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How Do You Buy Instagram Followers?: The Ultimate Guide

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 11 min read

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Do you want to know how do you buy Instagram followers? We’ll reveal all the details so you can quickly get more followers and take your account to the next level. We’ll also share the red flags and green flags to look out for on sites that sell them.

Increasing your follower count is an excellent idea because it will help make your account reputable, attracting even more followers. Plus, you can boost your chances of getting bigger brand sponsorship deals and selling more products. Overall, the investment is worth the hassle if you can find a reliable service provider to buy from. 

Read to the end of the article to gain insight into how you can get more Instagram followers with Plixi. We provide an alternative to buying followers directly and teach you to target specific niches.

How Do You Buy Instagram Followers?: The Ultimate Guide

How Do You Buy Instagram Followers: Step-by-Step

Now, let’s turn our attention to the process of buying Instagram followers. You can use these generic steps on most websites. However, you may find that some websites will have added unique steps. You can also ask the customer support team of a site for the action you need to take. 

Here is the process for how you buy followers on Instagram:

  1. Find a website where you can buy Instagram followers
  2. Order the number of followers you want and provide your account details. 
  3. Complete payment. 
  4. Wait for the new followers to reach your account. 
  5. Monitor the influx of followers and verify they are real.
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How Do You Buy Real Followers on Instagram

Are you interested in learning how you buy real followers on Instagram? You’ll need to find websites or services that sell Instagram followers. However, the tricky part is making sure they are “real.” 

This means the followers you buy come from regular accounts that use Instagram regularly. In comparison, some providers sell fake Instagram followers that come from automated accounts. 

The latter is not worth the money because it adds no value to your Instagram account other than boosting follower count. Here are some suggestions for ensuring you buy real Instagram followers:

  • Read customer reviews: Start by reading customer reviews about what kind of followers a website has sent to other buyers. Look out for comments about bot accounts since this is a red flag. 
  • Ask the service: If you pick a reputable service, then they will be upfront about the nature of the followers you’ll receive. Ask them whether you’ll get real or fake followers, and you may get a direct answer. 
  • Place a test order: Consider placing a test order to figure out the quality of accounts sent your way. Once you get the new followers, you can inspect the account by evaluating the activity. Note if these accounts engage with the platform and use it on a regular basis. 
  • Avoid the cheapest cost: You may want to buy Instagram followers for the lowest amount possible. However, the cheapest services may also be the worst quality. That’s because it’s easier to send bot accounts compared to real ones. 
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Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Followers?

You might be wondering if it is safe to buy Instagram followers. However, it depends on the way that you buy them. Firstly, you must understand that buying IG followers is against Instagram’s terms and conditions. Instagram has an automated system to catch accounts that buy followers. 

If you’re caught, the severity of the punishment varies. The options include a shadowban for a limited amount of time, getting suspended, or they could remove your account. Hence, it can be risky to buy Instagram followers. 

You can reduce the risk by only buying followers from reputable websites. These will send real accounts in your direction that may not arouse suspicion. Also, the rate at which you acquire followers is important. There must be a natural curve to your follower acquisition rate. 

This means you’ll need to avoid buying a lot of followers in a short period. Otherwise, Instagram will get suspicious and begin monitoring your account more closely. 

Therefore, buying followers for social media platforms like Instagram is safe with the right approach. You simply must adopt a strategy of patience and not buy too many followers without doing research. 

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Site To Buy Instagram Followers

Are you trying to pick the best site to buy Instagram followers? Then, you’ll need to consider important factors when making your choice. Think of this list as a checklist you need to tick off to ensure you end up with the best site to buy followers. 

1. Find the Best Price

Compare the prices charged by the various sites for buying followers. Shopping around allows you to get a better deal, which means more followers for paying less. However, it’s a balance of price and quality. That’s because you need to avoid the dirt-cheap services that send bot followers. 

Also, you may find services that provide a free trial or sample followers. This ensures you can test the quality of the followers without spending a single dollar. Also, you may get a discount for placing bulk orders. This is ideal if you have a popular account and need a large volume of new followers to make a difference. 

2. Choose a Reliable Site

Analyze the reputation of a website selling Instagram followers. This allows you to spot any red flags that will give you cause for concern. You can research the reputation on social media platforms and review portals like TrustPilot. 

Pay attention to specific customer comments and the overall rating. Read enough comments, and you may notice an overall theme that gives you an idea of what to expect. However, it’s easy to get fake reviews nowadays, so don’t put too much weight into them. Use them as part of an overall picture to determine what website to use. 

3. Choose Excellent Customer Support

When using any website to buy goods or services, you’ll want excellent customer support. This ensures you can get questions answered and receive help when you’re stuck. Ideally, you’ll have access to multiple methods for contacting customer support. This would include live chat, phone, and email. 

