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How To Edit Instagram Post To Upgrade Your Content

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 10 min read

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In this article, we’ll share how to edit Instagram post entries so that you can improve the quality of your account. You may want to edit posts to add new ideas or simply fix mistakes that you overlooked during the editing phase. 

It’s important to understand how to edit your Instagram posts in order to make fixes quickly. In this article, we’ll share the steps and give you advice on how to improve the quality of your content when making fixes. Therefore, you can enjoy more followers, likes, and account growth.

How To Edit Instagram Post To Upgrade Your Content

Can I Edit an Instagram Post?

Yes, you can edit Instagram posts by using the steps outlined in the section above. You can edit any post with any account type. Also, you can immediately edit after you have approved them to go live.

There’s no limitation on the number of times you can edit a post. Hence, if you’re wondering how many times I can edit an Instagram post, there’s no limit.

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How To Edit Instagram Post: Step-By-Step

Now, let’s look at how to edit a post on Instagram using our guide. Once you get the hang of it, completing the edits will take just a few minutes of your time.

  1. Open up Instagram on your device. 
  2. Tab your Instagram profile picture, which is at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 
  3. Press on the post that you want to edit. 
  4. Press the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner of the post. 
  5. You’ll need to select edit from the drop-down menu.
  6. After making the edits, you’ll need to click the done button.
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Top 3 Reasons To Edit Your Instagram Posts

There are many reasons why taking the time to edit your Instagram posts is an excellent idea. In this section, we’ll cover the top scenarios when editing a post makes sense. This can lead to Instagram account growth.

1. Instagram Insights Reveals Poorly Performing Posts

It’s a good idea to check your Instagram Insights dashboard to look at your post performance. You should keep an eye out for posts that have a much lower performance than the average. Then try to figure out what’s wrong with them. 

Perhaps they are using the wrong hashtags, or the post titles are too bland. Once you spot the problem, you can attempt to improve the posts by using the edit function. Even small edits may lead to a big increase in performance. Keep this in mind when wondering how to edit an instagram post.

Additionally, you can come back to the post-edit features after developing new strategies and acquiring more knowledge. Keep in mind that the social media marketing landscape is constantly changing, and you should always look to upgrade your strategies.

Finally, the Instagram Insights dashboard is only available when you sign up for an IG business account. Hence, you’ll need to take the plunge and upgrade if you are serious about growing your Instagram account.

2. You Notice Mistakes on Your Instagram Posts

Have you noticed that there is a typo or other mistake on your Instagram post? Then, don’t hesitate to use the post-edit function to overcome those mistakes. This can include making sure there is natural lighting or the original image quality is retained. Also, it’s a good idea to have other team members scan your posts and look for mistakes. A fresh pair of eyes provides a different perspective that might be better placed to catch those errors. 

Also, after you use the post-edit features, the mistakes will be fixed immediately. You can verify this by looking at the live version of the post and checking if the mistake has been removed.

3. You Discover New Instagram Posts Strategies

After figuring out a few new post strategies, you can go back and make edits to existing posts. This ensures that your future content improves, and you can take your old contact to the next level. This is great if you want to get the most out of your newly learned skills.

However, if you have a massive library of content, hire freelancers to look at your content and make improvements. There are many social media experts looking for work, and you can add them to your project.

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How To Edit Photos on Instagram After Posting

Are you wondering how to edit photos on Instagram after posting? You can edit your Instagram photos by tapping your profile picture and clicking on the post. Then, you can edit your photo using the options, which include adjusting the size or uploading a new photo. 

You can edit the photos on any post and for any account as many times as you need. Therefore, use the function when you believe a mistake has been made when posting the photo in the first place.

Are you struggling with how to improve your posts? Then, continue reading for insight into the top strategies for editing photos with a positive outcome. These are important to consider when learning how to edit instagram posts.

Improve Low Resolutions Photos

Have you accidentally uploaded the low-resolution version of a photo? Then, don’t delay editing the photos by swapping them out for a high-resolution version. A low-resolution photo reflects badly on your Instagram account. 

Make sure to view your photos with different devices to see what resolution appears. This allows you to get a better idea of how your photos look across different user experiences.

