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Which Social Media Platform Pays the Most for Your Content


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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Social media platforms look so much like each other these days. Content creators seem to post the same content on all their platforms. Exclusive content doesn’t seem that exclusive anymore. You’re wondering where you should put your engaging content. Sure, you can use all the platforms, but you want to focus the majority of your energy in one place. That’s fair. You also want to know which social media platform pays the most.

It’s fun to have viral content, but will it affect your bottom line? It’s reasonable to want to know the best platform for content creators. YouTube Shorts seem to work well for some people but fail for others. Where will you find the strong community that you need? You don’t want to put all your eggs in one social media app basket. This article has a wealth of information on this topic. Take a read!

Which Social Media Platform Pays the Most for Your Content

Who Pays More? YouTube, TikTok or Instagram? The People Want To Know

We have seen so many social media platforms in our lifetime. They don’t seem to be going anywhere. It seems like it would be a good idea to get in on the action, doesn’t it? But where do we put our efforts? We want our hobbies to be profitable. Making meals and taking pretty photos is fun, but having an extra stream of income is even better. So, who pays more? YouTube, TikTok or Instagram? Before you even pick up that laptop, you’ll need to know which platform you’ll be focusing on. All your content won’t be transferable, so you’ll have to prioritize one. 

We will do our best to give accurate information, but I remember that different variables apply. Some sites use a certain platform to be the most profitable. Still, that may pertain to a certain type of content. Let’s break it down even further.

A Profitable Platform Doesn’t Mean Profitable for You

Instagram has approximately half a billion users. Surely, they’re able to generate some significant revenue. There are sponsored posts everywhere and random ads from things you never showed interest in. They must be raking it in. Facebook is also a formidable entity, even though you may think it’s outdated. They both know how to adapt to the ebbs and flows of social media trends. That’s great. Well, it’s great for them. That may have nothing to do with you as a creator. We aren’t saying that some of the social media sites are mean. We’re just saying that there are some sites that you’re better off focusing your energy on.

You May Want To Focus on the Generous App 

What you want to do is focus your energy on the social media app that focuses on you, the creator. Prioritize the app that compensates you well, despite how much money they make. According to the website Epidemic Sound, that social media site is TikTok. It makes sense that an app primarily used by Genzie would dish out the least oppressive funds. People know that Gen-Zers leave jobs when they no longer serve them. TikTok seems to be giving the necessary compensation to these young users. If you are an older creator, you should also capitalize on this.

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Is Instagram or TikTok Better for Marketing? Let’s Talk Ads

Putting your name out there may require a little capital. It’s normal for creators to post ads on social media sites to bring attention to their page. Since this is an expense that could get pretty pricey, you want to know where to put your money. So, is Instagram or TikTok better for marketing? We will give you all the relevant information, and you can decide at the end.


It’s no secret that the audience for TikTok is younger than that of other social media websites. The site has an enormous growth potential. People are constantly caving in and finding themselves on the Clock app. You have quite a few options to advertise it as well. You can do the following:

  • In-Feed ads
  • Image and Video ads
  • Hashtag challenges ads
  • Branded Effects


Relative to platforms like Facebook, Instagram also has a young follower base. Their strength could be in the diversity of followers they have available. Here are some types of ads that they offer:

  • Hashtag challenges ads
  • Explore feed ads
  • Image and Video ads

These are just a few ways that you can give your brand a boost. The best choice of where to use Instagram ads has to do with where your followers are. Instagram can help you zone in on potential followers. The process of creating an Instagram ad is quite intuitive. You don’t need to have much experience in marketing to create an ad targeting your ideal follower. You get to choose how long that runs. You can target people via age, location, and gender. You even get to make sure everything stays within your budget. This ensures that you aren’t wasting your money advertising to people who’d never have any interest in your content.

A study conducted by Creatopy suggests that Instagram delivered reach more effectively at an adequate cost.

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Which Social Media Platform Pays the Most for Views?

And now you’re asking the right questions. All these social media platforms allow video content, but is it always worth it? Which social media platform pays the most for views? Should you go to the trouble of coming up with a concept, shooting and editing short-form videos? Or should you do the most by putting longer videos on YouTube? We’ll break it down.


