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Clean Girl Aesthetic Helps You Glow From Within

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 10 min read

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The standards of beauty change so often. There is a new trend every other week. It seems on social media. What is currently on everyone’s mind? The clean girl aesthetic is taking over Instagram.

As far as internet trends go, the clean girl trend is relatively wholesome. It focuses on making the best of natural beauty. 

Women everywhere seem to be embracing the look of the skin and a natural skin tone. It may be a trend that you could get behind. 

Let’s talk about how you can enter your clean-girl era.

Clean Girl Aesthetic Helps You Glow From Within

What Is the Clean Girl Aesthetic?

This aesthetic involves looking naturally glowy without the appearance of makeup assistance. It is a modern take on minimalism, encompassing physical appearance and lifestyle. Ultimately, the person should look composed but with little effort.

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3 Important Tenets of the Clean-Girl Aesthetic

What is the clean-girl aesthetic in practicality? The clean-girl aesthetic may seem like the easiest thing to maintain. 

After all, all you have to do is look like yourself, right? Well, that is not entirely true. It will take some effort to look like you didn’t put in any effort. 

Things can get kind of complicated when you study this Instagram aesthetic, so we want to break it down. Here are three of the main points if we had to summarize the clean girl aesthetic

1. Find Your Skincare Routine

IG clean girls wear make-up, even though sometimes it doesn’t look that way. It’s just that it’s not an overpowering amount of make-up. They get away with looking flawless because they have a good base. The canvas for their makeup is glowy and effortless-looking

To accomplish this look yourself, you need a strong skincare routine. You will need one for the morning and one for the night. Clean girls do not have dull skin, even on an overcast day. 

Instead, they seem to reflect the sunlight around them. They seem to have minimal imperfections.

It is easy to get carried away with all of the skincare products out there. This doesn’t mean that you have to try them all. 

Consider watching reviews from people who have similar skin to yours. They should help you narrow it down. You also don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have great skin. 

Some people have extensive steps, and some will tell you you don’t need more than three. It can get very confusing when you want to revamp your skincare routine. 

A lot of online content can help you in this journey. Just make sure you spend time doing your research. Your skin is an important asset for the clean girl aesthetic.

2. Stay Active

Being a clean girl is not just about wearing cute athleisure outfits. It’s about having a physically healthy lifestyle as well. Part of that glowing skin comes from the rush of endorphins from a fresh workout.

You see them running, and you also see them doing yoga outside. You get to define what type of workout you take part in. There are so many options these days. You can join a spin class. 

Hop on the Pilates trend to see if you like it. There is also a good old-fashioned gym if that is more your speed. Part of having a clean lifestyle is ensuring they have a healthy one.

You don’t need a good reason to start working out. No matter the aesthetic of your IG brand, this is a great practice. Your body will thank you even if you pivot from the clean girl aesthetic.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

What’s the point of being physically active if you’re just going to eat junk food? Part of being a clean girl is also consuming clean foods. If you want that glowing skin, you must consider what you take into your body. Slathering on products won’t give you the effect that you truly want. 

Junk food is tempting and easily accessible. But the long-term consequences don’t make it worth it at all. Take some time to start looking up healthy recipes. Some of them may be easier than you think. 

You’ll see a difference in your skin, hair, and overall physique when you do this.

Some clean girls create meals from scratch. That may not be possible for you if you have a busy lifestyle. You still need to tailor your clean girl lifestyle to your specific needs. If you make it hard, you just won’t want to do it anymore.

Clean Girl Hair: More Than Shampoo

Clean girl hair is about so much more than having clean hair. It is about having hair in a deliberately orderly fashion. While your face may look natural and carefree, your hair should not. 

Here is a list of the hairstyles that you could use for this aesthetic (don’t forget to wear your hoop earrings):

  • A low, slicked-back bun with a center part
  • A blunt bob cut
  • Double Dutch braids
  • A bun with tendrils
  • Styles with the claw clip
Clean Girl Aesthetic Helps You Glow From Within, image №3

Look Like You Have Nothing on With Clean Girl Makeup

Do you know when guys say they hate when women wear makeup? You roll your eyes because you know they don’t mean that. The example that they give is usually a woman with very little makeup. 

But, of course, there is a hint of tinted moisturizer or a dab of concealer. What they truly mean is that they like the clean girl aesthetic.

And truly, you like it too. The age of wearing pounds of makeup is slowly drifting away. 

