on your feed, though. You need some cool Instagram location ideas to pull everything together.

1. Organize by Color

Keeping a consistent Instagram aesthetic could be your overall goal. When you have a specific color scheme in mind, you can share content that aligns with it. Maybe you want to focus on the color blue for a few months. Only share locations with that as the main color in the picture or reel. 

Other times, maybe you had golden sand as the main color in some photos. That could be your focal point for a while, too. Sometimes, several different locations produce similar colors. The same blue you see in the Bahamas could be what you see in St Lucia. 

Now, you have diversity in locations and a streamlined presence on your Instagram profile. 

2. Organize by Theme

The Instagram food influencers would like this one. Maybe the overall theme of your page doesn’t surround a color. Perhaps there is a general theme as it relates to a category of interest. 

For example, if your page focuses on coffee, that will dominate your overall feed. If so, a good idea would be to go on a coffee tour. Plug in the different locations where you tried coffee and leave a little review. Of course, you will tag the business’ Instagram account as well. 

The same could apply to other areas of interest. Maybe you want to try out beaches across the world. That is a great location idea that could produce some very compelling content.

3. Create a Storyline With Your Locations

One of the best location ideas for Instagram will involve telling a story. It may not be the most streamlined aesthetic, but it can be the most compelling. And you can take your followers on the journey of your travels. 

Don’t even start when you get to your first location. Start with the process of saving up for the trips. That is a huge part of travel that so many influencers skip out. If you start from there, you will find some people who want to see the whole thing through with you. They will find you relatable, even. 

Then, you can show off photos of the locations you visited. Consider creating reels explaining how you get around. You can put content in so many forms. You can put them in reels, photos, or Instagram stories.

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Instagram Location Ideas for Girls on Instagram

Let’s take some time out to talk to the girls. We don’t have the same experience on Instagram as the guys. It makes sense to have some specialized advice for you. 

We want the girls to have the best Instagram location ideas, for sure. We hope you find this information super useful!

1. Safety First

One of the best Instagram location ideas for girl creators is keeping safety your main priority. It’s hard to believe, but some followers do not have your best interest at heart. When you post that you’re at a 24-hour taco shack at night, a stalker could be watching. 

When you give a live update of yourself at a concert, a nefarious character could be taking note. He could be lurking in the dense crowd. Using Instagram location tags could help your brand but endanger your safety. Girl, nothing is worth your safety.

We aren’t saying you should stop using the location option on Instagram. No way! You should benefit from this just like everyone else. You just need to do so in a responsible way. 

Post your location after you already left the location. We’re not talking about driving away from the location. We are talking about being indoors with the door locked behind you. Post several days later if you must. No one cares if it’s that late. Most people understand why creators do it.

Avoid sharing the locations that you frequently visit. If you are a remote worker, no one needs to know where  you spend your 9-to-5 hours. If strangers know where they can find you most hours of the day, they may get curious one day. Don’t tempt them. This part may not be fun, but it is responsible. We care about your safety here at Plixi.

2. Female-Centered Content 

Location tags can help you increase your female follower base. Looking at your Instagram Insights, you will see a detailed breakdown of your follower demographics. Do you want more female followers? You should start adding tags from certain places you visit. 

Where do women like to go? The next time you get your nails done, tag the spa. Think about that brand-new Pilates spot that people want to know about. Drop that location with that detailed reel review. This tactic could reel women in overtime.

3. Location Tag Ideas for Instagram

We also want to add playful options. You may want to share a beautiful photo without a real location. You could tease your followers with some cute location tags. Here are a few:

  • Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment
  • About Last Night 
  • Error 404, Location Not Found
  • Instagram
  • The North Pole 
  • Planet Earth
  • The Internet
Instagram Location Ideas That Will Put You on the Map!, image №3

Funny Instagram Location Ideas for Those With a Sense of Humor

We are sure you’re aware that not all IG locations are the user’s actual locations. Some of them exist to be funny. We don’t want you to miss the benefits of using a real location tag. Still, using funny locations can show your playful side to your followers. 

People are likely to know where you are already, especially after you post a location several times in succession. You can give them a break by using some funny Instagram location ideas. Let’s start with some places that we know from pop culture. 

