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Instagram Metrics Revealed: Your Key to Social Success

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 11 min read

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Are you having trouble increasing your Instagram metrics? Improving your metrics for Instagram is tricky for beginners or if you don’t have a strategy. However, there are many advantages to focusing on your metrics, such as more authority and sales.

In this article, we’ll share the best strategies for improving your Instagram followers, impressions, reach, and more. We’ll also share a few strategies to avoid so that you don’t waste time and resources.

Instagram Metrics Revealed: Your Key to Social Success

There are many different Instagram metrics to track to understand the growth of your account better. In this section, we’ll share the worthwhile metrics you should consider, and they are available in your Instagram Insights dashboard. Therefore, you don’t need external software to keep track of these metrics. 

  • Reach: Instagram reach refers to the number of unique users viewing your content. This is one of the best metrics to monitor for understanding the size of your audience. 
  • Impressions: Instagram impressions reveal the number of times users viewed your content. However, a single user can generate more than one impression by viewing your content multiple times. This is the biggest difference between impressions and reach. 
  • Engagement rate: This metric indicates the number of users interacting with your content compared to the follower count. Therefore, you can determine if your content is genuinely interesting, which the follower count alone cannot tell. 
  • Followers: Keeping an eye on the follower count is a good indicator of the overall growth of your Instagram channel. This is one of the more difficult profile analytics metrics to increase for your IG account. You can also measure the follower growth rate, which indicates the speed of follower increase. 
  • Comments: Keeping track of the number of comments per post is a handy engagement metric. More comments generally mean higher-quality content. Hence, pay attention to the posts with the most comments and concentrate on creating more of that content. 
  • Referral traffic: Note the amount of referral traffic your website receives from Instagram. This allows you to determine the success of the social media marketing channel. Also, you can pay attention to the referral traffic from each post. Hence, you can determine what IG content is helping your website grow.
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How To See Instagram Metrics

Are you wondering how to see Instagram metrics? Fortunately, the social media platform lets you see every important metric using Instagram Insights. This analytics dashboard is available by logging into your Instagram account and is free.

The Instagram Insights dashboard provides graphs and an optimized user interface, which is ideal for beginners. Therefore, the learning curve to figure out how to use the dashboard is small.

Instagram Insights provides accurate, updated data within 24 hours, so it’s always up-to-date. This means you don’t have to wait long to see the results of a new post. Also, there’s no need to buy software to view your metrics, which is ideal if you’re tight on funds.

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How To Boost Instagram Engagement Metrics

Now, let’s consider the top strategies for boosting Instagram engagement metrics. These strategies will allow you to grow the account and rapidly increase your Instagram metrics. Use a mixture of these tips to give your IG account the best chance to succeed.

Increase Metrics With Buying

You can increase your Instagram metrics by buying followers, likes, and comments. However, Instagram frowns upon this, so they might shut down your account if they find out. Also, your IG audience might not be pleased about boosting your account artificially if they were to find out. Hence, you must be careful where and how you buy services to increase your IG account metrics.

You should avoid buying followers and likes from fake accounts. That’s because fake accounts will not offer value to your IG account. After the account provides the initial interaction, they will leave. Hence, you won’t receive more comments, word-of-mouth marketing, or interest in your brand. Instead, use the money to pay for higher-quality content or other marketing services to grow your IG profile.

Get More by Answering Comments

Do you get a lot of questions in the comments section of your posts? Then it’s a good idea to take time out of your day to answer those questions. Interacting with your Instagram audience will increase Instagram metrics since users will likely leave comments.

Also, IG users are interested in following accounts that actively interact with the audience, so you may see your follower count grow. If you’re too busy to answer every comment, you can hire freelancers to leave comments on your behalf.

Instagram Metrics Tracker Best Practices

It’s good to have a strategy for approaching Instagram metrics tracker monitoring. First, you’ll need to set some goals, so you have something to aim for. However, you cannot directly control the outcomes to achieve these goals, so don’t get too hung up if they don’t come to fruition.

Also, make sure to track the metrics for each post separately instead of your account as a whole. This ensures you can find what’s working and what post types you should avoid in the future.

Don’t have the time to monitor your Instagram metrics constantly? That’s understandable if you’re running a business and are already pressed for time. Therefore, you can hire a professional to monitor your Instagram account metrics and determine the best insights you can take to improve.

Increase IG Metrics With Different Content Types

You can grow your Instagram metrics by releasing different types of content. This ensures you’re able to reach a wider audience. Some Instagram users may only consume one content type, so you’ll need to offer that to get them to follow your IG account.

