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Instagram Insights: Your Blueprint for Social Media Triumph


Plixi Team

Sep 11, 2023 10 min read

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It’s important to understand how your IG content is performing, and Instagram Insights is the tool for the job. In this article, we’ll share the top tips for using analytics software so you can figure out your top-performing content types.

Furthermore, you can extract a lot of data from the software. Understanding how to use that data to grow your account is vital. Also, read to the end for our offer on how to grow your Instagram Insights metrics.

Instagram Insights: Your Blueprint for Social Media Triumph

Instagram Insights Explained

Now let’s turn our attention to the Instagram Insights explanation to help you figure out what the feature is all about. In a nutshell, Instagram Insights is a tool used to monitor metrics for the content you post on your account. Here are the different content types for which you can receive metrics:

  • Instagram posts: You can view metrics for regular IG posts such as pictures and videos. Viewing the metrics for each one reveals the most popular posts, so you can create more of the same to grow your account to new heights. 
  • Instagram Reels: Viewing metrics for Instagram Reels helps understand if any have gone viral. These short-form videos are wildly popular, with a time limit of 15 seconds. Therefore, each second counts with this content type, and you can look at other creators to get a few ideas for your content plan. 
  • Instagram Live: Creating Instagram Live content is a fun and engaging way to interact with your audience. Using Instagram Insights, you can monitor the number of people who watch your stream and how many comments were left. Hence, you can figure out your top-performing IG live streams and do more of the same to grow your account. 
  • Instagram Stories: Do you want to monitor your Instagram Stories performance? Then you can do that on the IG audience analysis software provided by the platform for free. IG stories stay live for 24 hours and afterward are automatically deleted. Although, you can pin an Instagram story on your Instagram account.
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What You Can See Using Instagram Insights Metrics

In the next section, we’ll look at the different Instagram metrics you can find on the Instagram analytics platform. Therefore, you can better understand the scope of Instagram Insights and if it meets your needs.

Here’s a list of metrics you can monitor and why you may want to monitor them.

View Your Instagram Reach

Instagram Reach is a metric that reveals the number of unique people who viewed your content. Therefore, you can figure out the audience reach and if it was successful in going viral among a large number of IG users. You can use filters on Instagram Insights to modify how the data is presented to you on the analytics software.

View Impressions

You can view Instagram impressions using Insights to discover the number of times your content was viewed. Note that a single user can generate multiple impressions, which is the biggest difference with the reach metric. 

Engagement Rates

Another important metric is the engagement rate, which indicates your content’s number of likes and comments. An engaged audience leads to high-quality followers who stay loyal to your brand. It also increases word-of-mouth marketing since the users will share your brand with their social circles.

Hashtag Analytics

Hashtag analytics allows you to see which ones have the biggest impact in driving users to your content. You can figure out the most popular hashtags to focus on the ones people search for on the social media platform.

Searching for hashtags is one of the more popular methods users use to find content of interest. So, using them on your posts is a no-brainer. Are you not sure what Instagram hashtags you should get started with? Then, you should look at the top-performing posts of your competitors. You may notice a few commonly used hashtags, which you can add to your posts.

However, make sure to add only a few hashtags to each post. That looks like spam and detracts from your content’s visual aesthetics. Do you want to target a large number of hashtags in your content? Then, increase the number of posts you release and spread the hashtags evenly.

Other Noteworthy Metrics To Follow in IG Insights

This section covers even more Instagram Insights metrics you should consider monitoring. These metrics will help you gain insight into the account viewership and what content is performing the best.

  • Shares: Your content can catch on like wildfire if many users decide to share it with their audiences. Therefore, paying attention to the number of shares is a good idea to identify content users want to share with their social circles. 
  • Drop-off Rate: This refers to the number of users who stop watching your videos before the end. Therefore, videos with a high drop-off rate may need work to ensure users stick around until the end. 
  • Post Comment Rate: This metric reveals the percentage of users who leave a comment. A higher percentage is better since it indicates more engagement with your content. However, expect only some people to comment since many IG users consume content passively. 
  • Views vs. Tiktok: You can look at the number of views for your content compared to the same video on TikTok. This is a great metric for comparing the two platforms if you’re active on both platforms. 
  • Follower Growth Rate: This metric refers to the speed at which your follower count increases. This is the most critical metric since it reveals the popularity of your account from an insights overview.
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How To See Instagram Insights?

