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What Does NFS Mean on Instagram


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 7 min read

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Does there have to be an acronym for everything? Social media has normalized using abbreviations where they aren’t necessary. They have even lept off our phones and hopped into our daily jargon. Some of them are very difficult to explain. For example, what does NFS mean on Instagram? You see it now and then, but you just decide to ignore it. We understand why. However, after reading this article, you shouldn’t have to do that again.

Social media platforms all have their different quirks. Instagram dishes out a popular acronym now and then. Your social media content could hop on the trend as well. You could use them on a blog post or in a new reel. It’s up to you. We can tell you everything you need to know.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

What Does NFS Mean on Social Media? Well, Context Matters

NFS can mean so many things. How do you know which meaning you should ascribe to the sentence? Well, it depends on the context. What picture are you looking at? What did you just see in the reel? The wider caption that you see NFS in, what is it talking about?

Sometimes, NFS means “Not For Sale.” Remember that Instagram is somewhat of a marketplace to some people. People may advertise their used cars, furniture, and even clothing items. They open the floor for potential bidders and buyers. Other people just like to show off their things. However, interested people may think that these things are up for sale. At the very least, they may think that the poster would accept some money for it if convinced. 

And they’re not wrong for thinking like this. Sometimes, people don’t want to say outright that they are willing to sell some items. It just takes one person with enough guts to convince them that they are getting a good price. 

However, some people post just to show off. Or they post because they are proud of their items. Some items are literally priceless. That watch that you are eyeing could be a family heirloom. That vintage car could be the only one left in existence. That silk scarf has way too many memories attached to it. There is no correct price for items like these. In these situations, NFS means not for sale. Posters can use this acronym to make it abundantly clear that the items photographed are theirs without condition. The other meanings of NFS are totally different. Take a look.

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Let’s Talk About All the Meanings of NFS

We will allow you to guess what NFS means in other contexts. And they could be a little more familiar to you, depending on how early you used Instagram. Do you remember the early days of Instagram when people would use #NoFilter? Yes, people would upload their photos to a website that allows you to use filters. However, they would brag about their need not to use filters. Remember, this is how Instagram differed from Facebook. It wasn’t about authenticity anymore. It was about looking your best on the Internet. Well, that trend has somehow resurfaced with NFS. Let’s talk about all the possible meanings.

No Filter Selfie

This is popular with natural beauties. Let’s start with the one you’re most likely familiar with. If you’re feeling particularly confident about your skin, use NFS. If your morning routine leaves you looking matte on a summer day, or somebody uses NFS. If your makeup routine is something you’re proud of, Sherritt is using NFS.

This hashtag is a postal tool to use when you want to convey relatability. If you want to be transparent and gain the trust of your audience when reviewing products, this can help. People hate when creators use beauty filters to sell skincare products. NFS can be a way to keep their trust.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram, image №3

No Filter Sunset

Who knew endings could be so bittersweet? Oh wow, you’re coming to the end of another day. You get the blessing of the image of a beautiful sunset. Somehow, it gives you the boost to go to bed refreshed and try again tomorrow.

As a creator to yourself, you can appreciate good workmanship. In light of this, you should share a photo of your sunset using the NFS hashtag. Of course, you could confuse this with “No Filter Sky.” We discuss that next up. It is wider, and people use it for more visuals of the sky.

No Filter Sky

Did you catch the sunrise today? Maybe you still have time to catch a sunset. When you upload to Instagram, you can use the NFS hashtag. In the context of a picture like this, NFS means “No Filter Sky.” All this means is that the photo was so beautiful that it needed no editing. Mother nature was the only filter that day. As the name suggests, it’s usually about the image of a sky. It doesn’t apply to just any kind of image of nature. Here are some scenarios where you could use it:

  • At the beach, capture where the sky kisses the water., and the water touches the sand.
  • At night, it seems that the stars are extra bright.
  • At golden hour, when everything seems to be shining and glowing.
  • A photo from the window seat of an airplane going to your next travel destination.
  • The view of your ocean and sky view through your floor-to-ceiling window on your cruise ship.
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No Filter Sunday

Sunday is such an important day for creators. It’s a good day to plan out content for the rest of the week. It’s a good day to set goals for the week. In addition to that, it’s a good day to set personal objectives. Perhaps it would be a good day for you to be personable with your followers. Show your struggles of the previous week and how you’ll do better in the upcoming week. You could even ask them to keep you accountable. Using the hashtag No Filter Sunday would be fitting. After all, you’d be making yourself vulnerable to your followers.

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What Does NFS Mean on Instagram, and Should You Use It?

You don’t have to hop on every trend. You should know what your brand is about and whether your brand aligns with the NFL hashtag. However, we are big fans of hashtag usage on this platform. It can increase your reach significantly. Users who have never heard of your page could find you because they’re searching for the hashtag you used. That is a general advantage of using a hashtag as part of your growth plan. Think about all the people who could be searching for a beautiful photo of the sky. Someone may need a beautiful photo of a sunset, and searching NFS leaves them straight to you.

We are all about growth here at Plixi. If you are truly interested in expanding your following, you’ll need more than just some good hashtags. You will need an entire growth plan overhaul. However, you can’t do it on your own. You’ll need to have some seasoned professionals. You don’t have to look far. You are already in the right place. We have the tools to get the job done. We can take you where no hashtag could ever take you. How will we do that? Well, we have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers and a propriety AI targeting algorithm. We’ve been working on this tool for about a decade now. The proof is in the pudding. So, what does NFS mean on Instagram? With us, it could mean “New Followers Secured!” Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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