Here are the different IG content types to consider:

  • Instagram Stories: Use the Instagram Stories content format to share something with your audience for 24 hours. Afterward, content gets automatically deleted. The stories feature allows you to post short videos and pictures. Also, you can pin a specific IG story to your profile to share something long-term with your audience. 
  • Instagram Reels: It’s a good idea to have Instagram Reels as part of your content strategy because it’s a popular way for people to consume content. Instagram reels are short videos up to 15 seconds long, so you need to make each second count. However, if you get a few viral Instagram Reel videos, it will significantly impact your IG account. 
  • Instagram Live: Use Instagram Live to set up a stream where your audience can view what you’re up to in real time. Also, they can leave comments that you can instantly see and respond to. It’s a great strategy to have a more intimate connection with your audience to mix up the format of your content. 
  • Regular posts: While the other content types mentioned here are a nice addition to your Instagram posting strategy, don’t forget about regular posts. These are the ones that may contribute the most to the success of your Instagram account.
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Instagram Story Metrics: What You Need To Know?

Monitor the Instagram story metrics to learn what stories are performing well. This will inform your Instagram Stories strategy, so you’ll know exactly what’s working. You should pay attention to the number of shares your content receives.

Ideally, you should aim for content that receives many shares since that allows it to go viral. This means that other Instagram users can share your content, reducing the manual work you must do for content distribution.

Like the other Instagram metrics, you can view IG story metrics via the Instagram Insights portal.

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Top Things To Avoid With Metrics on Instagram

This section shares what you must avoid when monitoring your Instagram metrics. This will help you avoid common mistakes so you don’t waste time and resources. However, this section is just the tip of the iceberg since you’ll discover many more bad practices through experience.

Don’t Buy Automated Instagram Metric Boosts

It’s tempting to artificially boost your metrics, such as Instagram follower count. However, it may not affect your IG account more positively than you initially thought. That’s because the followers come from fake accounts and will not lead to more interactions. Hence, don’t expect an increase in post likes and comments.

Furthermore, don’t expect your referral traffic to increase and more sales on your websites. The fake accounts serve a single purpose–to press the follow button on your account and leave. 

Do you still want to buy followers for your Instagram account? Then you should look for real Instagram followers. You will pay more for real followers, but the value is higher. Therefore, you may get your money back through more sales and brand recognition.

Don’t Check Analytics Too Often

Don’t look at your Instagram Insights console too often because it’s very addictive. That’s especially true when you start a new Instagram account, and every new follower is a big deal. 

Instead, create a schedule where you check Instagram Insights periodically at set intervals. For example, it could be once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Don’t Ignore The Data

Do not ignore the data you find in your Instagram Insights console. This is especially true when the data doesn’t align with your biases. For example, let’s say that you love posting pictures of a particular type, but it always performs badly compared to other ones. The logical step is to remove poorly performing content from your rotation instead of continuing to follow your bias.

Are you having trouble interpreting the data? Then you may need to hire a freelancer who can help you understand the data. Based on the gleaned information, they can offer unbiased insight and suggestions for how you should proceed.

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Advantages of Increasing Your Insta Metrics

Instagram metrics explain many different aspects of your account health. However, do you know why it’s worth focusing on increasing the metrics? After all, it can take a lot of work and resources. In this section, we’ll share the top reasons why increasing your IG metrics is a good idea.

More Sales For Your Business

Do you have a website where you’re trying to sell products and services? Then improving your Instagram impressions, reach, and follower count is a no-brainer. It leads to more referral traffic, increasing the number of people visiting your website.

However, target the correct audience on Instagram to ensure visitors arriving at your website are genuinely interested in products. This will increase the conversion rate and help increase sales to new heights.

More Leads to Sponsorship Deals

Brands look for accounts with higher Instagram metrics to advertise their products. Also, they tend to pay more for IG accounts with bigger audiences. Therefore, if you want to attract good quality brand sponsorship deals, you need to increase your metrics on Instagram. 

Your Posts Will Have More Authority

As your Instagram followers grow, so will the weight and authority of your message. That’s because IG users are likelier to pay attention to posts from accounts with millions of followers versus a few thousand.

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Monitoring your metrics on Instagram is vital to understanding how your efforts to grow the account are faring. You can check your metrics on Instagram Insights—the data updates every 24 hours. Also, looking at data for each post, story, or reel is possible.

Furthermore, you can use multiple strategies to grow your account, such as buying followers, hiring a professional, engaging with your audience, and more. However, this can take a lot of time and resources. 

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