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Instagram Account Switching: Take Your Account To The Next Level

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 10 min read

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Instagram account switching is one of the more important features for brands that want to use a comprehensive marketing approach. Using the features, there is no need to create an IG account from scratch to enjoy the advantages of a new account. 

In this article, we’ll share how to switch between Instagram accounts and the top advantages for your business or brand. Furthermore, read the article to the end so that you can discover how to grow your Instagram account.

Instagram Account Switching: Take Your Account To The Next Level

Why Would Anyone Have Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Do you wonder why Instagram account switching is required? In this section, we’ll share the top reasons why you may want more than one Instagram account. The benefits can transform the way you run your Instagram marketing efforts.

Audience Segmentation

You may need to target different audiences with your Instagram marketing campaign. For example, you can target audiences of different age groups, genders, and interests. This is handy when you’re marketing different products. Hence, by using Instagram account switching, you can target one audience at a time to increase the conversion rate.

Here are a few of the audience segmentation advantages you can consider:

  • Relevant offers: It’s a common misconception that people on the internet don’t want to see marketing offers. In fact, people are more than happy to receive promotional messages on products and services they want to buy. Hence, audience segmentation can increase the relevancy of promotional messages, which increases the user experience. 
  • Conversion rate: It takes time and resources to come up with social media marketing material. Therefore, improving your conversion rate is important, and audience segmentation helps. 
  • Organization: By keeping the different audiences for your brand separate, your marketing organization can improve. Therefore, you can break down complicated marketing campaigns into simple sections. 
  • Analytics: When you narrow down the audience for each channel, the analytics data you’ll receive is more meaningful. For example, by segmenting your Instagram channels by age group, you can determine the ones more likely to buy a specific product.

Protect Your Brand

Do you want to launch a new product that may have a negative effect on your brand? It’s a good idea to launch experimental products since they may lead to massive revenue growth. However, you can do so without risking your brand by using the Instagram account switching feature. 

By keeping your new experimental product launch separate from your main account, you can avoid bad press and unhappy customers. Also, it helps keep the data and account interactions separate. Hence, the team working on the new product launch can focus social media marketing efforts from a separate account. 

Multi-Login Account

With Instagram account switching, you can have 5 accounts in total. To set up the extra accounts, there’s not a lot of extra work. Also, there’s no excuse not to take the step since no added fee is required. It’s easier to switch between different subaccounts compared to setting up an entirely new Instagram social account. The latter requires another identity, email address, setting up two-factor authentication, and much more.

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How To Switch Accounts On Instagram

Are you wondering how to switch accounts on Instagram? In this section, we’ll share the steps for how to switch between different types of accounts. This includes personal, business, and creator. These are the three types of accounts you can sign up for on Instagram and add to the Instagram account switching rotation.

How to Switch to a Personal Account on Instagram

Do you want to know how to switch to a personal account on Instagram? Instagram personal accounts are the default settings option that regular users will register for. You can set personal Instagram accounts to private at any time, which is one of their biggest advantages. In comparison, you cannot set business or creator accounts to private. You may want to set your account to private in order to protect yourself from stalkers or harassment. Keep this in mind when using the Instagram account switching feature. 

Furthermore, personal accounts have more options to add music to Instagram posts and Instagram Reels. This makes it easier to post content quickly since there’s no need to source music off the social media platform.

To switch between Instagram accounts, you’ll need to click Switch after tapping your profile photo in the top right-hand corner. This takes just a few moments, whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device.

How to Switch to a Private Account on Instagram

Are you wondering how to switch to a private account on Instagram? You can use the Instagram account switching features. However, you’ll need to have set up a personal account that has the private functionality set on. There are multiple advantages to setting up a private Instagram account, and here are a few of them:

  • Avoid attention: Do you want to have an Instagram account yet steer clear of the attention that might come with it? Then, opting for the private setting is the feature you must use. This means that only your followers will receive content. It’s a good option if you only want to share content with your inner social circle. 
  • Test business ideas: You may want to set up a private group to test business ideas and new products. You can invite a limited number of pre-selected customers to this account to review your offer. 
  • Avoid stalkers: Online stalkers are a big problem for some social media users. Choosing the private options for your account will help you get rid of those stalkers from bothering you on Instagram.

How to Switch to Business Account on Instagram

Learning how to switch to a business account on Instagram is an important feature for those who wish to do social media marketing. You can switch to a business account by clicking on your profile picture and selecting Switch. You’ll need to have a business account already set up to perform this Instagram account switching action. 

Here are some of the top advantages of using a business account for your Instagram activity:

  • More authority: Other business and Instagram users will take you more seriously when you have a business account. It shows that you have a professional approach to Instagram marketing. 
  • Added features: Opening an Instagram business account rewards you with extra features that will come in handy for growing your Instagram account. For example, you can access Instagram Insights, which is the in-house analytics profile. You can use the software to assess post performance and figure out how to optimize your content. 
  • Sponsorship deals: Other brands might be more willing to give you sponsorship deals if you choose to use a business account. That’s because they can see that you’re taking a professional approach to your Instagram account. 
  • Product tags: You can unlock product tags by registering an Instagram business profile. The product tags will increase your ability to sell products on Instagram. You can sell products using a dedicated product page with your business account. This means you don’t need a separate e-commerce website. 
  • Instagram advertising: You can take your social media marketing to the next level using the Instagram advertising feature. This is the in-house PPC platform that can send an avalanche of users to your product pages or website.
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Instagram Account Switching Best Practices

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Instagram account switching best practices. These will help you use the feature to its full potential so that you can get more followers and product sales. However, these best practices are just the start since you can learn many more as you get your hands on the feature.

Use All Five Accounts

The Instagram account switching feature allows you to have five accounts within one dashboard. Therefore, you should take advantage of all five slots to have more options available to meet your Instagram activity.

One account can be your main, another set to private, and the third set to business. This gives you multiple options to use Instagram for different reasons. This also allows you to play around with different account types without creating new ones from scratch.

One for Each Team Member

Do you have different team members working on your Instagram account? Then, it’s a good idea to use the Instagram account switching tool to segment the account for each team member. This keeps things organized so that you’re able to avoid getting in each other’s way. 

Therefore, every team member can receive separate Instagram Insights data and see the content they worked on. The brands that want to use multiple marketing channels on Instagram will love what the account switching functionality brings.

Growing Your Instagram Account

Use Instagram account switching to take your social media marketing to the next level. There are many use cases where you can use more than a single account to grow your business by segmenting activity. Here are some of the top ideas for using account switching:

  • Different brands: Do you want to launch more than one brand on Instagram? Then, you can use different accounts for various brands in your company. This ensures you can keep brand activity separate and no posts will be sent to the wrong audience. This is also a good organizational feature to separate teams working on different brands. 
  • Public vs personal: You can use a public Instagram account to share content with your audience and grow a wide range of followers. However, you can also switch to a personal one for stuff you want to keep personal. Hence, you can use the social media platform in ways that keep your privacy while racing a big audience. 
  • Marketing agency account: Do you want to hire a social media marketing agency to grow your brand on Instagram? Then, you can give them a separate account. This is a good idea if you don’t trust the agency with your admin account since you have never used them before.
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Instagram Account Switching—Should You Use The Feature?

The Instagram account switching feature is a useful tool for those who want access to additional accounts. You’ll save time since there’s no need to create accounts from scratch. Hence, there’s no need to use a separate email address, login details, or two-factor authentication. 

Furthermore, you get up to 5 accounts in total and you can access different types, including personal, business, and private. This gives you the freedom to use Instagram in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

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