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How To Increase Engagement on Instagram and Keep It There!


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Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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You’ve done a great job increasing your following. You even managed to keep it in your target audience. The content type drew them in, and this is one of those social media goals you can tick off. But what about those engagement rates? If you’re unhappy with them, do you know how to increase engagement on Instagram? Even if you have many followers, you must still work hard to succeed at influencer marketing. An engagement calculator may reveal to potential collaborators that you need to be more influential.

Tap into techniques that have already been effective for your brand. This is a great way to increase the number of people interacting with posts on Instagram and bring more followers. Then, in addition to that, try your hand at a wide array of different kinds of posts. Within a short period, you will be well on your way to increasing engagement on Instagram.

You should keep measuring and analyzing what your audience is connecting with monthly. Maybe they prefer video formats to just photos. Always be mindful of the engagement rate. You can acquire as many followers as you like, but the number that matters most on Instagram is your engagement rate.

The total number of followers you have is just one battle. Fake followers may look appealing, but in the long run, they will just cause you to have more work to do. Continue reading if you’re interested in pushing your page to new levels.

How To Increase Engagement on Instagram and Keep It There!

Calculate Your Engagement Rate on Instagram With a Calculator Tool

You need to know your engagement rate before you find out how to increase engagement on Instagram. An engagement rate calculator determines how engaged an Instagram user’s followers are. It calculates this in terms of the platform’s followers. The tool analyzes the user’s most recent posts to determine a user’s engagement rate. It adds the user’s average likes and comments and divides that total by their follower count. The result is your engagement rate on Instagram.

A low engagement rate may indicate several different things. However, the most common explanation is that the creator’s community does not enjoy the material you share. That would be why Instagram’s algorithm is not showing it to any other followers. Did you buy cheap followers? You won’t see high numbers on Instagram Live or engaging with that piece of niche content. The majority of your followers are robots or idle accounts. If you use a free Instagram engagement rate calculator, it will be possible for you to gain insight into the engagement and followers on IG.

An engagement rate between 1% and 3% is typical on Instagram. The more followers you have, the higher the likelihood your engagement rate will decrease. Learn the way that Instagram’s algorithm works. A high engagement rate becomes increasingly more work to achieve with more followers. You can’t afford to have followers who are not genuinely interested.

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How To Increase Account Engagement on Instagram

There needs to be more than just having the best content. For people to notice your page, you have to inspire engagement. Do you know how to increase account engagement on Instagram? Read this for tips:

  1. You have to engage first. It has to go both ways. Interacting with your followers is necessary if you want to see a greater level of participation from them. You need to acknowledge your followers to cultivate an audience that actively engages with your content.

    Know that it will take some time and that you will need to initiate conversations on posts that are not your own if you want to build engagement. There are several methods to engage more deeply with your audience. They include reacting to comments and Stories and answering and asking questions.
  2. Timing is everything. Do you have a business account? Instagram business accounts come with stats that show you the times of day when your followers are most likely to be online. Put this information to use to arrange your posts so that you have more time to interact with users’ comments.

    Use Instagram’s analytics to determine the optimal time to publish them when most of your followers are actively using the app. Posting at the incorrect time can be fatal. It doesn’t matter that you have the most excellent photo with a top-tier comment. You still risk losing engagement with your audience.

However, you should be aware that your account’s timing may differ.

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How To Increase Engagement on Instagram (And Not Just Your Following)

The engagement rate of a user on Instagram is a quantifiable number that indicates how much users interact with a creator’s content. Calculate it using the number of followers an account has, likes, and comments. If yours is low, you might be interested in how to increase engagement on Instagram.

Keeping close track of the Instagram engagement rate on your IG account is of the utmost importance. Having a huge number of followers makes you look impressive. Simply having a huge number of followers is not nearly as spectacular as having significant engagement.

It’s no secret that some people will pay money to gain followers. This is something that influencers who wish to make an impact might do. A course of action will never be devoid of the possibility of unpleasant outcomes. If you have many paid followers on Instagram, your interaction rate may suffer as a result. We can help fix that here. We have some easy tips for increasing engagement on Instagram.

How To Increase Engagement on Instagram for Business Pages: Convert Likes to $

You should work on improving your Instagram hashtags. You’ll hear us harp on this one often, but the truth is that they work. Do you want to know how to increase engagement on Instagram for business? Keep reading.

It is common knowledge that using the appropriate hashtags in social media posts can assist in expanding one’s audience reach. The greater the number of people who come into contact with your content, the greater the likelihood they will interact with it. Make use of hashtags that are pertinent to your post as well as those that are exclusive to your brand, to reach the ideal audience. So #summerfashion and #barbiecore are good, but so are #latinowoman and #blackgirl.

