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Lifestyle Influencers Make Money by Existing. So Can You!


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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You’ve heard these influencers jokingly say that their job is to exist literally. They get money to use the products they always use and to go to the places they would go anyway. They are not lying. These people are lifestyle influencers. They do literally get compensation for living. Before you get a little jealous, realize that this can be you, too.

Everyone who lives has a lifestyle. There is a community of people who want to see your life play out online. You just need to find them. This whole phenomenon sounds like something out of the Truman Show movie. While that may seem weird, You will be the master of your content. We will explain it all below.

Lifestyle Influencers Make Money by Existing. So Can You!

IG’s Jack of All Trades: What Is a Lifestyle Influencer?

You’ve heard of food influencers. You see fitness influencers and those fashion influencers are everywhere. The type of content they each post is self-explanatory. So, if a food influencer posts about food, does a lifestyle influencer post about their lifestyle? Yes, that’s what they do! This may sound vague at first. You could still be wondering, “What is a lifestyle influencer?” We can get into the details.

They Have Many Interests

A lifestyle Instagram influencer has an account dedicated to publishing a wide variety of content about their daily life. It could include everything from fitness to food if that is really what their life entails. This will differ from one influencer to another.

It may seem that they don’t have a particular niche. This only means that these accounts become the default accounts for a wide array of things. For example, if they love fitness, they may have some good healthy lifestyle recipes to share. Or, if they focus heavily on fashion content, they may be able to hold their own with beauty, too. Multiple things can fall into “content” for them because it’s genuinely their “lifestyle.”

They Are Relatable, Aspirational, or Both

Their target audience typically likes them for their personality and relatability. Or, they may like that their lifestyle is so far removed from theirs. The content may be aspirational, regardless of the topic the influencer centers it around.

Lifestyle bloggers have the potential to connect with their target audience. Even the most aloof influencer has to connect on a personal level at some point. Being genuine on social media platforms goes a long way. It establishes trust in your brand. This trust only proves to be lucrative in the long run. When people think they know and trust you, they are more likely to take your recommendations.

Of course, some lifestyle influencers intrigue us because we don’t relate to them. When you don’t relate to an influencer, you aspire to be one to some degree. They use these feelings to sell products as well. You may not be able to get on the private jet they use. Still, you can buy the skincare brand they promote. Now you can feel somewhat closer to them and their lifestyle.

Not leaning toward one category is a lifestyle influencer’s strength. It works for them because they know how to play the game. We can show you how to play that same game.

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Keep These Tips in Mind When Asking How To Become a Lifestyle Influencer

So, the lifestyle Instagram influencer gig sounds good to you. Now, you just need to know how to become a lifestyle influencer. We can give you some good tips to take your account to the next level.

1. Get Your Content Strategy Together

Maybe you want to focus on one area primarily. Maybe you want an equal mix. Whatever you decide to produce needs to be high quality. You need a strong content strategy. The graphics need to be of high quality, and the information you share needs to be compelling. You’re entering an inundated field. There is no room for being mid! Show that your content is a cut above the rest. Capitalize on your unique personality and maintain your brand consistency.

2. Keep a Consistent Strategy

Don’t get all excited now, just to fall off in a few months. Your followers deserve consistency. Don’t you want to maintain the followers you worked so hard to get? Well, don’t deprive them of the content they love so much. They are waiting to see your content. If they look forward to your weekly recaps, don’t disappoint them. 

If they forget that you exist, you might not make it when they purge their accounts. IG can show them the accounts they interact with the least. Make sure you don’t lose followers this way. IG lets you schedule posts well in advance of the desired published date. You can also incorporate content calendar tools.

3. Engage on Your Page

Being aloof is doing nothing for your engagement rate. You have to talk to the people who support your content. Interacting with your target audience on a personal level is not an option for creating a successful page. Let them know that you see them. Show them that you appreciate their comments or messages. There are quick ways to react to Instagram’s direct messages. You can double-tap messages to show that you notice the messages. Share content from users that shout you out! They may repost you and give you access to their followers.

Doing this works out for you in more ways than one. IG notices the extra engagement and pushes your content more. You can end up on the explore page if your engagement rate is on the rise.

Your comments can also let you know what content you should post next. Your Instagram captions can have calls to action to boost comments. Use those hints to dictate your next post. 

You can use Instagram stickers to ask your followers what they want. Use polls to find out what you should prioritize.

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Lessons From 3 Top Lifestyle Influencers

The top lifestyle influencers have made a fortune from simply living their lives. They may have started doing one thing but quickly pivoted to show other aspects of their lives. There’s a lesson that we can learn from that.

