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Instagram Reach: Unlock This Metric To Elevate Your Presence

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 11 min read

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Instagram reach is a more important metric to monitor on the social media platform. It helps you understand what posts are working and which ones need improvement. Therefore, you can grow your Instagram account and increase your followers. 

In this article, we share how to improve your Instagram metrics, which include posting shareable quality content, posting different content types, using hashtags, and networking with influencers. Also, we’ll share the top reasons why your reach on Instagram is low.

Instagram Reach: Unlock This Metric To Elevate Your Presence

What Does Reach Mean on Instagram?

Reach is a metric that shares how many people have seen a specific post. Instagram reach refers to unique viewers, a metric that might be more useful depending on your goals.

This is different than the impressions metric (more on that later.) Users only count once for reach, no matter how many times they view your content. Hence, reach provides a better idea of the popularity of your content since it removes instances where a single person generates many impressions.

Reach vs. Impressions On Instagram

It’s important to understand reach vs. impressions on Instagram because, at first glance, the two metrics seem similar. However, a single reach metric can only be generated by one user, whereas the same user can generate 100 impressions by viewing the same posts 100 times. 

Therefore, when a small number of users bloat the impressions metric, it can lead to misleading data about the overall success of a post. On the other hand, the Instagram reach metric is a reliable way of figuring out your most popular posts.

Viewing impressions and how they compare to the reach metric is also important. If you notice a large difference, it means that many viewers choose to view the same posts several times. This provides insight into the posts that have repeat viewing appeal.

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How To Increase Instagram Reach?

When trying to figure out how to increase Instagram reach, there are many strategies you can deploy to ensure your posts receive the most visibility possible. Using these strategies may result in viral posts and significantly increase the number of followers who subscribe to your Instagram account. 

Increase Reach With High-Quality Content

Focus on publishing high-quality content, and your Instagram reach metric may rapidly improve. Every post needs to provide something of value. This can include entertaining, informing, or educating the audience.

Do you need help creating high-quality content for your Instagram account? There are many strategies for ensuring your content is engaging, and you can start by spying on the competition. Pay attention to the most popular posts in your niche and try to emulate their success, but don’t copy.

Instagram Reach Improvements with Shareable Content

Create shareable content your audience wants to show off to their social circles. This word-of-mouth marketing will result in your Instagram reach metrics drastically increasing. Also, you will only need to spend a little money on marketing to achieve this outcome.

You can look at your analytics software to figure out the type of content that has a higher chance of getting shared. Look for commonalities between this content, and you may figure out a recipe for success.

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Inspect your Instagram Metrics

It’s important to take a deep look at your Instagram metrics to ensure you can figure out what posts are working and ones you should repeat in the future. At first glance, it might be overwhelming to interpret the numbers and discover how to plan a strategy.

However, digging into your engagement rate is worthwhile to understand your content’s successes and failures better. Also, you can view metrics of other digital assets, such as blog posts. This information is handy for figuring out a direction for your Instagram content plan. That’s especially true if you are new to Instagram and have limited information in your analytics console.

Instagram Reach Improvements With Different Content Types

Adding more content types to your toolkit can increase your Instagram reach metrics. The various types of content can funnel unique viewers to a single post, which increases the reach metric. Here are the most popular content types available on Instagram:

  • Instagram Reels: Use the Instagram Reels content type if you want to create short videos of up to 15 seconds. You may have seen this content type on TikTok or YouTube Shorts. Short-form content is extremely popular, so getting more viewers with Instagram Reels is straightforward. 
  • Instagram Stories: You can post photos or videos using Instagram Stories, which automatically delete within 24 hours of posting. Therefore, the number of unique viewers you can receive is limited. However, you can direct traffic from this content type to your post to increase the reach metric. 
  • Instagram Live Broadcasts: Use the Instagram Live features to set up a live stream where your viewers can see and interact by sending messages. You can add links to posts you want to increase visibility for in the chat.

Improvements With Hashtags

Instagram users may search for your posts using hashtags. Therefore, you need to add many popular hashtags to each post. However, you need to limit the hashtags per post to ensure the posts don’t look spammy. Also, if you’re trying to grow your brand, use branded hashtags to grow your business. This is a great way to improve your Instagram reach metrics while getting more unique viewers to your posts.

Use Instagram Influencers

Take advantage of Instagram influencers that will send unique visitors to specific posts. You can collaborate with other Instagram profiles by receiving a mention on their account for a price or mentioning them in return. Also, some Instagram profiles will naturally link to your posts if they provide value. Your Instagram reach metrics will shoot through the roof with the right influencers. 

