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How To Use Hashtags on Instagram and Make Engagement Soar


Plixi Team

Sep 04, 2023 11 min read

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Hashtags still haven’t gone out of style. It is a well-established fact. Using hashtags on social media platforms can assist in enhancing and expanding the reach of your content. Don’t know how to use hashtags? You simply preface a word or phrase with the hashtag symbol (#). Now you have categorized your material with other social media posts using the same hashtag. You should get to know how to use hashtags on Instagram. We will discuss the benefits they bring to your business and marketing plan.

The people who already follow you on Instagram may not be the only people who see the content you post on Instagram. Using hashtags on the platform may help it reach an even wider audience. You can show off who you are with more than your Instagram bio.

Increase the exposure of your posts by using hashtags on Instagram in the descriptions. Or, you could put hashtags in the comments of such postings. We’ll talk more about how to utilize hashtags on Instagram.

How To Use Hashtags on Instagram and Make Engagement Soar

Knowing How To Use Hashtags on Instagram Could Save You a Lot of Money

Which brand doesn’t have an Instagram page? Instagram is a beautiful platform for the expansion of a brand. It closes the gap between the brand and the buyer. It can be tricky in the beginning. Not to mention that it is expensive to compete with established pages. Knowing how to use hashtags on Instagram could save you some money.

It is easy to reach one’s target market through paid Instagram advertising. This can help one develop their following, raise engagement rates, and boost sales. Paid advertising, however, is pricey for brands in the beginning. If your marketing budget is low, your growth strategy options don’t have to suffer as well. Hashtags could prove fruitful for your brand. Hashtags associated with specific brands are an excellent instrument for expansion. We will tell you how to make the most of hashtags on Instagram. You can increase the number of people who like your brand’s posts and follow your account.

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Using Hashtags on Instagram Will Get You Noticed by the Right People

A hashtag is a combination of letters, numbers, and emoji written after the # symbol. Hashtags on Instagram to classify or label content, making it easier to search for and find. This fact is critical in how to use hashtags on Instagram.

You can boost the visibility of your posts by using hashtags. First, hashtags cause your posts to appear in search results for keywords you’ve used. Secondly, they also contribute to the overall functioning of Instagram’s algorithm. The algorithm will distribute postings to the feeds of other users. The algorithm bases this on the interest that they have expressed in the hashtags contained within your post.

You can put hashtags in the caption of your Instagram post or Reel. You probably already knew that. You can also include them in text components on your Instagram Story. Both of these options are available and effective. They are an excellent approach to broadening your reach and increasing your Instagram audience simultaneously.

The question now is, “How do people locate you after you’ve done this?” People have the option to follow specific hashtags. This means that even if they do not follow you, they can still view your post if it contains the hashtag. People can follow hashtags like they follow accounts.

Or, someone can search for a hashtag on Instagram. IG will direct them to a page that displays all of the posts, Stories, and Reels with that hashtag. Just make sure that when your content pops up, it’s of high quality.

There Are So Many Pros To Learning How To Use Hashtags on Instagram

If you aren’t using hashtags on Instagram, why not? They provide excellent benefits for your brand. After reading about these benefits, you’ll want to learn how to use hashtags on Instagram.

  1. You can get discovered.
    Hashtags expose people to new content. The most important advantage of using hashtags is the likelihood of people finding you. When someone clicks on a hashtag on Instagram, they go to a gallery. It has the most popular and most recent posts containing the hashtag. You’ll see a change when you use the appropriate and most pertinent hashtags for your brand. Other people can find those posts when they search on that hashtag.
  2. You can keep an eye on your competitors.
    Think of that account that is like yours but more popular. Find out what other brands that are comparable to yours are doing. Click on top posts for a hashtag for more data. Note the other hashtags they use. These alternative hashtags have a smaller population but could still bring active followers if you use them.
  3. Invest more in strengthening your brand’s identity.
    Unique hashtags are a great way to advertise your brand. You increase engagement by using branded hashtags and urging other people to do the same. Your audience can use branded hashtags to share stories about their experiences with your products. Hashtags are beneficial to the overall awareness of a brand. Clicking on this hashtag will create a wall of posts about your brand. This is an excellent way to categorize your user-generated content.

How To Use Hashtags on Instagram To Gain Followers: The Dos and Don’ts

An increase is the aim, right? If you’re committed to using hashtags, you gotta do it right! There are right ways and wrong ways to do this. Don’t worry. We’ll tell you how to use hashtags on Instagram to gain followers.