Also, the response time must be fast and provide availability around the clock. Longer business operating hours help you get the answers you need without waiting too long. This is especially important if you believe there’s a mistake with your order. For example, when you receive too many followers too fast, it can be disastrous since Instagram may catch you. 

4. Quick Turnaround Time

Do you need the new Instagram followers fast? Then, look for websites that can fulfill orders quickly. This ensures you don’t have to wait days, weeks, or months to grow your Instagram account. Ask about the turnaround time before placing the order, and you may find details on the homepage. 

5. Prioritize Confidentiality

The service you buy from must be discreet about the transaction. After all, the rules state that you aren’t supposed to buy Instagram followers. Therefore, the last thing you want is a testimonial on their website front page. 

Also, the website must be secure so you can trust them with your data. This includes your Instagram account and credit card details. 

6. Quality Over Quantity

Make sure to look for a website swelling follower that delivers quality results. This means the followers you receive should be real people who use Instagram regularly. What you must avoid is fake or bot followers. These followers have the only task of clicking the follow button. 

Too many followers from such accounts can trigger suspicions on Instagram. Therefore, you may end up with an Instagram Shadowban, which can stunt your ability to grow the account. This is because shadowbanned accounts cannot share posts with non-followers.

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Advantages of Getting More Instagram Followers

You may want to understand better the advantages of getting more Instagram followers before investing your money. Therefore, in this section, we’ll reveal the top three reasons why getting more followers is important. 

1. Brand Sponsorship Deals

When brands look for Instagram accounts to sponsor, they pay attention to the follower count, among other things. Some brands pay more for accounts with a bigger follower count. Therefore, you can get better deals from sponsors after increasing the number of followers. 

Also, you’ll have access to bigger brands that would otherwise not want to deal with you. It means you’ll have a better chance to make a career out of being an Instagram influencer if that’s your route. 

2. Boost Sales

Increasing your follower count can also help you sell more products. That’s because you can push a larger number of Instagram users to a sale page. Here are some of the top strategies for turning followers into sales: 

  • Instagram product pages: Did you know that you can create product pages on the Instagram website? This is only possible once you sign up for an Instagram business account. You may get higher conversion rates when selling on Instagram. That’s because some users may not trust a brand’s website they have never come across. 
  • Referral traffic: You can use Instagram to increase the referral traffic to your website. You can use websites like Shopify to create e-commerce stores to get more sales. Instagram has a large number of active daily users, so the potential is massive. 
  • Content strategy: Create a content strategy that gives you the best chance to sell products. This means pre-selling the customer with the right content. This could be content that shows live use cases for your products or highlights benefits.

3. Industry Authority and Reputation

As a rule of thumb, more followers equals a higher level of authority within your niche or industry. That’s because users pay attention to the size of a following when considering the opinions of an influencer. Therefore, you can have more sway when reaching a certain follower milestone. 

This is especially important when doing affiliate marketing on Instagram. The name of the game is to recommend products to your audience. Therefore, by increasing the follower count, you may find the conversion rate increases. 

Alternatives to Buying Instagram Followers

Are you looking for other paid ways to increase the size of your Instagram following? Then, consider services like Plixi that focus on organic growth methods. Here are some of the advantages of using an Instagram growth service like Plixi:

  • Real followers: You’re going to receive real followers with services like Plixi. This means they will interact with your content by leaving likes, shares, and comments. These metrics positively influence the Instagram algorithm. Also, real followers will buy your products, whereas fake ones will not. 
  • Targeted followers: you can count on services like Plixi to send targeted followers who are genuinely interested in your account. This increases the chances of buying your products and word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, the return on investment (ROI) for spending money on Instagram growth services is likely to be positive. 
  • Easy to use: There is nothing to learn when taking advantage of a growth service. You simply order the service and let them do all the legwork. The hands-off approach allows you to get on with other aspects of growing your Instagram account. 
  • Fast: The speed at which you can gain new followers is impressive and ideal for those seeking fast growth. Therefore, you can scale to new heights and meet your account objectives faster.
  • Less risky than buying: The organic growth nature of services like Plixi means it’s not against Instagram ToS. That’s because you’re not directly buying Instagram followers.
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Is It Worth Buying New Instagram Followers?

Acquiring new Instagram followers is an excellent idea. Buying them isn’t the best choice since Instagram can catch you. Also, you can use Instagram growth services like Plixi. However, it’s a reasonable strategy if you understand the risks and know what you’re doing. 

Now that you understand how do you buy Instagram followers, give it a try for yourself. Start with a small purchase and take things from there. Also, don’t forget about the other follower generation methods. Nothing beats quality content that your users will want to come back to for more.

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