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Instagram Paid Marketing: The Best Practices for Success

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 11 min read

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Instagram paid marketing is an excellent way of getting more sales and increasing brand awareness. However, without the right strategy, it’s hard to achieve the best return on investment (ROI). With our help, you’ll have the right approach toward your advertisements to boost your conversion rate. 

The advantage of paid marketing is that new brands with a small following can quickly grow on the platform. It creates more of an even playing field compared with established brands. However, you need to get the fundamentals correct to avoid wasting money. 

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Instagram Paid Marketing: The Best Practices for Success

How To Do Paid Marketing on Instagram?

Do you want to learn how to do paid marketing on Instagram? There are several strategies that you can implement to succeed with advertising. We’ll share what works so you can get started on the right foot. Later on in the article, we’ll also share what to avoid to ensure you don’t reduce your chances of success. 

1. Open an Instagram Business Account

To take advantage of Instagram ads, you need to create an Instagram business account. There is no charge for opening or maintaining a business account. Also, you can have more than one Instagram account under the same username. You’ll need to use the Instagram account switching feature to swap between your personal and business accounts. In fact, you can have up to 5 accounts under one username so that you can grow more than one brand. 

Opening a business account gives you access to more than just the advertisements platform. You can also create dedicated product pages on Instagram and use branded hashtags. These features can help grow your business on the social media platform.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

It’s important to understand your Instagram target audience before you spend money on advertising. That’s because you must target your ads to a specific audience to increase the conversion rate. Otherwise, you’ll waste money on ads that don’t affect and even confuse your audience. 

You can figure out your target audience by researching the market. Think about what type of person needs your products or services. Also, you can gather information about the demographics of your audience. 

You’ll need to consistently collect data to improve your model of the target audience and advertisements. Consider using customer relationship management software to gather and organize data. 

Also, it’s good to build a buyer persona when creating marketing material. This persona should have a massive overlap with the majority of your target audience. This allows customers to identify with the message you’re trying to get across in marketing material. 

Stand Out From the Crowd

In one visit to Instagram, the average user may encounter many ads and begin to ignore them. Therefore, you need to create ads that stop users in their tracks and intrigue them to find out more. This means standing out from the crowd and doing something totally different. This requires creativity, and it’s a skill that you can outsource. 

You should also look at what competitors are doing to see what you need to improve upon. Also, you can take advantage of trends on other platforms and bring them to Instagram. This strategy is great for those who don’t have the creativity skills to come up with their ideas.

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Hire an Instagram Marketing Agency

Are you having trouble figuring out how to set up and create winning advertisements correctly? Then, you can hire an agency to help make the most of your marketing budget. Here are some of the top reasons an IG ads agency might be the right choice for you:

  • Expertise: It can take years of practice to develop the skills to create winning advertisements. By hiring an agency, you’ll get to utilize that expertise the right way. This allows you to beat inexperienced competitors. After all, social media marketing is competitive, so you need to get any edge possible. 
  • Time: Setting up advertisements and constantly optimizing them can take a lot of time. Therefore, by hiring an agency, they can do all the legwork, which saves you a lot of time. You can even give the agency access to your Instagram account to post the ads. This creates a hands-off approach that allows you to get on with other business tasks. 
  • Modern strategies: Social media marketing is a constantly changing game. A strategy may work perfectly one year but be obsolete the next. Marketing professionals will understand and implement the latest strategies to create competitive ads. Doing the research yourself can take time, so you can outsource the task to agencies. 
  • Proven results: You can hire a marketing agency that consistently gets results for their clients. These are the types of agencies that you should hire. That’s because it reduces the risk of investing your funds into an agency and advertisements.

A/B Split Testing

You can compare different features of an advertisement to see how it impacts the ROI. For example, you can test the same advertisement but with a different background to determine the better one. Therefore, you can constantly optimize your advertisements to achieve higher conversion rates

Think of the testing as an investment into higher profitability. Therefore, the work will pay off in the end when you spot the right changes to make. Also, there’s no end to the number of elements that you can optimize in your advertisements.

