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Instagram Management Service: A Professional Solution

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 9 min read

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Social media accounts aren’t just for uploading pictures of your cute dog anymore. That may be your overall brand, but you still have to work hard to have an online presence. There are so many accounts just like yours on every social media platform. How do you stand out? One method is by using Instagram management service. 

Keep reading to find out if this could work for you!

Instagram Management Service: A Professional Solution

This Is What Instagram Management Services Can Do for You

Being an Instagram influencer may not be the only thing you do daily. You’re a multifaceted person. Maybe you still have a 9 to 5 or multiple side gigs. You could be the head of your family and the main player to keep that ship running smoothly. Still, you can’t let your social media prospects fall by the wayside. 

If the opportunity to outsource were available, you would take it. That is where social media management services come into place. As your page continues to grow, it can get difficult to keep track of all your followers. And you need to keep track of them. That’s how your engagement rate stays strong. Hiring a social media management service provider could be the best option.

This kind of business monitors the day-to-day running of your social media account. It ensures a consistent presence on the platform and ultimately encourages growth. Management service typically achieves some general tasks:

1. Creation of Content

You’ve always heard that posting content frequently is how to grow your page. That is easier said than done. You could use a content schedule or reel templates all you want. Creating regular content takes a lot of time, especially when you want to do it as high-quality.

A good social media management service provider can pump out content regularly. They should be able to share content that the Instagram algorithm will favor. Recognizing trends in Instagram challenges or popular audio should be a basic requirement of these providers. 

2. Steady Follower Growth

Ideally, all the effort these providers put in should lead to growth. We don’t mean a random burst of followers. We’re talking about sustained growth over a long period. You ultimately want your community on Instagram to increase. 

This community should be full of members of your ideal target audience. Finding your target audience can be pretty difficult. A good management service provider should be able to do it for you.

3. Engagement Rate Management

Of course, a high follower account is not enough to be successful on this app. You need an impressive engagement rate as well. This is what shows that people care what you post about. This is what impresses brands when they come to you for sponsorships. It indicates that you have actual influence and are not just a content creator. 

4. Feedback

The entity with this important task should be able to give you progress reports. They should be able to explain why the numbers look a certain way. They should be able to devise a plan of action to increase numbers. Evaluating the market is a very important skill that your provider should have.

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The Best Instagram Management Service Will Do This

Not all Instagram management services are equal. Some are simply better than others. If you’re willing to take this route seriously, there are some extra tools you should look for. There are some additional services you should ask your potential social media manager about. The best Instagram management service will do this:

1. They Engage With Followers

For your page to grow, you can’t just sit around and watch the comments roll in. Instagram notices when you engage with the comments. To keep your engagement rate growing, you must also like and comment. Managers should engage in comments in a fruitful way, not fake conversations.

Unfortunately, as your page grows, keeping up with the comments gets harder. The bigger your page gets, the greater the need for adequate Instagram account management. The best managers know how to give potential customers sufficient attention. They can reply to comments and react to direct messages where necessary.

2. They Curate a List of Hashtags

Social media managers know there is a science to creating hashtags. They know how to balance popular hashtags with niche ones to maximize online reach. They even know the power that a customized hashtag has for your brand. Maybe this tool hasn’t worked for you, and you doubt its effectiveness. It could be time to hand the reins to a professional social media manager.

Researching hashtags can be very taxing. There is some amount of trial and error that you have to commit to. You can rest easy when you have a brand manager who can spot trends. Maybe they keep a list of go-to hashtags to use on every post. Maybe they craft them individually. A true professional will know the best course of action to take.

3. They Have Experience in Copywriting

Instagram may be a site for visual delights, but success takes more than that. Each post or reel will need captions. You’ll have to have the art of writing to maximize search engine optimization (SEO). This can be a very complicated concept to grasp. This is why allowing a professional to do so is useful.

Crafting the perfect call-to-action (CTA) can be the key to creating much-needed audience engagement on a post. As you can see, it’s not just about posting regularly. Instagram management services revamp your page if they do it correctly.

