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Free Instagram Followers To Skyrocket Growth

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 11 min read

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Do you have a limited budget for growing your Instagram account? Then, you can boost your account growth with free Instagram followers. There is a wide range of strategies you can deploy that don’t cost a penny. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of methods to get Instagram-free followers. It’s possible to get millions of new followers by applying a combination of the strategies outlined in this article. 

Furthermore, you can grow your Instagram account with the help of Plixi. We are an Instagram growth service that specializes in rapidly growing follower counts to new heights.

Free Instagram Followers To Skyrocket Growth

How To Get More Followers on Instagram for Free

Are you wondering how to get more followers on Instagram for free? Then, in this section, we’ll reveal the different strategies that lead to more followers without spending money. These can grow your account to new heights and receive commercial success.

1. Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

Creating regular content is one of the best ways to get more followers. Create the content yourself. There’s no fee, but it will require a lot of time and investment. To ensure you release content regularly, consider using Instagram scheduling tools

These tools allow you to create a content calendar that’s automatically posted. It ensures you can create multiple months’ worth of content in advance. This is a good strategy for avoiding any gaps in your content release when you take a break. It’s important to constantly feed your audience with new content to maximize your ability to generate new followers.

2. Post Various Types of Content

Building upon the last section, you need to deliver the different types of content possible on Instagram. This ensures you target users who only consume Instagram Reels or live content. Here’s a summary of the different content types you can publish on Instagram:

  • Instagram Stories: You can post content that only your followers can see with Instagram Stories. Therefore, you cannot get more followers with this content, but you can keep your existing ones. Therefore, good story content can lead to a lower unfollower rate. It gives users more reason to stay tuned to your account. 
  • Instagram Reels: Use Instagram Reels to draw in new followers with viral content. Reels are an excellent choice for short-form videos, and there’s a lot of room for creativity. Typically, the videos that get the most engagement are snappy and to the point. Also, make sure to create a fun, casual, and light tone since that’s what Instagram viewers expect. 
  • Instagram Live: You can use Instagram Live to connect with your audience in real-time to boost your content strategy. Users who catch your live streams may decide to follow your account. That’s especially true if you create live content consistently. They may want to subscribe to your account to catch notifications for live streams.

3. Optimize Your User Profile

Many Instagram users may decide to inspect your user profile before clicking on the follow button. Therefore, your profile must be optimized and geared to impress newcomers to your account. 

This means using the text section of the bio to share what your account is about. Make sure to add your top keyword to increase the searchability of your Instagram profile. Note that you have a limited number of characters, so the use of emojis allows you to express more with less. 

Furthermore, you need to add a carefully chosen Instagram profile image. This could be a personal image of yourself or a brand logo. The latter allows customers to identify your brand on Instagram easily. However, when choosing a personal image, make sure that it’s casual. Keep the professional bland images on more formal social media platforms like LinkedIn. 

You can also pin an Instagram story to your profile. This gives you more virtual real estate to express what your account is about. Pinned stories welcome users and often increase the conversion rate for getting new followers.

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4. Promote Instagram on Other Platforms

You can quickly generate a large number of free Instagram followers by using audiences on other platforms. This strategy allows you to leverage your hard work to grow your Instagram account quickly. Here are a few places where you can start to promote your Instagram account:

  • Social media platforms: Do you have established audiences on platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and X? Then you need to promote your Instagram on those platforms to drive up followers. 
  • Websites: Add Instagram buttons to your website and encourage users to sign up. Websites with a high daily traffic count can receive a large number of new followers in a short time. 
  • Email list: Are you in possession of a large email list? Then, consider adding Instagram buttons and even suggest that users become followers. Give them a reason to follow your Instagram account. This could be exclusive giveaways or product news.

5. Free Trial for Buying Instagram Followers

You can take advantage of the free trials that are available with services that sell followers. While you have low funds, you can take advantage of multiple free trials to get new followers. However, make sure that you target real followers that can add real value to your Instagram account. 

It’s beneficial to use multiple free trials to ensure you can test and compare the services. Once you’re ready to buy Instagram followers, you’ll know the best service to trust.

