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Instagram Post Ideas To Capture Your Audience And Gain More Followers


Plixi Team

Oct 03, 2023 11 min read

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Coming up with Instagram post ideas can be difficult. This article will provide good strategies for getting additional ideas by leaving no stone unturned. This ensures that you can systematically generate content ideas for any Instagram niche. 

The types of strategies we’ll share in this article include using quotes, spying on the competition, asking your audience, and more. Also, you’ll find ideas for Instagram posts with businesses in mind. Hence, you’ll learn the best strategies if you’re trying to grow a brand on Instagram. 

Also, read the article’s end to learn how we can help grow your Instagram account. With our strategies, you can supercharge your Instagram growth and enjoy endless new followers.

Instagram Post Ideas To Capture Your Audience And Gain More Followers

What to Post on Instagram When You Run Out of Ideas?

Are you wondering what to post on Instagram when you run out of ideas? In this section, we’ll cover the strategies you can use to develop additional ideas. These tips are broad, so Instagram content creators in any niche can use them.

Choose From An Endless Number of Quotes

Inspirational quotes are popular on social media because they get to the point and can be thought-provoking. Furthermore, there are a lot of quotes out there, so you’ll never be short of content.

Also, you can add quotes alongside images to emphasize the feeling or idea. This works well on Instagram since users come to the platform for images. With the right quotes, you can grow your Instagram follower count with inspiration. 

Try to find quotes that are not used too often on social media. This requires extra research, but bringing new ideas will make your content stand out. Finally, don’t forget to provide the quote source.

Research Competitor Content

Your competition on Instagram can be a treasure trove of ideas you can harvest. Take some time to look through the post history of your top competitors and notice popular content types. This will help you get an idea of what audiences on Instagram expect. 

Also, make sure to put a unique spin on any content ideas you want to emulate. Don’t copy content since that’s in bad taste. Instead, use competitor content to spark new ideas of your own. After all, the new and trending content has a higher chance of going viral on Instagram.

Learn how to edit Instagram post entries to implement competitor research once you’ve found good ideas.

Post Trending Topics

You can always have a new source of potential content by paying attention to the trending topics. Also, trending topics can deliver a large source of referral traffic in the short term. Here are a few of the top sources to find trending topics:

  • Google Trends: One of the best places to quickly find topic trends is Google Trends. The user interface and ease of use make it one of the top choices. Also, you can type in long-tail keywords to narrow down the niche. 
  • Google Keyword Planner: You can look at the search traffic for different keywords on Google to see what’s popular. You can determine the most popular questions by typing in a seed keyword. This can alert you to new trends and ideas you’ve yet to explore in your content. 
  • Quora: You can see popular questions that people ask on Quora. It’s a platform that can give you many post ideas by paying attention to the questions with the most responses. 
  • News blog posts: You can look at different blog post entries on news websites to discover trends. Even a single post can provide content for multiple entries. It depends on the quality of the blog you choose to follow. 
  • Upcoming product launches: Look at the upcoming product launches in your niche. You can create news-type content that adds to the hype.
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Ask Your Audience

You can engage with your audience by asking what type of content they would like to see more of in the future. For example, you can engage your IG audience by polling through story content. Polls allow users to have an opinion on your IG account direction. This appeals to followers and builds community. 

Typically, you’ll have 3-to-5 content ideas you’ve narrowed down through research. You can add these to a pool to help determine the next best steps. Do you think every content idea you add to the poll is great? You can post them all eventually, so simply use the poll to decide what comes next.

New Content Type

Have you run out of Instagram content ideas and feel stuck? Then, you can try out a new type of content you’ve never done before. Posting the same content through a different format is usually enough to mix things up. Here are some Instagram content types you can explore to add more variety.

  • Instagram Live: If you’ve never done Instagram Live, it’s a great way to provide more engaging content. The feature allows you to host a live stream where viewers can see what you’re up to. Also, they can leave comments in the chat that you can instantly respond to for a high engagement rate. 
  • Instagram Stories: The Instagram Stories content type is a good choice for users who wish to provide regular updates. This content type deletes automatically after 24 hours, so it’s ideal for content that quickly is out of date. 
  • Instagram Reels: This is 15-second video content that is popular on social media websites. You need to focus on getting your message across quickly on Instagram Reels to keep users engaged.
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Instagram Post Ideas for Business

Now, let’s turn our attention to business post ideas you can implement for commercial success. Brands can gain a lot of sales, loyal customers, and word-of-mouth marketing with the right content ideas. 

The Instagram post ideas for business in this section are easy to implement and applicable for niches of all types. Combine the ideas in this section for a comprehensive social media brand marketing strategy.

