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How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 11 min read

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One of the most common questions people ask to grow their social presence is, “How often should you post on Instagram?” This is an important question to answer. That’s because the right posting frequency can help make the most of your time and resources. In this article, we’ll discuss the factors to consider when deciding posting frequency. Also, we will consider the best practices and what you need to avoid. This will help you steer clear of the mistakes made by inexperienced Insta content creators. 

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How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

How Often Should You Post on Instagram To Grow?

Figuring out the right posting frequency on social networks ensures your users get just the right amount of content. In this section, we’ll explore the various factors when figuring out how often to post on Instagram to grow your account.

How Many Times Per Day, Week, and Month Should You Post?

The answer to this question depends on your goals and the type of Instagram account you’re running. If you want to share a few life updates, then 2-3 posts per week might be enough. However, if you’re trying to sell products on Instagram, then you may want to post several times per day.

Experimentation is the key to figuring out how much content you can handle per week. Therefore, you may need to try different posting frequencies and look at the results. You can add more content as you grow since you’ll have more experience. 

Quality Over Quantity

You may want to focus on the quality of the Instagram posts, not the quality. For example, if you’re growing a brand on Instagram, the quality of the posts will affect the brand perception. Hence, it makes sense to look at your resources and determine how many times per week to post. 

You can always increase the posting frequency when you have more resources, ideas, and help. Here are a few ways to increase quality content production at a higher pace:

  • Hire freelancers: Consider hiring freelancers to outsource your work. There are social media experts who understand what makes Instagram audiences tick. Hence, they can come up with the right content ideas out of the gate. 
  • Look for ideas: You should consider expanding the scope of your search for content ideas. Sometimes, the quality of posts suffers when you do not have good source material for inspiration. Therefore, you need to have a big network of sources where you can get ideas. 
  • Viewer engagement: Look at your IG analytics data to determine the type of content you see the highest rates of engagement with. The audience wants to see more of this content type.
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What Time of the Day To Post?

Are you struggling to figure out the best time of the day to post your content? This is important since posting at the right time has the biggest impact right out of the gate. Audiences are different, and it also depends on your time zone.

Therefore, you need to research at what times of the day users interact with your content the most. You can also do a survey to ask users when they usually consume content. This gives you a ballpark idea of how to get started.

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How Often Should You Post a Reel on Instagram

Are you trying to figure out how often should you post a Reel on Instagram? Instagram Reels is a valuable content type that you should add to your arsenal. Users on Instagram love to scroll through a large number of reels in one sitting. Therefore, they wouldn’t mind if you were to post several reels per day. In fact, they want to see more IG Reels from the content creators they love.

Here are a few ideas for how to improve Instagram Reels so you can increase the posting frequency:

  • Make them snappy: Reels are about delivering content quickly and in a snappy format. You may have figured this out by browsing through the IG Reels feed on your account. If you don’t know how to make them snappy, consider researching competitors. You’d be surprised how much information you can relay in a short period. 
  • Use captions: To help users quickly understand the content you are sharing, add captions. Make the captions big so they stand out and are easy to read. Also, make the caption font and color visually appealing. 
  • Attention-grabbing titles: Ideally, the Instagram Reel titles will make viewers stop and want to watch the video. However, make sure to deliver on the title and not just create a sense of hype. Otherwise, IG audiences will figure out that there’s no substance to your content. 
  • Hashtags: Make sure to add relevant hashtags to increase searchability. IG users love to search on Instagram with hashtags, so it’s a vital component of any posts. 
  • Giveaways: You can use Reels to announce product giveaways. This will create a lot of hype around a new product launch and reach a large segment of your audience.
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Posting on Instagram Best Practices

Now, let’s turn our attention to the best particles for posting content on Instagram. This will help you better understand how often you should post on Instagram. Hence, you can have the biggest impact with different content types.

Social Media Manager

Hiring a social media manager is one of the easiest ways to post content on Instagram the correct way. Their experience allows your account to avoid the mistakes made by other content creators. 

