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Instagram Profile Analyzer: See How the Competition Is Doing

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 9 min read

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You have to master the art of being an influencer if you want to be successful at it. You can’t just depend on luck. Even your most light-hearted post needs to have some calculation and strategy behind it. The most successful influencers do not just post photos because they’re aesthetic. Oh no, they are more strategic than that. This is why you should consider using an Instagram profile analyzer. 

If you’ve never heard of it before, we will break it down for you. You’ll understand why doing some profile analysis is just part of the content creator’s job. 

Social media platforms are full of competitors; you’ll need an analytics tool to help you make the right decisions. Having actionable insights will make all the difference in your content creation.

Instagram Profile Analyzer: See How the Competition Is Doing

Benefits of Finding the Best Instagram Profile Analyzer

Simply hopping on Instagram to post on occasion is not how you gain social media success. Success on this app is about so much more than just posting pretty pictures. Adding reels to your arsenal is not enough, either. You’re going to have to engage in some amount of market analysis. 

Remember, this is more than just a hobby. It’s an opportunity to create a stream of income and change your life completely. A profile analyzer for Instagram could be your secret weapon in setting yourself apart. Why not take every opportunity you can get to grow? We have some reasons why finding the best Instagram profile analyzer is helpful to your brand. Let’s get into them.

You Can Keep an Eye on the Competition

You’ll have competitors in every industry. For example, even though your workplace says you are all “family,” they can’t promote everyone. Executives have to choose from a list of options and declare someone triumphant. In that way, a coworker can be a competitor. 

Similarly, you have competitors on social media. They could be the people who have pages that are very similar to yours. They may exist in the same niche that you’re in.  You may think that there is space for everyone, but how true is that? 

Some Instagram followers may not want to follow several pages that are too similar. Brands may not want to use influencers who resemble each other too closely. There is a serious level of competition involved.

An Instagram analyzer lets you study the profiles that you deem to be competition. You can get the lowdown on their progress and make adjustments to your page.

Make Decisions for the Growth of Your Page

With the information you get from a profile analyzer for Instagram, you can revamp your plan. While you might feel intimidated at first, you’ll feel empowered soon. This information is quite useful in formulating your Instagram growth strategy. You can alter the type of content you share on the platform. 

It can help you decide whether you should do more Instagram polls or Instagram livestreams. The insight that you get is what you’ve always needed to make informed decisions. Now that you have the data, you can do it!

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Is There a Good Free Instagram Profile Analyzer Out There?

Something that sounds this good can’t be free, can it? Will you need a team of social media specialists to have access to this kind of information? At the very least, you need a sophisticated program, correct? Actually, you can even find a free Instagram profile analyzer online. This is great news for those small brands that are trying to tread in strong currents. 

If you already have a small budget, you may not think of this as a priority. You may want to put your money into other tools, like Instagram ads. You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to add this part of the job to the balance sheet.

Path Social: A Cost-Effective Option

Path Social is one site that can analyze Instagram profile trends for free. They boast that they have an impressive AI tool that does all the work for you. You can feel a degree of safety because it doesn’t ask you to share your login details. 

Everything takes place on the website, so you don’t have to worry about downloading something nefarious to your computer. It simply asks you to enter the name of the Instagram profile. If it truly is this free and safe, it should be worth a try.

Analytics: The App Does It All

You might be wondering about the kind of information this tool will disclose to you. While these tools are impressive, it’s important to make note of what they can provide to you. These tools don’t disclose private details about an Instagram profile that you shouldn’t know. They don’t hack into Instagram accounts to share confidential information.

Here are some things that they may share with you:

  • Total number of followers 
  • Engagement rate
  • What time they post 
  • Frequency of their posts. The app breaks it down by the day, week, and month.
  • Most used hashtags
  • Top caption keywords
  • Posts with the highest number of likes
  • Posts with the most comments
  • Overall interest of their audience
  • Total number of uploads
  • Average user activity
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Instagram Insights Are There for a Reason

If you are serious about your growth on Instagram, you must have a business or creator account. You should also take advantage of its Instagram insights feature. It is a built-in tool that Instagram gives users to help analyze profile activity. If you find it to be a little intimidating, we’ll simplify it for you. 

We highly recommend using it. It’s the best thing IG has given professional content creators. We’ll start with the types of content IG provides this information for.

Instagram Stories

Find out how well your stories are doing with a little help from your IG insights. They may last only 24 hours, but the breakdown in your insights lasts forever. Take a look at your top-performing stories. What do they have in common? Are they text, photos, or videos? Maybe they included a thought-provoking poll. Can you replicate the formula again? 

When you see the numbers, you can make educated choices. Now you can see if you mainly received support from existing followers or new ones.

IG Reels 

Find out which reels garnered the most views. Insights tell you the number of accounts that viewed it and the overall playtime. With this information, you can find out if that trending audio worked out for you. Maybe this way, you will see if there is a  benefit to using short reels or reels that loop. 

IG will show you if the watchers are mainly existing followers or non-followers. If it’s mainly people who don’t know you watching, you should know your content is doing well.


You’ll hear people say posts don’t get the engagement they used to. Use your insights to find out for yourself. Compare numbers and make a note of the times that you shared each post. Also, are your carousels pulling more reactions? Use these insights to find out what your audience likes.

IG Live 

Live streams can be so nerve-wracking. You need to know whether they are even worth it. See for yourself how many people logged on to your stream and how many comments they left. Find out for yourself if you need to do something differently. Maybe you should collaborate with another creator or host a giveaway. The numbers should make everything clearer.

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Let’s Go Deeper Into Instagram Metrics

You should pay attention to some specific numbers in your insights. If you don’t understand them, you won’t know if your page is progressing. We will do our best to break down the headings that you should be focusing on.

Instagram Follower Count

When you look into your Instagram metrics, you’ll see how many new followers you have. You will also see the number of accounts that have unfollowed you.

There are so many reasons your follower count fluctuates. Instagram may have purged the platform, so all the bot followers you had disappeared. Maybe you pulled new followers in with a viral reel, and then they left after some time. There are so many reasons for a sudden drop, but IG metrics can help you pick up patterns.

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The Accounts You Engaged

You can have a high engagement rate even if you have a low follower count. Therefore, losing followers isn’t as grave as a declining engagement rate. It’s important to focus on your followers and encourage them to engage with your content. If you have loyal followers, they should naturally want to like, comment, and share your content. 

All of their reactions reflect positively on your engagement rate. Furthermore, it’s easier to maintain engagement with a smaller following. You can like comments and reply to questions at a much higher rate.

The Accounts You Reached

The point of doing all those reels was to reach more people, right? Did it work out for you? Did you reach more people but didn’t have an increase in followers? That could mean that IG is showing your content to people outside of your target audience. This could call for some intensive targeting through Instagram ads. These statistics help to make those decisions for your brand. 

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