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How To Get Followers on Instagram Fast: A Complete Guide!


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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Who doesn’t want to know how to get followers on Instagram fast? The journey to the destination can be a long and treacherous one. We just want to get there right now! You’re willing to upgrade your low-quality content and have a working content plan. Is that enough?

Even the most amazing content planning tool is subject to the Instagram algorithm. That is the thing that determines whether you grow or wilt on the app. Luckily for you, your social media gurus know how to get you on the right side of the algorithm. There are no secrets between us. We plan to tell you everything.

So yes, plan your content. Create follow-up content that hooks viewers, but use our tips as well! There is something in this article for all types of content creators! Let’s get started!

How To Get Followers on Instagram Fast: A Complete Guide!

How To Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram Fast: 5 Tested Methods That Work

We know you see other people making money on Instagram. They upload photos and reels regularly, showing off their personality. Occasionally, they announce that they received a sponsorship from a great brand. Admittedly, this makes you feel a little jealous. Now, you were wondering about how to get a lot of followers on Instagram fast.

While you understand that micro-influencers exist, you want to increase your following. You want to give yourself the best chance at success on this app, and that’s understandable. Hopefully, these growth tips will work out well for you. Check out these tried and true methods of the great influencers that went before you.

1. Use Influencer Marketing

You may already know what influencer marketing is. Influencers are on every platform and are not going anywhere. You may as well use them to source your following on Instagram. Do you want to know how to get followers fast on Instagram using these creators? We can tell you how.

A successful influencer should be a master at selling products. Part of their effectiveness is appearing as though they’re not selling anything at all. Rather, they behave like they’re talking to a friend, raving about a product. These “friends” comprise their Instagram following.

This Instagram following is full of members of your ideal target audience. Of course, you must choose an influencer with such an audience. Since their followers trust what they say, you have a built-in recommendation.

How you utilize this influencer is up to you. You could join forces on a collaborative post or Instagram giveaway. You could even supply them with product samples to promote to the following. Just to make sure their follower base engages with them. If they don’t engage with their killer content, they may never engage with yours.

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2. Collaborate With Other Users

Constantly viewing everyone else as competition is so draining. Your followers can like multiple people at once. You do know that, right? They can follow both you and your competitor and engage in the content. In light of this, let’s view the other creator as your teammate. Yes, your teammates in the game to increase your following.

There is a practical way to do this, thanks to Instagram. Now, you and another creator can make a joint post. This could be in the form of photos or videos. When you collaborate on a post, it ends up in the feeds of all the creators involved.

Effectively. You are gaining promotion before the followers of the other creator. The other creator benefits from your posting to your followers. It should be a win-win arrangement.

This is useful when your friends send photos in the group chat. Will everyone upload the same picture? Maybe you should all make a joint post instead. This way, you can maximize the overall engagement garnered from everyone’s respective followers.

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3. Host a Giveaway

People typically love an opportunity to get something for free. These people are also on the Internet, so they’re no different. Is it possible to host a giveaway on Instagram

They are quite popular, especially amongst online stores. While you may not need to be a boutique owner to use this tip, it will surely come in handy if you are.

Think about the entry rules to a raffle. Typically, people would buy a very cheap ticket to enter. That can get dicey on the Internet, so you would need a different way to enter this competition. Think of the commodity that is worth its weight in gold. Yes, engagement.

People can enter your giveaway by paying with likes, comments, and shares. You have the freedom to make up the rules as you please. However, maximizing engagement potential without being overbearing is the key. So, asking participants to share their stories is a great idea. They effectively promote you to all their followers. 

Asking them to share your Instagram content on their feed might be a bit much. You don’t want to scare people out of entering the giveaway altogether. Don’t make it too complicated when it comes to the comments they have to make. You can ask them to tag another friend. There’s some extra promotion right there. 

Of course, liking the post is a minimum. You can even get away with requiring that they follow the page. Or, you can play the long game. We hope they like your type of content enough to follow voluntarily.

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4. Buy an Instagram Ad or Two

We hope you aren’t feeling uncomfortable at the idea of spending money on Instagram. Something about having to shell out cash makes it feel like you’re cheating. Don’t think of it like that. Instagram ads bridge the gap between you and your ideal target audience. 

Remember that there is a sea of creators in your niche area. They are wading in the water, trying to find you. Similarly, you are trying to find them. A cleverly crafted Instagram ad campaign brings you all together.

These aren’t typical ads that cast a wide net and hope that they catch a certain type of follower. Instagram is a platform that allows for a very intensive version of ad creation. It gives creators the power to choose how long ads run. They choose the ideal type of follower they want to reach. This is all within a predetermined budget.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to reach these followers. Just know that in the end, you will have reached the type of follower you wanted.

