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How To Find Someone on Instagram Without Wasting Your Time

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 11 min read

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Learning how to find someone on Instagram is simple with the strategies in this article. We’ll share the best approach when you have limited information. This can include a phone number, picture, or email. 

Furthermore, we’ll share the best methods for finding IG users without an account or when you have blocked them. Usually, there is always a way to find the person you’re looking for with the right approach.

How To Find Someone on Instagram Without Wasting Your Time

Top Reasons To Look for Someone on Instagram

Let’s start by considering some top reasons to look for someone on Instagram. This will give you an idea of whether looking for someone on Instagram is worth your time.

  • Verification and trust: Do you want to find out if someone is who they say they are? You can do background research on a person by looking at their Instagram account. However, the success of this depends on how much information they share on IG. Also, you can use an Instagram private viewer to see accounts set to private. 
  • Mutual friends: You can find mutual friends on Instagram to get a better idea of how you know someone. Also, by looking at mutual friends, you may figure out how you know a particular person. 
  • Dating: Do you want to know more about someone you are dating? Then, you can find out about their life on Instagram. They might have hundreds of posts that allow you to get a sense of the person’s interests and hobbies. 
  • Communication: You can find someone on Instagram if you’d like to communicate with them. That’s because once you follow an account, you can begin to use Instagram direct messages. However, it also depends on the privacy setting of the account in question. Some make it hard to reach out on Instagram since they may block notifications from DMs. 
  • Follow interesting people: Is there someone interesting that you’d like to follow? Then, you can click the follow button on their Instagram profile. Some accounts will allow you to follow automatically, while others need approval from the IG account. People of interest that post often can provide a lot more information than on other social media platforms.
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Different Strategies for Finding Someone on Instagram

Now, let’s turn our attention to the different methods used for finding someone on Instagram. You’ll notice that some strategies focus on having a piece of information, such as a phone number or picture.

How To Find Someone on Instagram Without an Account

Are you wondering how to find someone on Instagram without an account? This is a simple one, and all you need is the address bar of your browser. Type in[username], and the “username” is the name of the account that you want to find. 

Additionally, you can use third-party websites that fetch information about social media user profiles. Using these websites, you can view content such as Instagram Reels, stories, posts, captions, and user profiles. Imginn is an example of these third-party websites that you can use to find someone without an account.

Instagram Downloads is another website for finding Instagram users. Simply type in the account name in the search bar, and the website will show you the relevant content. You can view a wide range of posts by scrolling down after your search.

How To Find Someone on Instagram by Phone Number

Are you trying to figure out how to find someone on Instagram by phone number? This is a viable strategy that can expand your IG social network. Here are a few methods to consider:

  • Discover People: The Instagram app has a Discover People feature. Here, you can find Instagram profiles from people that you already know on your phone, including your phone contact list. However, you’ll need to give your Instagram app permission to view your phone contact list. 
  • Contacts: In some cases, you may not need to use the Discover People feature. For example, on iPhones, you can go to the settings menu and turn on contacts for the Instagram app. This could automatically give you suggestions for IG profiles you can find from the phone number. 
  • Third-party tools: Some third-party tools allow you to find Instagram users by phone number. They’ll have a function where you can type in the number, and the IG profile details appear. Top examples of third-party tools you can use include BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, and Spokeo.

Note that no matter what you do, you won’t be able to find an Instagram account via a phone number. That’s because they may not have shared their phone number on Instagram or used a different number. In that case, you’ll need to use an alternative strategy for finding the Instagram account mentioned in this article.

How To Find Someone on Instagram Without Knowing Their Username

Do you want to know how to find someone on Instagram without knowing their username? Firstly, you can use the Discover People strategy mentioned in the previous section. Start by opening your Instagram app and look for the Discover People function in the settings. Here, you can quickly find new Instagram profiles from your existing social circles. 

You can also use the search function on the Google search engine. For example, you can type their real name and Instagram in the search bar. This will bring up the list of Instagram accounts with the exact name and similar ones, too. However, this strategy is not ideal if the person’s name is popular. That’s because you may get hundreds of hits you need to scan through. In that case, you may want to enter their city or other information to narrow their search.