However, when looking for the best Instagram influencers to work with, concentrate on those within your niche. That’s because their audience overlaps with yours. It’s going to increase the engagement rates with your content, so you’re getting more value for the collaboration. 

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Why Is My Instagram Reach So Low? 6 Reasons Why.

There are several factors why this important metric might be too low. Understanding these will help you improve the reach per post so you get more visibility on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. For example, posting during optimum times of the day might drastically increase the reach.

1. New Instagram Account

Do you have a new Instagram account? Then, you have a low follower count, and few people will automatically receive your new post notifications. Therefore, you’ll need to concentrate on increasing your follower count to increase the Instagram reach for your posts. This becomes easier when you have an accessible brand persona people can relate to. Here are a few ideas for how you can get more followers:

  • Post frequently: It’s a good idea to get users into the habit of digesting your content. They may decide to follow your IG account to ensure they don’t miss your next post. 
  • High-quality posts: Make sure that every post adds something of value. Posts already overload social media platforms that draw people’s attention in different directions. You must give them a good reason to pay attention to your content. 
  • Buy followers: It’s possible to buy Instagram followers, but be careful since you can get penalized by Instagram if they find out. Also, buying genuine followers who will continue to consume and interact with your content is crucial. In contrast, purchasing followers from fake accounts is a waste of money.

2. Reach Is Low With Generic Posts

Your Instagram reach post score might be low because there is nothing unique about them. This can happen when you copy posts and add nothing unique compared to similar Instagram accounts. This means fewer people will follow your IG account and be interested in viewing your next posts.

On the other hand, if you create posts that stand out in your niche, then there’s a reason to view your posts over the competition. However, it can take some creativity to figure out unique angles for posts other Instagram accounts haven’t already done. 

3. Reach Is Low with Lack Of Engagement

Audiences may only consume content if they feel engaged with the author. Therefore, you may need to respond to comments under your posts to increase your Instagram reach. Responding to every comment can be very time-consuming, but leaving a handful for each post makes the difference.

Alternatively, you can hire freelancers to respond to every question of every post in the comments section. This leads to massive engagement with your comment and makes IG users naturally interested in your next post. Hence, the IG reach metric will increase to new heights.

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4. Not Using Hashtags Properly

Hashtags are one of the primary search functions Instagram members use for finding content of interest. However, if you’re not adding the most popular hashtags for your niche, your content might be overlooked for posts using those hashtags.

Do you need help with what hashtags to use? Then, do some background research by looking at what hashtags the most popular posts in your niche use. This takes time, but the ultimate reward is more Instagram viewers.

5. Using An Infrequent Content Calendar

Creating a consistent content calendar is vital so Instagram users know when to expect your content. For example, if you were to post content every day, you’d train your audience to look for it as part of their daily content consumption. This can skyrocket your Instagram reach metric and make you feel like your account is growing.

Also, consider creating a large volume of content in advance so you have something to post far into the future. This ensures your IG account remains active when you’re busy with other tasks.

6. Instagram Reach Is Low Because You Have No Experience

Learning how to succeed with your Instagram posts is difficult without experience. Hence, during the first few months on the platform, you should take time to learn the basics. This will improve your Instagram reach for posts. Here are a few ideas for how to learn the basics for improving your Instagram posts:

  • YouTube videos: You’ll find free help on YouTube from social media experts who share their expertise. The help allows you to create posts with the best chance to go down well with your community. 
  • Social media agency: You can hire a social media marketing agency to develop a comprehensive IG posting strategy. This improves your reach metric since the posts are designed to increase engagement. However, pay attention to the strategies used by the agency since you can use them in the future. 
  • Training programs: You can invest in an Instagram marketing program that teaches you how to improve your metrics. Shop around to find one that matches your requirements and has a good review score.
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Does Editing A Post On Instagram Affect Reach?

Are you wondering if editing a post on Instagram affects reach? Yes, when you edit posts, the reach metric is reset and will start from zero. Therefore, if you don’t want Instagram Reach to reset, you should avoid making edits to your posts and other content types. 

Instagram Reach Final Thoughts

To summarize, Instagram reach is simply the number of unique people who view your posts, which differs from impressions. Use the tips for improving your reach per post to ensure your IG account profile becomes more relevant in your niche. For instance, consider posting during engaging times to increase the views per post. 

However, there are also many other strategies not discussed here you can figure out for yourself. Adding more strategies to your Instagram account ensures you keep up with trends and compete with the top IG profiles in your niches.

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