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Who Has Most Followers on Instagram? This Guy Scores Again!


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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What makes people want to follow an Instagram page? Is it because they relate to the Instagram account holder? Maybe it’s because they have nothing in common with them at all.  If you live in a country where it is sunny year-round, sometimes it’s nice to watch people enjoy snow. Conversely, if you are vitamin D-deficient, you can pretend you’re on vacation with that island girl in Barbados. The person who has most followers on Instagram does not live a life that the average person does. The most popular people on Instagram are less than relatable. A good IG page shows you a different perspective on life. For example, National Geographic shows you images you may never encounter in your life. Maybe you don’t want to, either! You likely have an idea of who these people are. Maybe you even follow them yourself. Let’s unveil who these people are!

Who Has Most Followers on Instagram? This Guy Scores Again!

Who Has Most Followers on Instagram & Can It Be Me? 

Everyone has asked, “Who has the most followers on Instagram right now?” It could just be that you are very curious. Instagram is such a huge platform. Who made it out on top? Who got the algorithm to bend to its will? Of course, you wonder if you can do the same. 

We don’t want to discourage you, but the most popular people on Instagram are people who already have real-life fame. We’re not saying that Instagram is in real life. We are saying that these people attained popularity through means other than Instagram. Then, people naturally follow them on Instagram. For example, pop stars and actors gain their fame through music and film. Instagram only acted as a representation of an already strong fan base.

The most-followed person on Instagram is Christian Ronaldo. We can see that being famous on Instagram didn’t make him a good footballer. He was a great footballer and garnered loyal fans. Those fans wanted to keep up with him on social platforms. Now, he’s the most followed on Instagram. 

You can attain fame through a different channel. Instagram is the Wild Wild West. Anyone has the potential to become extremely famous at any given time. That person could be you. Instagram creates fame for a person who is living in obscurity. If you play your cards right, you could be the most followed person on Instagram.

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Who Has the Most Liked Instagram Post, and Who They Had To Overtake

You won’t be surprised to find out who has the most liked Instagram post. It makes sense that this person already has one of the highest follower counts on the platform. Pro athlete Lionel Messi is the one with bragging rights. Are you shocked that it wasn’t Ronaldo? After all, he is the most followed person on Instagram. It would make sense that his followers would rally around his posts as well. However, he has to cede the floor to the #2 spot holder this time around.

Messi Cops Another Victory While Celebrating One

Currently, the most liked Instagram post is a photo of Messi celebrating his team’s World Cup victory. In 2022, Argentina was a victorious country in the World Cup. This was a very important year for the athlete, so bringing home the victory meant the world to him. He shared photos online to commemorate the moment for the benefit of his fans. In the caption, he shared heartfelt thanks to everyone who believed in him and supported him. 

He expressed his excitement about returning home to his country, Argentina. His excitement was palpable. How many people felt his words enough to like them? Upwards of 75 million people did. This could have included people who didn’t even follow him.

Do You Remember the Egg?

Yes, the egg. You didn’t just imagine it or dream it one night. At one point, an egg was the most popular post on Instagram. This egg held that position for 1,436 days, too. The only person that could overtake this egg was Lionel Messi himself.

This has got to be one of the most random occurrences in social media history. It seemed that actual people were liking this post. Maybe they wanted to make a point. Maybe they wanted to shove it in the face of celebrities. Weirdly, it was a display of them taking their power back. It reminded us that anything could be famous. It reminded us that there is power in numbers. They reminded celebrities that the masses control the fame. They decide when you rise and when you fall. Or, we are thinking about this a bit too deeply. Maybe people just thought it was funny.

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The Instagram Accounts That Came Out on Top in 2023

Some celebrities have very loyal fans. These fans will save their money and support them at concerts. These fans will go to their sports matches. These fans will also buy products that they have slapped their name across. If these fans are willing to pay money to support their faves, they will follow them on Instagram. They are more than likely to follow on Instagram because it is free and it is fun. Who wouldn’t want to keep up with a celebrity that they thought was very distant from them?

Instagram closes the distance between normal people and celebrities. You can watch them play with their dogs, and you can watch them spend time with their family. A small part of you can insert yourself into the parts of their lives that they share. Let’s talk about some names that come up when we talk about Instagram fame.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 614 million followers

Not everyone watches soccer. Most people who follow this athlete may not know the first thing about the sport. Somehow, he manages to galvanize support from all types of people. Whenever you forget how many accounts are on Instagram, remember how many followers this guy has.