Clean girl makeup seems to be taking over our Instagram feeds. You can join in on this trend as well. We can help you with the main points of achieving this.

1. Have a Good Base

Your skin won’t have its full coverage to hide behind anymore. This means that your face is going to have to work overtime. Having a good base to start with gives your look a head start. 

Ideally, you should have a skincare routine that highlights the best version of your skin. It’s best not to have any imperfections on your canvas. Research the best tools for dark spots. 

These usually include vitamin C serums, niacinamide, or exfoliators. Natural spots like freckles are an excellent accessory to the clean girl look.

Of course, every good base has a powerful sunscreen. All your effort would go to waste if you weren’t protecting your face with a layer of SPF. The idea is to look glowy, not burnt.

2. Avoid Heavy Makeup

A full-coverage foundation is too much for this kind of aesthetic. You shouldn’t look like you are wearing make-up. One way to do this is by not wearing full-coverage makeup. This is why having a strong base is so important. 

If you feel like you need some help while your skin is improving, that’s fine. You could use tinted moisturizers that provide some coverage. There are also concealers that you can use to spot treats. You just don’t want to overdo it. 

This will defeat the purpose of this kind of aesthetic altogether. It should look like you are wearing your skin. This may include the look of pores. 

3. Keep It Minimal

This tip could apply to almost anything. Let’s talk about your brows. Over-plucking them will be a mistake that you will regret for years to come. You can keep them groomed. 

But in the end, they should still look like natural eyebrows.

We have to talk about lashes. The trend to get lash extensions has taken over the beauty space. Lashes seem to be the first thing we notice on a person’s face these days. 

Unfortunately, that’s not always a good thing because people overdid getting lash extensions. This is why some of them are now going without to throw them back. 

No, we are not telling you to avoid lash extensions. We are simply suggesting that you do so in moderation. Sometimes, a little lash help can make your face pop. 

Other times, it fully contradicts the aesthetic you are going for. Overall, this aesthetic should look like you but better. It should look like you naturally look this way, even though you put in all of this effort.

You May Already Have Clean Girl Aesthetic Clothes

This aesthetic extends beyond just the face. You need to clean girl-aesthetic clothes to complete your look. 

Do you want to revamp your entire wardrobe completely? What if you become a different person? If you get sick of this trend, you don’t want everything to go to waste. 

We will give you three tips to ensure that you fully and responsibly take part in this Instagram trend.

Just keep in mind that less is more. Do you want to appear simple and easy? Sure, we are making an effort to achieve this look now, but pretty soon, it will be second nature to address this way.

1. Neutral Colors

Try your best to adhere to a neutral color palette. Think of your beige, brown, white, and black pieces. Garish color patterns don’t fit in with this aesthetic, and this limitation might be too much for some people.

2. The White Tee

You will see Lori Harvey (@loriharvey) or Hailey Bieber (@haileybeiber) donning a white shirt and loose-fitting pants. 

After all, what is cleaner and simpler than a white T-shirt? This trend’s accessibility is what makes it so popular. You likely already have a white T-shirt that you can use to tap into this trend.

3. Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry seems to be the go-to accessory for this look. Gold hoops and glossy lips are what you should be aiming for.

 This doesn’t mean that you have to splurge on costly cuffs. Feel free to rock your stainless steel items with your outfits. They will give us a similar effect in person as well as in your Instagram photos.

Clean Girl Aesthetic Helps You Glow From Within, image №4

How To Achieve Clean Girl Aesthetic Nails

We probably had you up until this point. Long stiletto nails with creative designs dominate fashion right now. This is opposed to the clean girl aesthetic. Clean girl aesthetic nails return to a more neutral look.

Your nails must look like you groom them, but you could’ve done it yourself. That doesn’t mean that they look messy and unprofessional. They simply look very simple and classic. 

Think sheer nails with a very glossy finish. Picture that classic French manicure, but cut very low. You can also think of those neutral colors like pink. You can achieve this look at home if you have healthy nails. 

You might have to dish out the cash with other aspects of this trend. But this is one part that you can take the reins for yourself. Share the result on your Instagram Story; your followers will love it!


Alt Text: Plixi’s screenshot of @pockets.light in clean-girl makeup on Instagram.

Attract Those Followers With a Clean Sweep

Part of the appeal of this aesthetic is appearing as if you don’t have to try hard. Of course, as we know now, it does take some effort. Do you know what else takes effort? 

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