5. Engage With Followers First

You say you want more followers on Instagram. But how are you treating the followers you already have? When they go out of their way to comment on your posts, do you acknowledge them? Do you at least like the comments?

You may want a larger following, but you have to act already like you have a huge following. Instagram notices all forms of engagement. That includes engagement that comes from you. 

Treat the followers that go out of their way to engage with your posts well. They are adding to your growth on the platform and making your engagement rate what it is.

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How To Get Followers Fast on Instagram Using Reels

If you’ve never heard of Instagram reels, where have you been? They are the newest tool from IG to compete with these other apps. We know TikTok has the short-form video King title. Well, Instagram has a worthy contender in the form of reels. If you haven’t been making Instagram reels, you need to start ASAP.

If you need to know how to get followers fast on Instagram, look no further. This tool earns the credit for the growth of so many influencer pages. You may be the next creator who credits reels for your rapid page growth. What’s the magic in these little videos? We will show you the perfect formula to get the results you need. 

1. Stick to the Trending Audio

If you keep hearing a particular sound on Instagram, the app is likely promoting reels that use that sound. This sound could be an actual song from an artist that is burning up the charts. It could be an old song that an Instagram DJ remixed. It may not even be a song.

The trending sound could be a clip from a popular movie. It could be a viral moment from someone doing a casual interview. These things can become pop culture moments. Pop culture moments become audio for trending reels. Your favorite celebrity may have said something that was unintentionally ironic. You could make a reel out of it.

Some creators use the same trending audio more than once. This gives them multiple opportunities to reach more people.  Of course, you have to hop on a trending audio relatively early. You don’t want to be on the tail end of this trend.

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2. Keep Them Short

Remember that this is Instagram, not YouTube. Short-form videos rule social media right now. Even YouTube had to bend and allow abbreviated versions of videos. Can you keep your reel to 7 seconds and under? Give yourself the opportunity for an Instagram algorithm boost.

The shorter your video is, the higher the likelihood of people replaying it. When Instagram sees that people are replaying your video, they’ll think that it is worth sharing with more people. Just like that, your overall reach will increase. This will set the stage for getting more followers fast on Instagram.

Here’s a solution if you’re having issues reducing your videos to a seven-second snapshot. You could use a reel template. These are templates that allow you to insert your photos and videos. The template determines the length of each clip for you. You can shove so many video clips into a short period this way.

3. Catch Them in the Beginning

If you watch three seconds of an Instagram reel, it counts as a view. You must make your reels captivating if you can’t make them short. Catch your audience’s attention in the first couple of seconds. Hopefully, they watch it to the very end and even replay it. In that case, your clickbait would have worked.

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How To Get Free Followers on Instagram Fast: What To Be Cautious Of

If something is free and fast, it should raise some red flags. It may just be too good to be true. We have our ears to the ground, and we know that there are resources online. They promise to deliver followers for free. Some of them may charge you, but they are relatively inexpensive. 

You want to know how to get free followers on Instagram fast. So, this prospect is particularly tempting. Can you trust it? We are nothing but honest on this website. We can give you the realities of using third-party sites like these.

1. Nothing Is Truly Free

We didn’t expect to get so deep today, but here goes. What does that mean when you agree to have a flood of free followers come to your account? What are you truly getting? Are you getting active users who engage in content like these websites promise? The truth is that you are more than likely not getting that.

What is coming your way is a rush of fake followers. What are fake followers on Instagram? Well, people sometimes call them “bot followers.” They are accounts with no real people behind them. This is a far cry from the target audience you are dreaming of getting.

2. Fake Followers Don’t Last

This is one of those instances where you get what you pay for. Instagram knows that people buy followers. They know these fake accounts are lurking around, ready to follow others. 

IG doesn’t take kindly to this market. They will routinely delete these accounts from the platform. Sometimes, you see your follow account go down and don’t know why. This could be the explanation. The social proof you gained disappears as quickly as it came.

3. These “Free Followers” Won’t Engage

You won’t get the likes and comments that you want from your target audience. Remember that these aren’t real people. They don’t interact with other IG pages like a real person would. Having an inflated following with few comments looks suspicious to the average IG user.

To match this, you could also find yourself buying comments and likes. Just remember that Instagram purges these acts of engagement right along with the fake followers. You could find yourself back at square one. It is better to know how to get followers fast on Instagram sustainably.

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How To Get Followers on Instagram Fast: Ask Plixi!

We’re all in a mad rush to grow our platforms. In the beginning, we didn’t know where social media would go. Now, it’s an entire platform facilitating creators to earn an income. 

How can you not want to know how to get followers on Instagram fast? You have big dreams, and Plixi can help.

Trust the tools that we use. There is an in-house platform for Instagram influencers waiting to show their skills. There is also a propriety AI targeting algorithm that we’ve been working on for the past decade. Let’s kick your growth into high gear! Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!

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