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How To Go Live on Instagram and Get Viewers

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 10 min read

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Learning how to go live on Instagram is simple and unlocks a world of new opportunities. You can interact with your audience more engagingly and meet objectives. This includes getting more followers, growing your brand recognition, or selling products. 

We’ll share how to use Instagram Live and related information to help you get started. Once you get the hang of creating live streams on Instagram, it might prove to be the best content type. Adding it to your Instagram marketing strategy is a no-brainer if you want to beat the competition in your niche. 

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How To Go Live on Instagram and Get Viewers

How To Go Live on Instagram on PC

Do you want to know how to go live on Instagram on PC? Going live on a PC might be more convenient for you compared to a mobile device. This depends on the nature of the content. For example, when you want to do tutorials that involve screen sharing, a PC is the way to go. You can use Instagram Live Producer to create a stream with external streaming software. 

Here’s the process for using Instagram Live on PC:

  1. Choose the streaming software that you’ll be using to create your Instagram Live stream. Some of the top options include Streamyard, OBS, and Streamlabs. 
  2. Open the streaming software and locate where to input your URL and stream key. Note that the URL and stream key are required to link the broadcast software to your Instagram Live event. 
  3. Go to the Instagram website and choose the Add post option. You’ll need to select Live from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Enter your video title and select the audience. This could be Practice or Public. You may want to practice a few times to ensure your stream is working before going live. 
  5. Now, you’ll see a unique URL and stream key and on-screen instructions for how to use them.

How To Go Live on Instagram on iPad

Are you interested in figuring out how to go live on Instagram on iPad? The process is simpler than using a PC. However, you may have fewer options to customize the experience. Here’s the step-by-step process for using iPads to create a live stream:

  1. Boot up the Instagram app on your iPad. 
  2. In the top left-hand side of the screen, tap the camera button, or you can swipe right from the feed page.
  3. Press Live at the bottom of the screen. 
  4. Click on the Start Live Video button.

When the stream goes live, you can inspect the number of viewers in the top right-hand corner. This will help you monitor the size of your audience. You may find doing live streams on an iPad more comfortable than on mobile devices. That’s because there’s more screen real estate space. 

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How To Go Live in Close Friends on Instagram?

Do you want to know how to go live with close friends on Instagram? The close friends feature on Instagram is a small group of Instagram users you select for private communication. This includes setting up Instagram Live streams. You may want to set these streams up if you want to share news with family members or specific interest groups. 

You’ll need to make sure that you select the Close Friends option before going live. You can do this while setting up the live stream on the Instagram app. Then, you can continue customizing the live stream, such as adding filters and effects. 

You can also use the Close Friends feature in a commercial setting. For example, you can share exclusive streams with VIP members who have paid extra. The features give businesses more control over who gets to view their live stream in different use cases.

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3. Advantages of Instagram Live Streams for Growth

Now, let’s consider some of the top reasons why Instagram Live is an excellent way to grow your audience. It’s a unique content production form that offers amazing benefits and could be a way to set yourself apart.

1. Higher Levels of Engagement

Live streams are an excellent way to engage with your audience in real-time. Here are a few of the features that you can use to increase engagement with your Instagram audience:

  • Answer questions: Viewers can type in questions into the chat box, which you can see in real-time and answer. Make sure to monitor the chat box and answer questions to ensure that users continue to interact. Therefore, part of a successful strategy ensures that you constantly answer questions, so make room for it in your stream. 
  • Polls: You can use the Instagram Live features to create a poll. This could be a pool that’s related to the niche and title of your stream. Then, you can showcase the results of the poll and create discussions. 
  • Giveaways: You can create giveaways during the live stream where anyone watching can win prizes. This gives your audience more reasons to watch and continue until the end. Give away good quality prizes, and your audience may make it a habit to watch live streams. 
  • Highlight comments: You can showcase any post comments left by your audience that you find interesting. Some of your livestream viewers may watch to see if you have highlighted their comments. You can expand upon the discussion made by the comment. This might increase the chances of more comments on your posts, which positively impacts Instagram’s algorithm
  • Read out donations: Make sure to read out the donation to the stream as they fly in. Some donors will leave a message, and it’s good practice to read them out loud. This can increase the chances of getting more donations in the future.

2. Expand Your Audience

Go live on Instagram, and you might increase the size of your audience and get more followers. That’s because you can access segments of the audience that prefer live streams compared to other types of content. This strategy is particularly useful in niches where competitors aren’t doing live streams. After all, they take a bit more work compared to creating regular posts. However, the extra work can pay off in the long run by getting more followers. 

3. Sell Products

Are you promoting your business on Instagram? Then hosting live streams is a great way to shift more products. You can add links to your product pages, whether they’re your website or Instagram product pages. To create the latter, you’ll need an Instagram business account

Here are a few content ideas for how to sell products on Instagram:

  • Product review: You can review products that you want to sell on the live stream. This is especially great for Instagram influencers who are going for the affiliate marketing model. You can visually show off the different features of the products, including the unboxing. 
  • Use cases: You can select a use case for the product and create a live stream around it. This will give your Instagram target audience different ideas for how to use your products, thus increasing sales. 
  • Tutorial videos: Are you selling products that are tricky to use? Then, you can create live streams that provide explanations and tutorials. Also, you can answer questions in the live stream so users can overcome the main roadblocks. 
  • Share promotions: When you have promotions on your website, you can showcase them on the live stream. This can significantly increase sales and make the time spent doing the stream worth the hassle. 
  • Upcoming products: You can share any products that you have coming in the future. Also, you can use live streams as an opportunity to do market research. For example, you can ask questions about what features your customers want added next.
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How Many Followers Do You Need To Go Live on Instagram?

Do you want to know how many followers you need to go live on Instagram? The answer is zero. That’s right, anyone on Instagram can go live without the need for followers. This includes shortly after creating your account. 

However, if you have a small number of followers, you may have trouble sharing your stream on the platform. That’s because you can expect lower shareability and word-of-mouth marketing. When your Instagram follower count grows, you can expect more people to tune in and watch. 

Also, people may inspect your account to see the number of followers you have before watching. Some viewers will only watch your livestream when the account gets more popular and you get more followers. That’s because viewers assume the quality of a stream is related to the number of followers on the account.

How To Check Live Instagram Followers

Are you interested in knowing how to check live Instagram followers? You can add your live follower count to the live stream screen. This allows viewers to see how many followers you have. This feature is handy when you’re about to reach a milestone and want to share the event via a live stream. In fact, this may help you get more followers quickly as you get closer to the milestone. 

Several third-party tools allow you to add a live follower counter. Each one comes with a unique look, which is one way of choosing between them. Also, make sure the live counter you choose works with your streaming software setup.

How To Get More Instagram Live Views

To increase the effectiveness of your Instagram live content, you need to maximize the number of views. Here are a few tips to consider when learning how to get more Instagram live views:

  • Advertise the stream: Make sure to let your audience know about the scheduled time of the stream. This allows them to make time and prepare to catch the stream live. 
  • Quality content: Create high-quality content, and you will get more people to watch the streams regularly. 
  • Share the topic: Make sure to focus on a topic for the stream and share it with your audience. This gives viewers more reasons to join if they are interested in the subject matter.
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Should You Use Instagram Live?

Using Instagram Live is a no-brainer if you want to succeed on the social media platform. It allows you to get more followers and increase your reach on Instagram. Also, it gives you a more engaging way to communicate with your audience. 

Now that you understand how to go live on Instagram, give it a try for yourself. Note that Instagram Live streams remain viewable as a video after they finish. This ensures your viewers can catch up if they weren’t able to watch live. 

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