Finally, you can find users through Facebook. Some Facebook users may have their Instagram profile name and link in the profile. You can click on this to access their Instagram account profile page. Hence, you can find a user’s Facebook profile and then Instagram.

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How To Find Someone on Instagram by Picture

Are you wondering how to find someone on Instagram by picture? Perhaps you saw a picture of someone you recognized from a party or other event and want to get in touch. There are multiple websites that perform this service, and it’s called a reverse image search. 

Each website might have a different layout, and steps vary, but the premise is the same. You upload a photo or picture of the person you want to find on Instagram. Then, hit enter and wait for the results to appear. 

The websites where you can perform a reverse image search include Bing Visual Search, Reverse Google Image Search, and Social Catfish. Also, your smartphone can access various apps for executing a reverse image search to find Instagram users.

How To Find Someone on Instagram by Email

Learning how to find someone on Instagram by email is fast and easy. You cannot use Instagram directly to find people via email, but some third-party websites offer this functionality. Enter the email, and you may find the account you are looking for. 

However, the email you’re using may not be connected to the account in question. That’s because a different email was used to create the account. When finding a specific Instagram account doesn’t work by email, you should try other options mentioned in this article.

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How To Find Someone’s Location on Instagram

Do you want to know how to find someone’s location on Instagram? Then, you can use Instagram’s location search feature or an Instagram location tracker. Websites like iStaunch offer the latter. This is a free web-based tool that allows you to find the location of any Instagram account within a few clicks. 

To use the Instagram location tracker, you’ll need to know the name of the account. This tool shows the last known location of the account you’re searching. It will also share a previous location where an account has been active.

Note that finding someone’s location on Instagram is not reliable when the target account uses a VPN. This can mask their real location and give you a false reading. Therefore, you need to take the information you find with a grain of salt.

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How To Find Someone You Blocked on Instagram

Are you wondering how to find someone you blocked on Instagram? You can find blocked Instagram accounts by going through the following steps:

  1. Go to your profile page. 
  2. Tap the “settings and privacy” option. 
  3. Tab Blocked from “Who can see your content” section.

You may want to do this when reviewing the people you have blocked and perhaps undo the decision.

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How To Find Out if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Do you want to know how to find out if someone blocked you on Instagram? You may want to discover who blocked you on Instagram. This will give you a heads-up regarding when your communications with a specific person have soured.

Here are some of the top strategies for learning how to discover when someone has blocked you on Instagram:

  • Search the account: The simplest way to directly search for the account that you think has blocked you. If you cannot find the account, then you have probably been blocked. You can search for the account in question using”username.”
  • Comment posts: Do you think that one of the commenters on your posts has blocked you? Then, you can click on their name from the comments section. If you’re blocked, you’ll arrive on a page that says, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”
  • Check direct messages: You can inspect your direct messages to see if an Instagram account has blocked you. That’s because Instagram doesn’t delete your messages, even with blocked accounts. This means you can click on a username from a message thread. If you have been blocked, the page will say, “Page not found.” 
  • Ask a friend: Are you unsure if you have been blocked or if there is an error? Then, you can ask your friends if they can see the account you want to view. If they can see the account but you can’t, then that account has blocked you.
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Finding Someone on Instagram Best Practices

Now, let’s consider some of the best practices for finding someone on Instagram. This will help you complete the process faster and avoid wasting time in the process.

  • Follow their account: Once you find someone on Instagram, press the follow button. This will give you access to more information. Also, it will help you figure out if you have found the account you want. Sometimes, it can take a few days for follow-up requests to be accepted, so press the button ASAP. 
  • Send a DM: Once you become a follower of the account you find, you can send them an Instagram direct message. You can also send photos and emojis by using the chat functionality. 
  • Don’t harass users: After finding someone on Instagram, it’s acceptable to reach out and attempt to start communication. However, if they don’t want to communicate in return, then move on. Social media is not an opportunity to harness someone you find on Instagram.
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Is It Hard To Find Someone on Instagram?

To conclude, finding someone on Instagram is not a hard process. It depends on the amount of information you have, but there are enough tools to help you along. Now that you know how to find someone on IG, use the strategies to begin searching. 

How to find someone on Instagram varies based on the information you have available. However, using third-party tools is usually a good starting point. Remember that even if someone has blocked you or set your account to private, you can find them.

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