Match Your Content Idea

Some posts might be performing poorly within Instagram analytics simply because the photo isn’t the best match for the content. Therefore, you should consider changing the photo to improve the engagement metrics with the post. You can check the viewer data before and after the change to see if you made the right choice. 

Also, you can improve the quality of your posts by changing the images occasionally to freshen up the look. This can give old posts a new lease of life. However, making any changes to viral posts is risky since you may reduce their effectiveness. 

Use Different Filters

You can improve your photos with different filters. Perhaps after uploading your Instagram post for the first time, you’ve found a filter that you feel can improve your content. You should take the time to edit the photos to add these filters.

There is a vast library of filters you can add on Instagram, which allows you to transform how any photo appears. Also, it’s a good idea to be transparent with your audiences by sharing what filters you’re using.

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How to Post on Instagram: 5 Top Tips to Increase Your Audience

Now, let’s consider the top tips you need to keep in mind when you’re posting on Instagram. Use these strategies to increase your chances of creating viral posts and growing your follower count.

1. Buy Instagram Likes

To kick start your like count on posts, you should consider buying them from a vendor. However, when buying Instagram likes, you need to be aware of the amount you buy to ensure it doesn’t look suspicious. That’s because buying likes is against the rules on Instagram and could lead to your account being suspended. 

Furthermore, when choosing a vendor, you need to consider the price. Shop around to receive a deal that allows you to make the most of your social media marketing budget.

2. Competitors Research

When considering how to post on Instagram with the best results, look at what competitors have done. Therefore, you can get a shortcut to what works. 

However, instead of simply copying what others have done, you should consider putting a unique spin. That’s because your audience will notice that you copy content, and you may find the unfollower count increasing.

3. Monitor Instagram Insights

For every piece of content you post, including regular Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels, consider reviewing the analytics dashboard. You’ll begin to notice the top traits of the more successful posts that you can repeat to increase overall success. 

Are you not happy with the analytics dashboard provided by Instagram? Then, you can invest in other software solutions for a fee. There are many integrations that will help you analyze each post in more detail. 

4. Pay Attention to Trends

It’s a great idea to consider the various trends in your niche. This ensures that you create posts relevant to what your audience is interested in this month and week. On social media, the trends come and go very quickly. Hence, you need to execute any trends you find quickly to ensure that you are not late. 

You should consider different strategies for uncovering trends to increase your chances of finding them quickly. It’s more time-consuming but will pay off since you can generate higher-quality content.

5. Social Media Marketing Agency

You can outsource the work of creating posts and editing them to a social media marketing agency. They have the expertise to craft posts that meet your goals. This can include generating sales to your website via referral traffic or building your brand. 

Furthermore, you should look at multiple social media marketing agencies to find one with a competitive price. This ensures that you can make the most of your marketing budget. Also, the more work you order with an agency, the better your price for specific tasks.

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Add Music to Instagram Posts—Best Ideas to Attract Your Audience

When you add music to Instagram posts,  think about the best ideas so that you can have the biggest impact. Do you usually avoid adding Instagram music to posts because you don’t know what works? Then, read this section to the end and uncover the best music posting ideas.

Research The Instagram Music Library

Instagram provides a music library that you can use to add music, and the choice is vast. There are many categories and many remix options so that you can get the music that best matches your content. 

Also, Instagram makes it easy to integrate music into posts during the upload process. Hence, it will only cost you a few seconds of your time to complete the process. Consider this when you need to edit post on Instagram.

Ask Your Audience

You can always ask your audience what kind of music they enjoy. You can use this information to sway your choice. Perhaps your audience can give you ideas for new types of music that you wouldn’t come across otherwise. 

You can ask your audience via email, within posts as comments, or as a post. However, asking within comments of existing posts is a good idea to increase engagement.

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Final Thoughts on Editing Instagram Posts

To conclude, editing your current posts to improve the content is fast and easy. It’s available to all Instagram users, and the modifications will be evident right away. Also, when editing your posts, you can include improvements for different aspects. You can add higher-resolution images and music to make the content more engaging. 

Take the time to understand how to edit Instagram post entries so that you can begin making improvements to your account. Also, you can complete the edits whether you’re working on a personal computer or mobile device.

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