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Advantages of Getting Free Instagram Followers

Do you need some convincing that acquiring free Instagram followers is worth your time? Here are some of the top reasons why you should work to get new followers on Instagram:

  • Save money: You might have a limited budget to work on your business or personal brand. When that’s the case, getting free followers is the best route to success. Also, with the methods in this article, there are plenty of ways to generate millions of followers. 
  • Higher profitability: Spending lower sums of money on customer acquisition means that you can increase your overall profitability. Therefore, you will have more funds to reinvest into other forms of marketing or more stock. 
  • Better brand sponsorship deals: Increasing your follower count is one way of getting more money from brand sponsorship deals. That’s because brands pay attention to the follower count, among other things, when deciding on the payment size. 
  • More authority: The extent of your reach and authority in a given niche will somewhat depend on the number of followers. Increasing the follower count means more people are taking notice of your content and opinions. 
  • Meet goals: As an Instagram content creator, you may have dreams of reaching 1 million or more followers. Therefore, getting free Instagram followers can be a way of meeting personal challenges.
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Should You Get Free Bot Instagram Followers?

Are you interested in getting free bot Instagram followers but are not sure if they are worthwhile? Overall, bot followers are not worth the hassle. That’s because they will not lead to more engagement with your content or product sales. They only inflate your follower count, which could be good for negotiating higher pay from brand deals. 

You risk getting caught by Instagram when you willingly acquire bot followers. This may lead to a ban or an Instagram shadowban. Therefore, the reward to risk ratio makes bot followers not worthwhile. You could grind your IG account progress to a halt. 

Instead, you need to concentrate on real Instagram followers that will interact with your content. This includes likes, shares, and comments. These engagement metrics are important for the Instagram algorithm.

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Best Practices To Get Free Instagram Followers

Now, let’s consider some of the best practices for when you want to get free Instagram followers. Follow these tips to increase your odds of dominating any Instagram marketplace. These strategies can work whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Instagram content creator.

Analyze the Data

You can increase your follower acquisition rate by looking at the data to see where followers are coming from. For example, you can see the engagement metrics for your posts. As a rule of thumb, higher engagement rates lead to more followers. 

Once you find the posts that contribute to more engagement, you can publish more of them in the future. Likewise, you can avoid posting content that doesn’t hit the mark with your Instagram target audience.

Collaborate With Other Content Creators

You can form partnerships with other content creators on Instagram. This can be in the form of pure business partnership or genuine friendship. Therefore, you can take advantage of the audience other creators have gathered. Also, you’ll do your bit to expose your audience to those content creators. 

When looking to form partnerships with other creators, you need to consider their niche. There must be a good amount of overlap to ensure that you make it worth your time. 

Sometimes, related niches are also a good way of getting new Instagram followers.

Let’s say you are in the fitness niche, you can also partner with creators in the weight loss category. It’s likely that people who are into fitness will also be interested in weight loss strategies.

Find the Best Time To Post

Your content can have a bigger impact when it’s posted at the right time. You’ll need to post the content at the right time of the day and week for the best effect. This ensures that the highest number of people see and interact with the content. 

The best time to spot content varies depending on the target audience demographics and the type of content for your product. For example, long-form content may not be best for the morning when people are busy. However, during the lunch break or evening period, people have more time to watch Instagram Live content. 

Ideally, you should be monitoring the performance of your post to compare the best time to post. You can see when you have more engagement, and it’s an ongoing optimization process. Also, you can start by following your top competitors to see when they typically post content.

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Things To Avoid When Getting Free Followers

You need to be aware of the negative consequences of the strategies you must avoid. With the other methods, this can do all the hard work of getting free followers on Instagram. Here’s a summary of the commonly used methods that are worth avoiding:

  • Buying followers: It goes without saying that to get free followers, you need to avoid buying them. It might not be the best use of your funds when growing the IG account. Instead, you could pour any funds you have available into upgrading the content. 
  • Spamming other posts: Don’t spam the posts of your competitors and ask for those audiences to visit your account. It’s a bad look and comes across as spam. It could also break Instagram community guidelines
  • Wrong target audience: Don’t make the mistake of targeting an audience that will not meet your objectives on Instagram. If you need to sell products or services, target the right audience for those purchases. 
  • Don’t lose patience: Instagram, like other marketing channels, requires some time to master. Therefore, you need to be patient with your follower acquisition rate. At first, it might seem difficult to get even a few thousand followers. However, you may reach a tipping point where word-of-mouth marketing spirals out of control. This led to a large influx of new followers in a short time.
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Are Free Instagram Followers Enough?

To conclude, focusing on generating Instagram followers for free should be part of any strategy. That’s because the free strategies can potentially generate millions of subscribers in a short time. It depends on the execution of your strategy and what you bring to the table in your niche. 

Now that you have learned ideas on how to get free Instagram followers give it a try for yourself. You can start with a strategy that overlaps well with your skills to increase your odds of success. Once you see the follower count grow, you’ll get motivated to do more of the same and beat the competition. 

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