When you think of video sharing, you think of YouTube. Has it held its position because it is quick to compensate creators for all their hard work? YouTube videos aren’t typically your quick seven-second loop with text on the screen. They are heavily edited and usually feature content over several days. On average, they can expect $.18 per ad view if they monitor their content. The platform takes its cut, though. This figure is not straight across the board. YouTube decides the rate at which they will pay you.


If you’re used to Instagram, you’re used to certain rules applying to video views. You think that one view from one user totals just one view overall. TikTok is so different in this way. If your video is just particularly enrapturing, it counts as a view every time one viewer sees it. Because of this, you’ll have more opportunities to get paid per view. This cushions the blow of hearing that you can only make $.02-$.04 for every thousand TikTok views. 

TikTok is a generous site when it comes to paying creators because of other payment methods than views. You have the opportunity to receive gifts and sponsorships on this app. These are great avenues for money to start rolling in.


You don’t get paid for views on Instagram. Yes, those viral reels with 2 million views didn’t catapult that creator into wealth. When people make money on Instagram, it’s typically from ABBA tools. They can create sponsored posts, collaborate with brands, or use the platform to promote products on another website. Sure, the virality of a reel can help you become more visible. Your content could end up before a very successful brand, but payment per view is not the culture. Brands that want to collaborate with you are more interested in the level of engagement your content gets. If you think your reel is that great, try downloading it. Share it on TikTok and see if it has viral potential there. 


Let’s stay in the Meta Family, shall we? This platform is not the most straightforward when it comes to revenue from video views. There is a wide range that Facebook could pay you, so revenue is a lot more uncertain here. Again, with so many other ways to make money, you don’t have to focus on views.

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Read This To Find Out Which Social Media Platform Pays Influencers the Most

Securing views on your videos may not be where you want to place your focus. You shouldn’t have to do that. There are so many other ways to earn an income from social media platforms. When you ask which social media platform pays influencers the most, you have to remember this. Let’s get into all the ways that you can make money online using these platforms. In light of the options available on each app, you can make an educated decision.

Using the Creator Funds

The social media platforms know that people are joining to have an opportunity to earn an income. They have made Creator Funds to do this. These are the platforms’ respective funds:

  • Snapchat: Spotlight Reward Fund
  • Pinterest: Creator Fund 
  • Instagram: Reels Bonus 

These programs decide how to pay creators based on certain metrics. For example, they may look at the total number of views, likes, or shares. This isn’t the most successful way to earn an income on social media platforms. We just thought we would get it out of the way before we get into the real juicy stuff.

Sponsorships From Brands

The little “#ad” that you see on posts is generating your content creator faves some bug bucks. Well, of course there, success is dependent on several factors. Brands negotiate with creators to choose the best possible price for their services. In negotiation, a creator’s best tool is their engagement rate. They can share with the brand that their demographic of followers aligns with the brand. This could be in the categories of age, location, and gender. If you don’t know how to find this information, it’s quite simple. All of this information is in your Instagram Insights. The average profile of your followers may surprise you. It may influence you to switch off your content a bit.

Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes, when a creator is promoting a brand heavily, they have an affiliate link to share. While brands pay upfront for sponsored posts, creators have to work hard for their income with affiliate links. This is how they work. Creators get a specific code or link from brands. They take beautiful photos or create short-form content and share them on social media platforms. They mention either subtly or very clearly that they have a code to share. They will say that out of sheer generosity, they are allowing you to save money. When you purchase the advertised item, you just have to use their code. They receive a small income with every purchase.


Yes, tips have made their way to your favorite social media site. Different sites have their little way of allowing creators to get payment from their followers. Have you heard of gifts and badges? On Instagram, you can send your favorite creator a gift, which is a small payment. You can even buy badges when they go Live.

YouTube has its version of tipping during a live stream as well. It’s completely discretionary. TikTok allows followers to do this, too. They may seem like little drops in a bucket at first. But if you can inspire your followers to be generous, that money can overflow very quickly.

Now, all you have to do is figure out which means of income earning fits your skill set. A live stream may be a little nerve-racking for you, but an affiliate link sounds great. It’s not for you to decide!

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