User-Generated Content

Using user-generated content to promote your Instagram product pages is a good idea. Other users can add product tags to their posts to drive traffic and increase sales. You can provide an incentive to add your product tags, such as a commission-based program. Also, you can ask popular content creators with a high engagement rate to post for a fee. 

Overall, user-generated content is cost-effective because you can harness other user audiences. This is one of the key strengths of social media marketing. With a small budget, you can receive an avalanche of potential buyers from popular Instagram influencers.

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Product Launch Giveaways

Product launch giveaways are among the best ways to increase hype and grow your Instagram follower count. In fact, you can create a loyal following in the Instagram community by focusing on giveaways. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

Here are some things you should consider with Instagram product launch giveaways:

  • Quantity: Think about the number of products you want to giveaway. More products increase the buzz and hype surrounding that giveaway. That’s because your audience will feel like there’s a higher chance of winning. 
  • Product version: Are you launching a bunch of products at the same time? Then, you should consider the specific version to add to the giveaway. Ideally, it should be one of the cheaper units, so the cost of the giveaway is manageable. However, also consider if the product is genuinely interesting. 
  • Timeframe: Make sure there is a lot of marketing and time to enter the giveaway. This ensures that nobody from your community will be left out. Also, it gives you more time to generate new followers.

Seasonal Product Content Ideas

Do you sell seasonal products such as Christmas decorations or Halloween outfits? Then, creating seasonal posts at the right time of the year can boost Instagram post metrics. However, you must create seasonal content with enough lead time up to the event.

For example, if you want to promote Halloween products, start creating posts one month in advance. This gives users enough time to come across your content and buy products.

Carousel Posts

Carousel posts on Instagram are a content type that users can swipe side to side to reveal more photos or videos. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses that want to show off a library of products. This is especially true for businesses that have many versions of a product.

Make sure that you have product tags on each photo or video of the carousel post. The product tag should allow users to navigate to the right page to buy what they find. This leads to a good user experience, making using the carousel post productive. 

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Instagram Story Post Ideas

Are you having trouble figuring out what type of Instagram Story post ideas to implement? Finding the right Instagram ideas can be tricky if it’s a feature you’ve never used before. However, to utilize Instagram to its full potential, using every type of content helps boost IG followers.

Here are the top Instagram Stories post ideas to consider:

  • Announcement: You can provide various announcements for up to 24 hours. For example, 24 hours before a live stream, you can create a post reminding users to check it out. Therefore, you can increase the number of people who view Instagram Live as it’s happening. 
  • Product updates: Using Instagram Stories is excellent for sending out product updates. For example, if you release a new feature for your software, an IG Story is a fast and efficient way to do it. 
  • Account milestones: When your Instagram account reaches milestones such as 100,000 or 1 million followers, celebrate with a story post. This reminds your community of your success and keeps them engaged with your audience. 
  • Industry news: Your Instagram account can be a source of news for your audience. This gives them another reason to become a follower of your IG account. Research the most interesting news of the day and create story content to share with active Instagram followers
  • Product use cases: You can show off different product use cases with each Instagram Stories post. This allows customers to understand better how to use your products and may increase the chances of a purchase.
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Instagram Post Template Overview

Did you know that you can use Instagram post template ideas? These can help you create a systematic way of creating content for your account. In this section, We’ll discover the different aspects of post templates to help you understand their value and how to use them.

Advantages of Using Instagram Post Templates

Now, let’s consider some of the best practices for using templates on Instagram. This will help you get the most out of them and take your post ideas to the next level. 

  • Target audience: Make sure you use templates targeting the right Instagram target audience. Consider the images and post layout when considering the audience. Also, you need to consider your content’s nature to ensure the right template is used. 
  • Multiple templates: Don’t stick with just a handful of templates since that will feel repetitive for your audience. Instead, try to source and rotate as many templates as possible. With so many options out there, this shouldn’t be too hard. 
  • Avoid popular ones: Have you spotted templates that your competitors frequently use? Then you should avoid them since you’ll look like a copycat content creator. Ideally, your Instagram audience has never seen the templates you chose before. 
  • Free and paid: While many great free templates exist, using paid ones might be better. For example, you can get a freelancer to create a bunch of customer templates. You can request specific features that align with the goals of your account. 
  • Testing: Make sure that you’re always testing what works and doesn’t by viewing analytics data. You can increase Instagram impressions by using templates that consistently perform better.
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Instagram Post Ideas Can Grow Your Account

To conclude, there are many different post ideas that you can use to grow your account to new heights. The tips and strategies in this article should give you ideas to get started in any niche.

Also, always be on the lookout for new and unexplored ways to generate Instagram post ideas. This increases the chances of coming up with something original and unique. Don’t forget about the trends, either, since they can be a source of reliable traffic.

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