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Instagram Management Service Cost: Control How Much You Pay!

This is not charity work. Providers of Instagram management services expect you to pay them. It is difficult to tell you an exact price for the cost of the services. It could arrange anywhere from under $50 from an Upwork freelancer to thousands of dollars to an established corporation.

Ultimately, you can decide what you will pay for the services. You can decide on an Instagram management service cost in several ways. These are the different payment arrangements that you could agree upon.

1. Per Hour

You can put your brand manager on the clock. Some programs allow you to see what they’re working on with screenshots. This way, you know they’re not just letting time run while you pay them. Some employees will see this as micromanaging, and it may just take more time out of your busy schedule.

2. Per Month

You may not see a burst of growth all at once, and that’s fine. Sometimes, you must give your social media manager more time to revamp your page. Your page might be in a very dire state, and short-term fixes simply won’t get the job done. 

Having a monthly check-in could give you an idea of the new trajectory of your brand. Before both parties agree on a contract, they must state reasonable expectations. At the end of the month, you can measure those expectations against the results.

3. Per Task

This could be the most cost-effective method for small businesses. Maybe you don’t want a full gambit of services. You could have a professional supplement your efforts where you fall short. Here are some examples of tasks that you could contract for.

  1. Creating graphics for a promotional campaign.
  2. Coming up with SEO captions for posts.
  3. Creating a content calendar for a specific season.
  4. Supplying the best hashtags for specific posts.
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Check Their Instagram Marketing Strategy With These Metrics 

You are about to find room in your budget for this specialized service. You need to make sure that it is a good monetary decision. Don’t think that you have to take everything they tell you just because you are the “novice” and they are the expert. We would hate to see them outsmart you because you don’t know what metrics to look for. 

Here are the numbers you should look out for when gauging the effectiveness of the Instagram marketing strategy they choose.

1. Follower Count 

This may seem like the most obvious thing. Yes, you want growth. Of course, you will look at the follower count at the top of your page. 

But if you’re just looking at that bare number, you will not fully understand your overall progress.

Instagram accounts can acquire followers using many different means. Some are cheap and do not last. If the person you have hired acquires “free followers,” you may be in trouble. These followers will likely not last very long when Instagram decides to purge the site of fake accounts.

You have to find the time to pay attention to the caliber of followers flooding your page. You only want high-quality followers from your target audience, not just any followers. Ask your social media account manager about the types of followers that you’re gaining, not just the numbers.

2. Post Reach

If these people aren’t following you, are you at least reaching them in the first place? They can’t engage if you don’t reach them. Would addressing this problem be the root of fixing all other issues? If the social media manager can’t do this effectively, all other things will suffer.

Maybe you’ll have to incorporate some more reels. We know that reels go farther than just simple posts. Perhaps you’re using too many original clips and must incorporate some trending audio instead. 

Of course, these are solutions that you should hear from your expert. It’s a good thing you read Plixi articles, so you know if they are coming up with good solutions.

3. Overall Engagement

You need to get the explicit stats regarding your increase in engagement. And this is what matters, after all. It will also highlight the inefficiencies in the quality of followers you’re getting. Remember that keeping your Instagram engagement rate high is harder as you get more followers. This magic will be the true test of how your social media manager is doing.

Now you know what to look for. Don’t let anyone pull a fast one on you. Remind them you have some social media gurus at Plixi on your side, too.

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Use Plixi if You’re Not Interested in an Instagram Marketing Agency 

No one can replicate the results that Plixi gets its clients. If you don’t use an Instagram management service, you will still need Plixi. If growth and engaged followers are your goals, Plixi is your one-stop shop.

We have the means to make these kinds of claims. There is an in-house platform of Instagram influencers waiting to give the best advice. There is also a propriety AI targeting algorithm, which we perfected over a decade. You don’t have to sacrifice your dream of being an Instagram influencer. You just need the right platform. You can start growing and gaining Instagram followers right now.

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