Instagram tries to show you content that they think you’re interested in. The objective is to persuade Instagram to display your content to users. These users must have already demonstrated an interest in topics associated with a specific hashtag. Therefore, when these users come across your content, they will most likely check it out and participate in the conversation. This is a longstanding hack for increasing Instagram engagement.

Create captions that encourage readers to interact with the image. You need a good call-to-action (CTA) if you’re interested in increasing engagement on Instagram. Your Instagram captions allow you to include a call to action in conjunction with your photos.

For instance, say you asked a question in your photo’s caption. It would encourage your followers to offer their responses in the comments section. You might also give a prompt to them that enables them to comment and share their opinions or experiences with others. Don’t be too provocative, but make the topic interesting and current.

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Read This for Tips on How To Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories

Stories show up at the very top of the feeds of your followers. You’ll see a colorful circle around your profile picture to let anybody you engage with know that you have a Story accessible for viewing. Still, it’s so easy to ignore them and not consider how to increase engagement on Instagram stories.

  1. Hashtags (Again)
    Hashtags are essential to Instagram since they allow users to locate what you have posted. Many individuals already know how to use them on their feeds, but you can also use them to spice up your Stories! Put in a hashtag by using a sticker specifically designed for that purpose. You could use up to ten hashtags on a single post, but who came on IG to read a novel? A hack is to make the words blend into the color of the background.
  2. Stickers
    Stickers are a fun and valuable addition to Instagram Stories, exclusive to that app. In addition to imparting color and character to your pictures, they can also make the pictures you take interactive. Fun questions, polls, and suggestion boxes all let your audience reply to a topic or remark. Make the topic intriguing. Ask your followers what they want to see.
    When using Stories, audiences engage with content distinct from the feeds. They may be bolder here. Comments are public, but interactions with stories go straight to the DMs. This makes increasing engagement on Instagram so much easier.

    Find out what your particular group of followers like by experimenting to know how they interact. Then you can give your followers the chances and the motivation they need to interact with your material. You’ll start increasing Instagram engagement in no time.
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How To Increase Organic Engagement on Instagram for Lasting Success

It’s not a hobby for you. We know. Hopefully, you’re in it for the long haul. But you have bills. It has to make sense to keep up the content creation thing. Some days will be hard, and you’ll need to know how to increase engagement on Instagram. Do you even know how to grow organic engagement on Instagram? Instagram, it’s crucial to post content regularly. But that’s not all it takes. Here are some ways that will take little effort.

  1. Reply to those comments.
    As you build up a following, it is essential to respond to the comments left by your audience. This form of engagement will ensure that they feel heard and valued. They’ll stick around if they think they are a valued part of the community. Additionally, this generates additional engagement with prospective new followers.
  2. Capitalize on other pages’ traffic.
    Interacting with the organic content of high-performing businesses will help you become noticed. It will also give the audience of those brands a reason to start following you. You can accomplish this goal by giving postings on Instagram. It can be either a like or a response. You should search for posts with a high level of fresh engagement and use hashtags specific to your sector. If they worked for them, they could work for you.

    You are already aware of the productive strategies for your company, so stick with them. You won’t see benefits on every engagement post idea instantly. Over time you will if you play the organic social media game. It requires consistency and patience, but our tips at Plixi won’t fail you. Increasing Instagram engagement will become second nature when you stick with Plixi.

How To Increase Engagement on Instagram: Ask an Expert at Plixi!

You could accomplish what you set out to do with the assistance of Plixi’s social media specialists. We are extremely competent in the area of content creator expansion. This will take place once they have viewed your profile and decided they like what they see there. We know how to increase the engagement rate on Instagram.

Keep in mind that the engagement rate on IG fluctuates for different reasons. This covers the timing of each post and the frequency of publishing. Of course, we cannot dismiss the importance of the Instagram algorithm. We have a hack for everything. Feel free to test out our tips.

We take part in a sizeable quantity of research both internally and externally. We developed a plan and put it into action to expand our clientele’s presence on social media. We use a targeting algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI). You won’t have to devote all of your attention to the procedure of buying likes on Instagram. You can skillfully increase the percentage of people who engage with you on Instagram. Using our products will make it easier for you to grow an IG following and engage with other users.

Plixi can lend a helping hand to you in swiftly boosting the number of people who follow you on Instagram. Put all you’ve learned into practice. We are here because we want to see you succeed on social media, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to make that happen! Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today with Plixi.

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