Do your followers know you are a Game of Thrones and Stranger Things fan? If so, you could play that up. Here are some examples:

  • Arrakis
  • Asgard
  • Central perk
  • Jedi Temple
  • King’s Landing
  • Hawkins
  • Narnia
  • Vampire palace
  • Dragonstone
  • Grand Lane
  • The Upside Down
  • Narnia
  • Jurassic Park
  • Gotham City
  • Hogwarts

If your Instagram followers know that you have a witty personality, you can put some jokes in your location tag. Hopefully, they understand that you are just messing around. Here are some tongue-in-cheek location ideas for Instagram   you may love:

  • Why do you care?
  • Normal is Boring
  • Why are you here
  • Mind your business
  • No need for you to know
  • stop being nosy
  • You can leave now
  • Nowhere you need to know
  • You, again?
  • Somewhere you are not
  • The Girls’ Room

It’s fun to mess around with your followers on occasion. Everything doesn’t have to be about the benefits of using a location tag.

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Why It’s Important To Know How To Add a Location on Instagram

Locations are very important on Instagram. We may feel like we’re all in one place because our phones are at our fingertips. However, some people are very far away from us. They want to know where we are. Hopefully, they are curious for very innocent reasons. 

We will give you some reasons to start including locations in your posts.

It Helps People Find You

Back in the day, people would go to Google to see what a place looked like. They were at the mercy of whatever images may pop up when they searched. They could have gone through many edits and be years old. 

While some people still do this, many more people search on Instagram. Here, they can find real photos from a person there recently.

IG has become a search engine in itself. Not only can you search using IG handles, but you can also search using actual locations. If you want people to find your post, a location tag will help, just as a hashtag would.

If you were in a particular place, you could add many hashtags that pertain to your content. In the same way, you could add a location tag that relates to the content. The hope is that people will search using that location tag. 

Ideally, your post will show up in the results. It is yet another way for people to find your account on Instagram. It’s a method that you shouldn’t disregard.

It Helps With Local Marketing

If you are a local business, you should use location tags for your hyperlocal marketing. When someone visits a particular area, they want to know the best places in that area to do things. If you have tagged that location in your posts, they can find you when they search for that location. 

For example, say you have a small store on the street in Bridgetown, Barbados. What if a tourist is looking for a nice dress to wear to dinner? If they plugged in Bridgetown, Barbados, your store could show up. Now they are aware that your store is in existence. 

They may not have known the name of your store, so having an Instagram page wouldn’t have helped. It would have been your tag that saved you. As a local small business, you should take every opportunity to put your business on the map. In this case, we are speaking literally.

Now, you see that knowing how to add a location on Instagram is worthwhile. Knowing how to edit your location is also important. Maybe now, you will start incorporating this tool into your content. You can do it in your stories, posts, and reels. Unleash a whole new realm of reach potential.

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How To Create a Location on Instagram With Little Help From Facebook

Seeing these suggestions may have gotten your creative juices flowing. You have seen the locations that other people made. Now, you want to make up custom locations of your own. 

Unfortunately, you can’t just write some random location in and expect Instagram to allow it. There is a process attached to it. Luckily, we know it and can tell you all about it. 

You’re going to need your Facebook account for this one. As you know, Instagram and Facebook fall under the Meta umbrella. On occasion, the two platforms will intertwine. This is one such occasion. So, unearth your Facebook login details and follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account. 
  2. Turn on your Location Services.
  3. Create your well-thought-out custom place name.
  4. Select Add to confirm.
  5. Choose a category and place.
  6. Attempt to use this location on Instagram to confirm it exists.

That’s how to create a location on Instagram. Hopefully, you chose something good! Other people may want to use it, too.

Instagram Bio Location Ideas You Could Incorporate

You don’t have to leave your Instagram bio out of this trend. You could drop some locations there as well. We have some Instagram bio location ideas that you may like to incorporate.

The Local Business

If you have a brick-and-mortar  in the area, no one should have to struggle to find you. You’re already competing against the convenience of online stores. There should be some ease in locating your business. You can share the exact location of your business and put it in your Instagram bio. This is a great feature that you should use. 

When Instagram users click the link, the app directs them to a location app on their device.

The World Traveller

This one is not a live link, but it sure is fun. If you try to tick countries off your travel list, you can share this with others. You can put a flag emoji for every country you have visited in your bio. You can even drop a pin at the flag where you are currently residing. This lets people know that you are well-traveled right away. 

It’s great for travel influencers or someone who likes the occasional vacation.

Instagram Location Ideas That Will Put You on the Map!, image №6

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