Finding the Instagram analytics software is straightforward. You must simply navigate to your profile and click the Insights action button. Alternatively, you can click insights in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.

Next, you can click the metrics option under the overview section to look at the different options in more detail. This allows you to view a breakdown of the metrics for each type of content and post. Also, you can use date filters to receive data for a specified period. 

Overall, Instagram Insights does an excellent job of presenting a lot of information ins an easy-to-understand manner. Hence, beginners can look at comparative analytics software for actionable insights.

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Best Practices Using Instagram Insights

How do you get the most out of Instagram Insights? In this section, we’ll reveal the best practices so you will get the most out of the feature. This is especially useful for new IG users who need to quickly understand the software to grow their accounts for commercial purposes.

Instagram Insights Not Working?

Is your Instagram Insights not working? Then, you’ll need to take different steps to resolve the problem. You may need to authenticate your IG account again. This is possible by going to the IG app and heading over to the “Settings & Privacy” section. Here, you can log out and then log back in again.

If that doesn’t work, you can contact Instagram customer support for additional help. They understand the different things that can go wrong with the analytics software and are ready to provide help to overcome those problems.

Understand the Analytics Software

You need to understand the available features to get the most out of Instagram analytics software. Therefore, after loading up the software for the first time, look at the different options in detail. Play around with the filters and understand what IG analytics information is available for each content type. 

Furthermore, Instagram has a lot of information about using the IG Insights software in its help section. You should read the relevant help pages to learn the insights tool’s basics.

Finally, you’ll find help on YouTube through informative videos. There, you can see step-by-step guides for viewing different metrics and using them to make the right strategic choices.

Check the Metrics at the Right Intervals

Don’t fall into the trap of looking at your Instagram Insights data too often. It’s counterproductive and will become an addictive habit that doesn’t do much for the growth of your account. Ideally, you must look at your data periodically, bi-weekly, or monthly. Simply log in to check what content is performing well, which didn’t lead to any momentum.

Instagram Insights on Desktop

Do you want to view Instagram Insights on your desktop? It’s a good idea to look at the data on your desktop compared to a mobile device. That’s because, on the desktop, you can view the data more efficiently on a bigger screen. Also, you can compare data on an angle screen or additional monitor.

In comparison, viewing large amounts of data and graphs on a mobile device is limiting. You may fail to notice significant trends or take too long to navigate the user interface.

Overall, using Instagram Insights on a mobile device is suitable for checking data on the move. However, when you’re ready for deeper analysis, take the time to sit in front of a desktop to get more out of the tool.

Hire a Freelancer

Don’t have the time or patience to understand how to use Instagram Insights? Then you can outsource the job to a professional specializing in Instagram analytics. They can take a look at your data and provide recommendations on how to grow your channel.

However, such a service might be part of a wider social media marketing service. This is also a good option if you want a solution to growing your Instagram channels without figuring out how to do things for yourself.

It’s a good investment for those with a business that prefers to take on other tasks to grow their company while getting the most out of Instagram.

Business Profiles Only

You can only use Instagram Insights with business profiles or a creator account. Therefore, you’ll need to sign up for these accounts and get approved before you gain access to the software. However, if you’re serious about using IG commercially, these steps are vital to set your account apart from the regular ones.

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Grow Your Metrics to New Heights Using Plixi!

To conclude, the Instagram Insights console allows you to determine the health of your Instagram account. Therefore, you can understand what percentage of followers are regularly viewing your content.

Using the data, you can develop a content strategy to improve the quality of your future content. Keep doing this with every batch of new content, and you’ll figure out what your audience really wants to see.

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