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Instagram Story Views: How Do They Work? 


Plixi Team

Mar 04, 2024 9 min read

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Are you interested to learn how Instagram story views work? In this article, we’ll share how story content reaches your audience. This helps you better understand how the medium fits your content publishing strategy. 

Furthermore, we’ll share some interesting ideas for what content you can publish as a story. This section will help if you’re out of ideas to get more story views on your account. Overall, the content type is easy to use and a great way to keep your followers engaged. 

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Instagram Story Views: How Do They Work? 

How Does Instagram Story Views Work?

Instagram story views work by showing video content in your followers’ feeds. Therefore, you cannot show your story content to Instagram users who don’t follow your account. However, as you’ll see later, users can use anonymous viewers to see stories’ content. This is possible even if they aren’t following an account. 

Furthermore, the platform removes Instagram Stories within 24 hours. This means story content is best suited to updates and news. The automatic deletion of content is handy for content you don’t want to stick around. For example, you may provide an account update that will be irrelevant in a few weeks. 

There is one way to keep Instagram Stories from being deleted, and that’s pinning them to your profile page. Note that it’s only possible to do this with one IG story, so you must choose the right one. You can create a story as a welcome message and pin it on your Instagram URL page.

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How Are Instagram Story Views Sorted?

Instagram sorts the first fifty story views chronologically. This means users can view your content in the natural order you uploaded them. For example, you upload stories about an event you’re attending. Your followers can keep track of the proceedings in the right order. 

Instagram deletes stories within 24 hours. This means that the feed constantly gets smaller if you stop posting.

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Top Ideas for Creating Instagram Stories

Are you stuck on creating engaging Instagram story ideas? In this section, I’ll share some top ideas for creating stories that stand out and engage. These tips and strategies are generic, which means content creators in any niche can apply them. 

1. Life Updates

You can share stories on what you are getting up to throughout the day. This especially applies to Instagram accounts where you’re building a personal brand. It’s an excellent way of getting organic views where your audience is genuinely interested. 

However, this type of story content doesn’t apply to brands selling products or services. That’s because users may not be interested in life updates of the person behind the products. 

2. Opinion Pieces

You can upload Instagram Stories content that shares a specific opinion. This opinion can relate to the subject matter of your account, or it can be what’s trending in the news. Your audience may be interested in seeing what you have to say. It depends on the type of opinion that you share and your overall engagement levels. 

Typically, the more controversial opinions receive the most attention. However, you shouldn’t post controversial opinions just to get more views. Audiences may not appreciate the lack of authenticity. 

3. Account Updates

You can provide your users with updates about your account. Here are some ideas for the type of updates you can post as Instagram Stories:

  • Instagram Live: You can share with your audience that you will do a live stream on a specific date and time. This allows your audience to prepare for the live stream to ensure they are logged in. It’s a good strategy to increase the number of live viewers. Also, you can preview the content shared in the live stream.
  • Content direction: Are you considering a change in the content direction of your account? Then, you can share this new direction with your audience via a story. Also, ask your viewers to leave comments for their opinions. This allows you to receive feedback and gain more traction with the Instagram algorithm
  • New ideas: You can share any new ideas that you have for the Instagram account. This can include adding new content types or chafing the posting rate. Likewise, your audience will leave comments, and you can see what they have to say. The feedback helps determine if a change will impact your account positively. 

4. Product Use Cases

Brands marketing on Instagram can showcase their products in real-life scenarios. This allows potential buyers to imagine better the benefits the products have in store. There are countless examples you can post. Typically, the more creative ideas on Instagram get the most traction. 

Creating a casual and fun tone is important when posting this content type. That’s because Instagram users aren’t interested in formal promotional content. In fact, with the right approach, your content can go viral and lead to huge sales. 

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What Is Instagram Story Viewer Order?

As mentioned previously, the Instagram story viewer order is sorted chronologically for the first fifty stories. However, after that, there is a basic sorting algorithm to understand. The posts with the most views are pushed to the front of the queue, while the others get pushed to the back. 

You can check the story order out for yourself within the account. Also, there’s no way to change the story order if you want to push a particular piece of content. However, this isn’t a big deal since Instagram deletes stories within 24 hours. 

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story?

Yes, you can see the accounts that view your IG story content. You must locate the story you are interested in within the account. Then, swipe up to reveal the people who have watched your content. 

This lets you determine who views your content in your social circle. Perhaps someone from your past is keeping an eye on you, too. Alternatively, you can see if your competitors are monitoring your account. This helps you better understand the competition that you’re up against

Advantages of Getting More Instagram Views

Let’s focus on the benefits of increasing your Instagram story view count. It can dramatically impact your account, depending on your goals. In any case, the effort is usually worth it since more views lead to more followers

1. Sell More Products

You can use Instagram Stories to market products. Instagram business accounts can add product links to their story’s content. This allows you to sell directly; a higher view count means more sales overall. 

However, the story’s content shouldn’t be too promotional. They must provide value, and there are several ways to achieve this. It could be to share interesting stories or educational content on using your products. 

2. Retain Followers

Only your followers will see IG stories. So, they aren’t the best way to grow your follower count. However, a constant stream of stories content can help retain your followers. They receive exclusive content that keeps them engaged with the account. 

Also, you can ask your audience about what type of story content they enjoy the most. This allows you to plot a content production strategy moving forward. Also, your audience may appreciate you asking for their opinion. 

3. Reach a Bigger Audience

You may enjoy sharing your thoughts and influencing a wider audience. Watching the viewer count number increase as the account grows can be fun. It can be addictive to always break your personal best for the number of views you receive. 

Also, racing a wider audience allows you to influence opinions. This is great when trying to sell products with features different from the competition’s. You can showcase why your features are superior to the rest of the market. 

4. Share Life Updates

Instagram stories are an excellent way of sharing life updates with your social circle. This means there’s no need to manually update everyone individually. Also, you can get responses and comments from friends and family about your life updates. 

Keep Instagram Story Views Anonymous

Did you know that you can use Instagram story views anonymously? These software or third-party apps allow viewing content without an Instagram account. This will enable you to be anonymous; the content creator can’t detect that you’ve watched. 

Here are some potential reasons that you may want to use anonymous IG story viewers:

  • Competitor research: You may want to spy on your competitors without them knowing. This allows you to monitor the Instagram story strategies of other creators without getting caught. 
  • Social circle: You may want to view the content of someone in your social circle without them knowing. Using an anonymous story viewer is one method for achieving this goal. 
  • Privacy: Perhaps you value your online privacy above all else and don’t want to leave a footprint. Then, the anonymous Instagram viewers are the right piece of software for achieving this goal. 
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The Power of Instagram Story Views

Instagram stories are photos or videos displayed for a maximum of 90 seconds. Also, Instagram automatically deletes within 24 hours of posting. However, you can view the content and viewership metrics in your account. 

Increasing Instagram story views is a no-brainer because of the several advantages. It is a powerful marketing tool to increase follower retention. Give the content type a try for yourself to figure out its effectiveness first-hand. 

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