Here are some of the top advantages of hiring a social media manager for IG content production:

  • Posting frequency and schedule: They may already know the best posting frequency and times of the day to post. That’s because they have worked with other clients and done the research. This can save you a lot of time figuring things out on your own. 
  • Grow your business: Are you trying to grow a business? Then, outsourcing the work to a social media manager frees you up to get on with other tasks. This includes product development, generating additional revenue streams, hiring employees, and more. 
  • Focus on your strengths: Outsourcing professionals in your areas of weakness makes sense. That’s because you can get on with the business tasks where you have more passion and skill. 
  • Positive ROI investment: The cost of hiring a social media manager can pay for itself in the form of more sales, engagement, and followers. That’s because they will get more attention to your account. If you know how to monetize this attention, you can pay for the services of the professional. 
  • Avoid mistakes: Social media managers understand the top mistakes IG content creators make. Hence, they can help you avoid them to stop wasting money and resources. Without their insights, it might take you years to figure out the best IG content strategy.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights allows you to learn more about your viewer preferences and engagement metrics. It can uncover a lot of information about when you should post content and the type. Take the time to look at the analytics data in detail to determine when audiences view your content. 

Furthermore, getting data from Instagram Insights should be an ongoing process. It ensures that you can continually improve the content strategy of your Instagram account. Therefore, you can increase your followers and get more views for the same content that you release.

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How Often Should You Post on Instagram as a Business?

Do you want to know how often you should post on Instagram as a business? In this section, we’ll consider the best practices for business. Getting this right increases the competitive edge and will help produce the best IG content in your niche.

High Posting Frequency

Instagram and other social media platforms are a numbers game. Post more content, and you’ll get more viewers, transferring into more sales. Therefore, opting for the highest posting frequency possible is the best approach.

This ensures that you get as many Instagram viewers in your niche to look at your content. For example, they might miss the first nine posts of the day but will see the 10th one. A brute force strategy ensures you leave no stone untrained in getting more followers and sales.

Instagram Scheduling Tools

Businesses must have a professional approach to Instagram content production, and this means using Instagram scheduling tools. Here are the top features of scheduling tools that help you figure out the right posting frequency:

  • Dashboard: You can glance at a dashboard for a macro-level view of your posting frequency. Therefore, you can see gaps in your content production that you need to fill. Make sure to choose a scheduling tool with a dashboard layout that you find visually appealing and practical. 
  • Color-coded content types: Ideally, different content types will have various color-coded tags. This allows you to see the spread of content types across time. For example, when doing a couple of Stories, there could be a blue tag and a red tag for carousel posts. 
  • No post limit: It’s a good idea to opt for an Insta scheduling tool that allows you to schedule many posts. This ensures that you can create a long post schedule when posting several times per day. 
  • Price: Compare the prices of Instagram scheduling tools to find a competitive option. You can find amazing value for money since there are many services on the market. Furthermore, you can look for services offering a free trial so you can test different tools. 
  • Extra features: Look for scheduling tools that come with extra features. For instance, some allow you to leave the first comment under each post automatically. Other services include an AI assistant that provides suggestions on the best posting frequencies.

A Mix of Value and Sales Posts

It’s important for businesses to include a mixture of posts to avoid spamming audiences. It’s counterproductive to make every post about getting sales from the audience. Instead, stick to a ratio of several value-added posts and sales-originated ones.

Increase the amount of value you add through content, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with engagement toward sales. That’s because by adding value, you are increasing the trust of the audience. Also, build your account as an authority, and they will be more willing to buy products from you.

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Posting-Frequency Top Things To Avoid

Now, let’s consider the top things to avoid when trying to decide on the best posting frequency. This ensures that you can determine the best posting frequency sooner rather than later.

  • Don’t Create Shallow Posts: Creating and posting content that offers no value is one of the quickest ways to run your account into the ground. If you can’t think of what to post, it’s better to hold off until your creative juices start flowing. 
  • Avoid many of the same posts: Do you want to opt for a high-frequency posting strategy? Then, you should avoid posting too much of the same content in a short period. To overcome this, consider varying the type of posts and content types. 
  • Avoid ignoring analytics: You shouldn’t create the right posting frequency based on a hunch. Instead, you need to look at Instagram analytics data to figure out the ideal posting frequency. This is a more reliable way of getting the right answer for your IG account and audience.
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Does It Matter How Often You Post on Instagram?

To conclude, it’s essential to create the right posting frequency for your IG account. It ensures you get the best chance to beat the competition by having the highest number of followers. Social media is about getting the most attention, and posting frequency is a critical component of the equation.

By now, you will have a good idea about how to answer, how often should you post on Instagram? However, you should always play around with the posting frequency to constantly optimize and adapt to the changing circumstances. After all, social media is a fast-paced game where the optimal strategies always move.

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