It’s normal for creators to cover a wide range of topics in their content. Because people like the influencer themself, they are open to what they produce. It won’t be jarring for them to post about working out today and a cooking tutorial tomorrow. You may attach an influencer to fitness, fashion, or travel automatically. Still, you’ll know that they are so much more than that. Here are some examples of social media influencers who pivot seamlessly:

Emily Mariko – 1.5 Million Followers on Instagram

The first time many people heard of her was through the cooking niche. Her recipe for her famous “salmon rice bowl” made rounds on the internet. Now, it’s perfectly normal to see content from her, including travel, fashion, and more cooking. This goes to show that with the right personality, you can be popular on the internet, sharing whatever you like, too.

Sommer Ray – 25.6 Million Followers on Instagram

Sommer may come off as unrelatable when you consider her resume. Most people can’t relate to a fitness bikini model. A well-known YouTuber, Sommer got her break in the modeling industry. She is a good example of being both aspirational and relatable. To bridge the gap between both, she released additional behind-the-scenes material on her social media. This way, her IG would attract fans to her personality. They were able to learn about the person behind the gorgeous photos.

Cameron Dallas – 26.3 Million Followers on Instagram

Cameron started in the entertainment niche. On Vine, he created prank footage that solidified his name in the minds of young people. With this following, he moved over to Instagram. His content can range from anywhere between travel, fashion, and viral trends.

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Lifestyle Content Ideas To Use When You Need Inspiration

Imagine having a mental block about what to post concerning your life. How could you not know what to post? You’re living, aren’t you? There must be something to share, you think. This is where people realize that being a lifestyle influencer isn’t that easy. Sometimes, life is just mundane and not post-worthy You may need a little boost, and we can help with that.

Remember the versatility that you have being a lifestyle influencer. Your followers didn’t come to you for one type of content. Following, you could encompass three influencers in one. Let’s think of content that you inadvertently create just by living.

Your Morning Routine

We all have one, even if it’s not perfectly curated. We all wake up and begin the day in our unique ways. Show your followers how you do it. If you wake up at 10 am, show them that. If your job requires that you work from home, you may relate to a lot of people. They may be looking for ideas to prepare for work while working remotely. These don’t have to be long but include a step that sets you apart from other creators.

Your Make-Up Routine

A makeup routine is such a staple these days. There is something therapeutic about watching someone paint a canvas. Share a hack that you learned over the years. Remember to tag the brands that you used. They will see your high-quality content and maybe keep you on their radar.

Your Clean-Up Routine

You’re going to clean anyway, right? Well, there is a sector of the internet that I would like to see. We aren’t sure about the science behind it. Still, people like seeing a mess turn into something clean. The content also works as excellent b-roll material for when you need it.

Your Fitness Routine

You don’t have to be a fitness influencer to show off your routine. If going to the gym is a big part of your lifestyle, then it’s worthy content. If you want to spark engagement, ask followers questions. For example, you can ask them what their favorite workout is. Try out a routine that a fitness influencer made up and tag them. Who knows what could come of it?

Your Winding Down Routine

You might be very tired at the close of the day. Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity to film your nighttime routine. It could be as simple as propping up your phone while you wash your face and apply serums. Save the video and edit when you’re more awake.

Your Outfit

Do you think you have good taste when it comes to clothing? You may just have interesting taste. You can find your people on Instagram by sharing your outfits. What is the occasion? Are you going out for drinks? Do you have a date? Athleisure is quite popular now. If you’re just lounging around the house, people would like to see.

Let’s take it a step further. Maybe you know how to dress well for your body type. You could be very skilled at styling one item in many ways. There are so many ways to go about showing content around clothes.

Travel Content

You could edit all those videos from your last vacation and put them together. You don’t even have to go on a real trip. Get your suitcase. Film yourself tossing items in. You could get tips on maximizing space in a carry-on. Show your followers your travel essentials. These tips won’t cost you anything. Travel influencing can be expensive. This is a way to get your feet wet.

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Plixi Can Help To Upgrade Your Lifestyle, Too

Part of your content creation is to inspire yourself. You’ll likely post content that you wish is your reality until it is your reality. You don’t need just to dream, though. Plixi can help you achieve your dream lifestyle.

If you use our growth services, you will be able to accomplish the success that you want. We have a lot of help from our artificial intelligence targeting technology and platform of Instagram influencers. Through all our combined efforts, we can bring about growth that is both gradual and sustained. Becoming a lifestyle influencer doesn’t sound too farfetched, does it? It isn’t with the Plixi team. Begin growing your IG following with us today.

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