  1. Don’t follow the crowd.
    Finding the most popular hashtags isn’t the best idea. Pick hashtags that will bring in quality followers rather than merely many followers. Just because a hashtag has many posts does not mean it will attract the kind of target audience that you want. Sometimes it’s those niche tags that draw in the following.
  2. Think like an Instagram user.
    Use hashtags that provide a literal description of your business’s products or services. They may be looking for an item in the picture that you hashtagged. Use hashtags that do an excellent job of correctly representing what is in the image.
  3. Find the best place to put them.
    You always have the option of hiding your hashtags. Move them if they are drawing too much attention away from the wonderful caption. You can do this by placing them a few lines below the caption or putting them in a comment.
  4. Avoid using hashtags that aren’t allowed.
    Because some users misuse specific hashtags so frequently, IG hides them. Instagram may have even banned some of them. Andrew Lee Ventures has a list of hashtags the app may have shadowbanned. Check them out before your next post.
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Has Instagram Shadowbanned Me?

You might be reading this because you didn’t know how to use hashtags on Instagram. It’s possible that your engagement is low because IG is taking action against you. Maybe they are doing this because of your hashtag usage. Are you afraid that Instagram shadowbanned you? Have a look at these helpful steps:

  1. Run a search using the relevant hashtags to check if your content turns up. Check whether any of your posts appear on the result pages for the hashtags. If they don’t, IG may be hiding your page. 
  2. How do you make sure? To verify whether there has been a ban, you will need access to a different account that does not follow it. Post to your main Instagram account. Immediately switch over to using this secondary account. You may check to see if your post is in the search results for the hashtags you used. If you don’t see your post, a shadowban is possible.
  3. Perform an in-depth manual search for banned hashtags that could lead to a shadow ban. It can come as a surprise to you to realize that IG restricts the usage of specific hashtags. The most efficient method for determining whether one is restricted is to search for the hashtag in question. You say it does not show up, and there is no hashtag with that name? Then, it is likely that Instagram has restricted its usage. There is no primary source with information on banned tags that you can scroll through.

Check if IG has banned your hashtag before you type that #. It could save your page some trouble.

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A Good Hashtag Generator Could Be Your Best Friend

You already have to come up with engaging content. Your captions have to be good, too. But now you’re hearing that your hashtags could make or break or break a post. It’s all too much, isn’t it? Thankfully, there is a thing called a hashtag generator. Thankfully, AI knows how to use hashtags on Instagram.

The hashtag generator is one of the best hashtag tools you could get your hands on. They typically generate hashtags per post without you having to give much information.

All you need to do is enter some information to get relevant hashtags. Just disclose what you plan to post. Give a description of the post, along with a few brief keywords. You will reach a wider audience in no time.

Make sure you have a direction for your campaign hashtags. You must provide the generator with some background information regarding the content. Share the type of material and the people you want to reach.

Include a handful of the relevant keywords. This provides some additional context and s the tool a better understanding of your article. It will also assist in ensuring that your hashtags include the phrases you know are relevant to your audience and niche. Include a few adjectives in your description of the contents of your media.

Imagine developing a never-ending supply of hashtags for millions of posts. That might be a highly time-consuming process. Content creators and Instagram influencers already have a lot on their plates. Outsource this task. Make sure your quality content ends up on the Instagram feeds of your target audience.

This Is the Best Way To Add Hashtags on Instagram

Part of knowing how to use hashtags on Instagram is knowing how to arrange them. After some practice, you will know the best way to add hashtags on Instagram for your brand. Having your hashtags organized enables you to produce content in a manner that is both effective and efficient. Always put your hashtags to the test. Seeing how much traffic they generate will result in more likes and follows. You can use hashtags for likes.

Are you curious about the maximum number of hashtags you can use? Instagram posts can include 30 hashtags, while Instagram stories are limited to just 10. You’ll find that most users just enter their post hashtags one after the other. It doesn’t matter how you arrange your Instagram hashtags. They can be in any particular sequence.

If you have a branded hashtag, always show it off. Try entering the most common and general ones first and then the ones that are more particular after that, or vice versa. Experiment with both approaches to determine which one works better for you.

Keeping a list of your Instagram hashtags can make producing material efficient. You can store them in the notepad on your phone or your computer. When ready, you can copy and paste the hashtags you want to utilize for a specific Instagram post. Put your hashtags into categories that make sense to you. Then you’ll be able to find the ones you need much more quickly.

Always keep your list of Instagram hashtags up to date, and do so whenever necessary. When you post, you should mix up the order of your hashtags to keep things fresh for Instagram’s algorithm. This will help you get more engagement.

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