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Instagram Block List: Crafting Your Ultimate Social Space


Plixi Team

Nov 20, 2023 10 min read

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Blocking people who are a nuisance is a normal part of using Instagram, and it’s up to you how to use the feature. Do you want to know how to find and use the Instagram block list? We’ll teach you how to unblock other users and view your blocked account list. 

However, you shouldn’t block every person you come across. There are other ways to settle disputes. After all, social media is about communicating and interacting with other people. Even those that you might not get along with. 

If you’re serious about your social presence, consider Plixi for growing your Instagram account. We specialize in taking Insta accounts to the next level at competitive prices. But first, let’s dive into best practices surrounding blocking on Instagram.

Instagram Block List: Crafting Your Ultimate Social Space

What Is the Instagram Block List?

The block list on Instagram shows every account that you have previously blocked. It will be empty if you’ve never blocked another account, or it could be a massive list. In this section, we’ll share how to find the block list on Instagram.

How To Find Block List on Instagram?

Are you wondering how to find a block list on Instagram? You can do this from your account, and it takes just a few moments to unblock other accounts. Here’s the step-by-step process to find your blocked list and unblock someone:

  1. Click on your profile icon.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines icon. 
  3. Choose “Settings and privacy.”
  4. Below the “Who can see your content” section, select “Blocked.”
  5. Here, you can find specific accounts and tap the Unblock option.

How To Know if Someone Blocked You

Are you wondering how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram? There are multiple ways that you can find out. Choose the one that you find the easiest and saves you time.

  • Search the account: Look for the account that you feel might have blocked you. If you cannot find the account, then you might have been blocked. You can ask one of your friends to look for the same account. If they can find the account, then this confirms that your account is blocked. 
  • Check comments: You can check your post comments and look for an entry made by the account you feel has blocked you. Click on their username, and if you have been blocked, expect to see a page with “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”
  • Check the direct messages: Look at the direct messages you’ve had with the person who might have blocked you. Instagram doesn’t delete messages without your input, so this is a reliable method. Click on the username from the messages section to see if you can still view their profile. If you cannot access their account page, then you might have been blocked.

Note that with these messages, it might seem like you are blocked, but there’s another reason. The account you’re trying to research may have been deleted, so it looks like you have been blocked. To verify, you’ll need to ask another Instagram user to see if they can still see the account in question.

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How To Check Block List on Instagram: Best Practices

Do you want to follow the best practices for how to check the block list on Instagram? In this section, we’ll share the top strategies to follow for improving your block game on Instagram. As with all social media platforms, Instagram offers robust block features you need to use correctly.

Connected Experiences

You can receive a list of accounts you should consider blocking if you have enabled connected experiences. You can take this action via the Accounts Center. This is a list that’s based on people that you’ve blocked from a linked Facebook account. 

Therefore, you can save time by blocking the same account using this feature instead of finding them manually. It’s a handy feature since people who want to block users on Facebook will also want to block them on Instagram.

Use the Search Bar

Do you have a large list of Instagram accounts on your Instagram block list? Then, you should take advantage of the search function to locate the account. This will save you time since there’s no need to scan the list manually.

Consider Unblocking Accounts

You may want to revisit an account and decide to unblock it periodically. For example, if you feel you were too harsh after cooling down, you can reverse the decision. Unblocking an account allows you to revisit relationships and potential from new partnerships.

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What To Consider When Blocking Other Accounts

Now, let’s turn our attention to the top things that you should think about when blocking other Instagram accounts. Ideally, blocking someone would be an action of last resort. Here are a few pointers on how to decide if it’s worth blocking someone.

Top Reasons To Block Another Instagram User

Now, let’s consider a few reasons why you should block someone on Instagram. This ensures that you can continue to have a productive experience on the social media platform. 

  • Breaks Instagram community guidelines: Is a user breaking Instagram community guidelines? Then, the offense they are committing might be bad enough to warrant a block. In an ideal world, Instagram would take action when users break their guidelines. However, this doesn’t always happen in practice, and IG users know how to get around some rules. 
  • Harassment: Are other users harassing you on Instagram no matter what you do? Then blocking them is the right course of action. This significantly reduces their ability to bother your account. 
  • Controversial content: Did another Instagram account release content that you find offensive? Then, you can block them to avoid seeing any more content from their account. Also, you can report their content if you feel that it breaks the Instagram community guidelines.