Amassing over half a billion followers on Instagram is a feat few will ever be able to boast. He seems to be scoring goals on and off the field. Most of his posts are around football, of course. However, on occasion, we will see a glimpse into his personal life. We will see his children or the mother of his children. These insertions are rare enough for them to be a treat to his followers. This is especially true for the followers who don’t follow him because of his football.

Lionel Messi – 493 million followers

We are still in the sports arena. Not to be messy, but there could be some stiff competition between the athlete and the one above. We’re not talking about on the field, we’re talking about on the Gram. Having a firm grasp of this spot is a beloved athlete from Argentina. Just a cursory glance at his Instagram feed. It will show you what he loves. He loves his sports, his country, and his family. He maintains a level of authenticity. His followers seem to love him. With his winning formula, he could give Ronaldo a run for his money.

Selena Gomez – 429 million

What’s ironic about Selena’s top position is that she would rather not have it. She loves her fans dearly and does credit them for her success. However, she has been vocal about the effect of social media on her mental health. This is especially the case when rumors spread about her and ex, Justin Bieber.

Having hundreds of millions of followers doesn’t stop her from leaving the platform on occasion. Her fans understand where she’s coming from. They don’t take it as her being ungrateful, and she has kept a steady top position. In this way, Selena is an excellent example to younger creators. Prioritize yourself, and your true community will stay.

Kylie Jenner- 399 million

She may be the last of the Kardashians, but she is first when it comes to this. It could be her appeal to a younger audience. It could be her commitment to picturesque photos. Starting new projects like Kylie Cosmetics keeps fans interested. Whatever her formula is, it works for her. 

Currently, Kylie Jenner is kissing the 400 million follower mark. It’s only a matter of time before it happens. That is, if she can avoid a feud with Selena Gomez. As you may know, a feud between the two affected follower counts greatly. Followers can be a little fickle when they are this young. Controversy could help her brand but could also injure it.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 394 million

This guy seems to cover a lot of bases. He maintains a brand that both your parents and your kid can appreciate. He can transcend from more serious roles to goofier roles. His flexibility could be the reason for his high follower count. He’s a household name, so it makes sense that he has popularity online as well.

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Ariana Grande – 380 million

She caught the eye of most people while she was on Nickelodeon. Since then, this songbird has kept her fans interested. She could be releasing amazing music or starring in a new movie. She could quietly marry or play a role in a few scandals of her own. The point is people want to know what she’s going to do next. To be exact, 380 million of them want to know. She is insanely talented, but talent alone couldn’t get this kind of support. As she continues to share herself in bits and pieces, it only heightens the intrigue. One thing is for sure: people will keep watching. 

Kim Kardashian – 364 million

You have to work very hard not to know who she is. Kim is a socialite turned businesswoman turned advocate. She keeps reinventing herself right in front of us. It’s no wonder people want to see what the next step is for her. We watched her share her marriage and the dramatic end of her marriage. Well, the most recent one, at least. She even went all out, sharing her most recent fling. That level of oversharing is jarring to watch but also quite enrapturing. On the more neutral side, she loves this year, her latest business ideas, and her beautiful kids. Mastering this duality seems to be the key.

Beyoncé Knowles  – 318 million followers

The last person on our list has never been last. She doesn’t use hashtags, and she rarely ever gives us real captions. Regardless, she will garner the likes that we wish we could. We guess that’s just part of being Queen. We should learn from this that we really should post for ourselves. There’s no need to hop on every trend if it’s not true to your brand. Following trends may stop you from being the trendsetter you were made to be.

Instagram – 664 million followers

We have to shout out the account that you may not know exists. Instagram is such a fan of its platform that it created a page for itself. So, what would the Instagram account share on Instagram? Instagram has dedicated its page to showcasing other creators on the platform. Creators from all over the world can hope for a feature on this extremely popular page. Creatives can use this page to get inspiration for their posts.

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This Could Be You & Plixi Can Help

You can look at these numbers and think that they are outside of your reach. Or you could look at them and gain inspiration. Maybe you don’t need to have hundreds of millions of followers. Maybe you have goals that are on a smaller scale but still impactful for you. Either way, it will take deliberation, planning, and strategy. To gain followers that stick around because they like your content, it will take professional assistance.

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