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How To Market Paid Ads on Instagram With a Budget

Are you having trouble figuring out how to budget for your Instagram advertisement campaign correctly? Managing your budget is one of the important parts of the puzzle you must get right before starting. Here are a few tips for how to market paid ads on Instagram with a budget:

  • Raise money: You need money to make money only in most businesses. Therefore, to increase the available funds for marketing, it’s important to raise funds. This could be reinvesting profits, saving up from a day job, or getting investors. 
  • Allocate a budget: Stick to a budget that you allocate by considering all business expenses. You must stick to this budget to avoid overspending. Having a daily budget allows you to determine how much it will cost to advertise your products. 
  • All types of content: You must use Instagram ads for different content types. This includes Instagram Stories, reels, live, and more. Hence, you’ll reach a wider range of your IG audience. That’s because some of your potential customers may only view reels or live content
  • Focus on ROI: Using the highest ROI strategies is the goal of advertisements on Instagram. Therefore, you’ll need to use analytics tools like Instagram Insights to determine the best-performing ads. Double down on the advertisements that have the best ROI and remove those with poor or break-even ROI.
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Influencer Marketing Instagram vs Paid Ads

Are you trying to decide between influencer marketing and paid ads on Instagram? Both strategies can work successfully, but there are some massive differences. In this section, we’ll explore the differences between influencer marketing on Instagram vs. paid ads. 

Free vs. Paid

You can get away with paying no money when using Instagram Influencer marketing on Instagram. For example, you can give away free products or mention the influencer’s account on your posts. In comparison, paid ads require money and potentially a large investment. Therefore, the influencer route might be better if you have a small start-up fund to invest in. 

Note that influencer marketing can also require funds. That’s because some influencers will require that you make a payment to hijack their audience. However, the ROI of influencer marketing can be very high. That’s because you get to access a potentially large audience with a small investment. 

Master Networking

You will need to network with influencers on Instagram and strike up relationships. It can take time to nurture a good relationship and find influencers that offer a good deal. In comparison, you can start with IG ads right away, and there’s no need to network. 

Therefore, the influencer route might be better if you have good people skills. When you don’t, you can choose the advertisement route and let data analytics be your main challenge. 

Advertisements Require Constant Optimization

It’s important to consistently monitor ads to ensure they are profitable and make adjustments when they aren’t. This can be very time-consuming and take away from other business-related tasks. 

In comparison, after you find a bunch of reliable influencers, you can use them long-term. Simply ask them to promote your products, and they may do so for years to come. This contributes to a somewhat hands-off approach. 

More Rules With Advertisements

You must be aware of the different rules that apply to Instagram Ads. This includes the type of products you can market, length of advertisement title, image dimensions, and so on. Therefore, implementing your marketing strategy might severely limit you. 

However, there are far fewer rules when marketing with influencers. This gives you more freedom to implement your vision. It also depends on how willing the influencer is to use your marketing material. 

Overcome Ads Blindness 

When implementing paid advertisements, you need to work hard to overcome ad blindness. The uphill battle requires creativity to stand out in your niche and capture the audience’s attention. 

In comparison, Instagram influencers can naturally promote your products. Also, the audiences of an influencer are more willing to listen to their message and advertisements. In fact, they may trust the influencers, and you can take advantage of this fact.

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Instagram Paid Marketing Strategy Mistakes To Avoid

It’s important to avoid the top Instagram paid marketing strategy mistakes to ensure you don’t waste money. These mistakes can be just as important as the tips for improving your advertisements. Therefore, you’ll have higher profitability and conversion rates with your social media advertisements. 

Don’t Copy Competitors Ads

When doing competitor research, you might want to copy the top-performing advertisements outright. This is not ideal since the audience may notice, and it can lead to ad blindness. That’s because the audience will begin to ignore advertisements that look similar. 

Instead, you can use the best advertisements as inspiration and create a unique twist. This allows you to stand out in your marketplace and capture the attention of the audience. 

Don’t Break Instagram Community Guidelines

Stick to the Instagram community guidelines when marketing your products to avoid getting banned. Also, breaking the guidelines may reflect negatively on your brand. That’s because the audience may get annoyed at your strategies. This can lead to negative word of mouth, which can lead to the downfall of your online business. 

Furthermore, you can receive an Instagram shadowban when breaking the rule on the platform. This means the Instagram algorithm will not show your content to non-followers. This drastically reduces your ability to grow the business. 

Don’t Spend Too Much on One Ad

It’s important to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, so don’t spend too much on a single advertisement. Instead, you should be evenly disturbing the ad spend at the start. You can then allocate more funds toward the winning ads as you begin to uncover them. When working with a limited budget, it’s vital to offset the risk, so diversify your ad portfolio.

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Should You Invest in Instagram Paid Marketing?

Paid marketing on Instagram is an excellent method for getting more sales and increasing brand awareness. With highly converting advertisements, you can sell products on Instagram to a broad audience. The social media platform has a lot of daily traffic that you can use to grow your business. 

Now that you better understand how Instagram paid marketing works give it a try for yourself. Start with the strategies in this article, and you’ll improve your conversion rate. Also, don’t forget to set the right budget to avoid spending too much on advertisements in a short period. 

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