Reach Out and Settle the Dispute

Do you have a dispute with another Instagram user? Then, you should reach out through Instagram direct messages and confront them. Ideally, you will settle the dispute, so there’s no need to burn bridges by clicking on the block button. 

However, if you fail to settle your difference, there’s no problem in clicking the block button. After all, it’s your right and can contribute to a more positive overall experience.

Cooling Off Period

Consider giving the problem a cooling-off period instead of banning the person immediately. For example, if they have been harassing your IG account, they may change their tune after a warning. You can wait a few weeks and see if they have changed their ways. 

After the cooling-off period has concluded, you may no longer feel the need to block Instagram users. This is good practice since otherwise, you’ll end up blocking many Instagram accounts.

What Happens When Someone Is Blocked on Instagram?

When someone is blocked on Instagram, there are a number of things that happen. Here’s a summary so you know what the action entails:

  • Likes and comments: Likes and comments are automatically removed from your account once you block a particular user. However, once you unblock them, the likes and comments do not return. They’re gone forever. You must carefully think about blocking IG users if you don’t want to lose their engagement. Also, the people you block can still see your likes and comments on public posts from other IG users. 
  • Mentions and tags: After blocking a user, you won’t have the option to mention or tag them in your posts. Therefore, if you plan on mentioning a specific account, make sure you don’t block them in the future. 
  • Messages: Once you block a user, the message history will remain. However, you will not receive more messages from the blocked user if they attempt to send you a direct message. You will be given a warning message if you are part of a group chat with a blocked user. The message will ask if you want to remain in the group or leave.

How To See Who Blocked You on Instagram

If you’re wondering if there is an easy to see who blocked your account on Instagram, there isn’t. You might have a suspicion that one particular account blocked you. In this case, you can use other Instagram accounts or connect with friends on the platform to see if they can access this person’s account. If they can and you cannot, then they probably blocked you. Currently, Instagram does not provide a way for users to find out who is blocking them. This protects people on Instagram who wish to distance themselves from certain users.

How To Avoid Being Blocked

Are you wondering how to avoid being blocked on IG? You must steer clear of certain actions to stay productive on the platform. This ensures you don’t fall into the pitfalls that detract from your social media experience.

  • Don’t harass the account: Now that you know who blocked you on Instagram, you might be tempted to ask them to reverse the decision. However, you shouldn’t harass the account since they have the right to block you. If you don’t want to be blocked in the future, consider the action that led to the block. 
  • Don’t repeat the mistake: When other Instagram users block your account, it’s an opportunity to learn. Perhaps you’ve been posting content with too much marketing, or your content is breaking Instagram community guidelines
  • Don’t share the information: There’s no need to share that other accounts have blocked you. This is a bad look at your community. Keeping the information to yourself reduces the chances that other Instagram accounts get the same idea.

Alternatives To Blocking People on Instagram

There are multiple things you can do instead of blocking people. The other actions may give you the same result you are looking for yet provide flexibility. Here’s a list of alternatives to consider:

  • Remove them as a follower: Instead of blocking people, you can remove them as an Instagram follower. This means they will not see your Instagram Stories or other content if you have a private account. Also, people aren’t notified when you decide to remove them as a follower. 
  • Block them from commenting: You can block users from commenting on your IG photos and videos. This reduces their impact on your Instagram experience without blocking them. However, the feature isn’t available on computers, so you’ll need to use an Android device or iPhone. 
  • Restrict them: You can add restrictions to specific users so they cannot see if you’re online or if you’ve read their messages. Also, you can avoid seeing notifications from future messages. However, you can view their messages manually.
Instagram Block List: Crafting Your Ultimate Social Space, image №4

Instagram Block List Final Thoughts

To conclude, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the block list on Instagram so you can review it at your pleasure. You can find an account that you want to unblock or simply look at the people you’ve blocked out of curiosity. 

Now that you know how to find the Instagram block list, check it out. You may find that you blocked someone you want to contact. Therefore, you’ll need to unblock them and send a direct message. 

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