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Automate Instagram Likes: What You Need To Know! 


Plixi Team

Mar 13, 2024 9 min read

10x Faster Instagram Growth. Automatically.

Some creators you wouldn’t even suspect have started to automate Instagram likes. Yes! It’s a go-to tactic for social media managers, not because they’re lazy. Creating stellar content that doesn’t get the reach it deserves is simply a waste of time. Using automation, likes are not something creators have to scrape for anymore.

If it is intriguing to you, take a look at this article. We’ll discuss the kinds of automation and how the tools can benefit your page. Of course, we believe in balance. We will also talk about how automation is a double-edged sword. Are you ready to start your automation journey? Let Plixi be your guide!

Automate Instagram Likes: What You Need To Know! 

Can You Automate Likes on Instagram?

Yes, you can. It was hard enough to make content that you thought was good enough for Instagram. You second-guess yourself for a long time. Now, you have to worry about whether people will double-tap or not. 

It’s not that they dislike your content. Maybe they don’t want you to know that they like your content. Some people may quietly affirm in their minds that they like a picture. Yet, they will keep scrolling and go onto the next thing on their Instagram page. The constant influx of content just makes people want to move by quickly. 

This is frustrating and makes creators want to help their content succeed. This is why they ask, “Can you automate likes on Instagram?” Is there a tool for that? They will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a way to automate likes on Instagram.

They can stimulate their engagement and find followers that will fit their target audience. Something that sounds this good requires self-control and discipline. You still want to get the feeling that comes with earning likes, don’t you? 

If you’re going to automate likes on Instagram, this doesn’t mean you should stop creating content at your full potential. There is also the risk that you get on Instagram’s bad side. We will touch on that later in the article. But to be clear, yes.

You can automate likes on Instagram. It’s just not a feature that Instagram offers, but third parties do.

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Why Creators Want To Know How To Automate Likes on Instagram 

People are trying to automate as many things as possible in their lives. It makes sense that they want to know how to automate likes on Instagram. Some of us are just happy to know this option exists. But do we know how much these likes can help a page? Let’s explore some of the benefits of using automation tools, specifically for likes.

It Increases Social Proof

We don’t like to admit it, but we pay attention to how many likes posts get on Instagram. We like to see which one of our friends liked the post before us. Before we sit down and watch an entire Reel, we must see if it has a high like count. That’s how we know it’s worth our time. Social proof is a big factor in social media. 

On Instagram, there are so many things to entertain us. Sometimes, creators have to win us over. Unfortunately, having evergreen content is not enough to win over someone into watching or engaging in your content. Sometimes, users want to see that other people have already given your content the stamp of approval. 

In the same way, some people decide to follow users who already have a big following. It’s no different when it comes to photos or Reels. People like to engage in the content when they see that people have already engaged. This is why some people automate likes on Instagram. It counts as a form of advertising for the content.

It Increases Visibility

When a post gets a lot of likes, Instagram promotes the concept to more people. The algorithm thinks that other people will like the content, too. For a creator to get that boost from Instagram, sometimes they have to create some engagement first. 

This initial engagement is not always easy to come by. This is why users automate likes on Instagram to increase visibility. At first, this artificial increase in visibility usually leads to more organic visibility. 

The aim is to have this content for new followers. Instagram could do this using the Explore page. However, creators often think they have a higher chance of this if they fabricate initial engagement.

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The Top 4 Problems With Having Instagram Bot Followers

To talk about how to automate likes on Instagram, we have to talk about Instagram bot followers. Yes, automated Instagram accounts are walking among us. Not everyone who comments is a real person. Not everyone who follows you has a real interest in your content. 

Instagram used to be an authentic place where people post unfiltered content. It’s changed drastically over the years. Now, it is a platform for marketing and making money. 

To make things easier, people will introduce robots to the platform. This is no different when it comes to the potential followers that growth platforms promise. You’ll likely get some fake followers when you buy followers for cheap. 

It may not seem like a big deal. You may think it’s fine that you at least look like you have a big following. Unfortunately, having a bunch of robots follow you on Instagram could do far more harm than good. Before you purchase from a site that promises real followers, read what we have to say.

1. They Do Not Engage

Increasing your numbers on Instagram is important. We would never disagree with that. It’s a good goal to have a strong online following. Still, gaining followers on Instagram is not enough. That’s only the first part of what you need to do. Securing sustained organic engagement should be the real goal

You need to get your followers to engage in your content constantly. You need them to like your photos and Reels. You need them to leave responses to your polls and reply to your stories. You need them to promote your content by sharing it with their friends. The problem is that these are activities that humans do on the platform. 

It’s hard to guarantee that robots will do that for you. Yes, some platforms do sell likes and comments. There is a way to mimic organic IG activity. Still, a human can tell when a comment is coming from a robot. It just doesn’t feel authentic. It’s difficult to keep a common section going when it’s full of non-human characters. 

If you can’t guarantee an increase in your engagement, bot followers are not worth it for your brand. You should consider this if you are protective of your engagement rate.

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2. Instagram Removes Them

Instagram knows that people can buy followers. It knows that many of the accounts on the platform aren’t real. This flies in the face of what Instagram is trying to do. The platform wants organic behavior from people who desire community. It wants people to grow their following through putting out content. This is why it incentivized creating reels

So, when people try to skip the line by using automation, Instagram does something about it. Have you ever woken up to a huge decline in your following? You ask yourself what post made them leave. You haven’t changed anything recently, so what’s the problem? 

The reality is that Instagram may have purged some of your followers. If there are robots, Instagram may have to remove them from the platform. 

Unfortunately, some of your following consisted of robots. It may not be worth spending money on followers that don’t even last. These platforms that offer followers do not have a stamp of approval from Instagram. It’s not like Instagram can go to these platforms and enforce better quality followers. 

If you lose your followers in a purge, you don’t have any options. You may find yourself restarting at square one. In that time, you could have just been growing your following organically.

3. They Reduce Your Credibility

When it’s time to negotiate with brands for sponsorship deals, they will ask about your followers. They want to know that you have a following that is full of their ideal target audience. They want to know that the target audience regularly engages with your content. Your Instagram Insights will show just how well your engagement is. 

If they see that your engagement does not match your following, it reduces how well you can negotiate. Having followers who don’t engage in content makes you look like you’re not an authority in your niche. So, while these followers will appear successful on the platform, eventually, you have to prove it.

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4. People Know You Have Them

People are becoming wise to the tricks of social media. They know that not everything they see online is real. If filters exist to make people look different, the concept of fake followers is feasible as well. 

Engagement rate checkers can reveal that huge creators have low engagement. Some tools can show you that a following is full of mainly bots. So, some followers will seem impressed by the following. However, the social proof you want from having a huge following may not exist for some people. 

When people learn about this, they will know that you also automate likes on Instagram.

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You Don’t Have To Automate Instagram Likes

You have other options if you want a huge following that engages in your content. You don’t have to automate Instagram likes to secure likes on your posts. You just need to get the advice of a growth expert. You’re exactly where you need to be. Plixi has the tools you need to secure your growth for Instagram.

Our in-house platform of Instagram influencers is great at social listening. They already have all the solutions to your problems. Our propriety AI targeting algorithm provides great balance. You will love our customer service ethos at Plixi. 

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