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Skinfluencers Could Be the Biggest Craze on IG Today!

Plixi Team

Jun 24, 2024 11 min read

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What happened to go to board-certified dermatologists for skincare advice? It seems like people flock to their favorite content creator to review products. Well, some dermatologists are skinfluencers themselves. They share educational content for free on Instagram. 

Well, you may not have gone to school for skincare. You are just a total skincare aficionado. Do you want to share your knowledge online with people with the same skin issues you do? Well, consider becoming a skincare influencer.

They are very popular online since people want to care for their skin. Maybe they want to look younger for a longer time. Or, they don’t want to depend on makeup so much. Whatever the reason, it’s a niche that you can join.

Skinfluencers Could Be the Biggest Craze on IG Today!

4 Top Tips from the Top Skincare Instagram Accounts

You can’t just create a video of your morning skincare routine and go. You have to be tactical about what you share on the Internet. Skincare Instagram accounts have tested out what works well on the platform. 

We made a note, and we are sharing the results with you. Hopefully, that helps you skip the testing phase and go straight to seeing results.

1. Do Skincare Trends

There is a new product on the scene every few months. Not everyone wants to spend money on something that may not work. They are depending on their favorite skinfluencer to test it out for them. 

You could gain much traction by participating in a trend like this. You just have to increase your chances of getting attention on the platform. Make sure you include your relevant hashtags. When people search for this product or trend, your chances of them finding you increase. 

Of course, you can also do some social media trends for fun. New followers may fall in love with your personality.

2. Show Your Skincare Journey

The proof should be in the pudding. It’s difficult to promote products when your skin doesn’t support the fact that they work. 

Take your followers on a journey. Show them how your skin started and where it is now. Yes, this may take several months, but this is how you rock up followers. 

You will attract people who are invested in the journey. There is value in being transparent. If you had a hormonal flareup along the way, share that. That is very relatable. Be frank when you do something drastic, like getting a chemical peel. 

Users on Instagram are very discerning. They will pick up when you are not honest about a product’s effectiveness.

3. Talk about Preventative Methods 

Don’t limit yourself to products in a bottle. Talk about the supplementary work you do to maintain your skin as well. 

Mention your monthly facials if you think they affect your skin’s overall health. This disclosure will help your followers better understand why you have the results you have.

Topics like Botox and filler are not going anywhere. People are watching to see if they should join the bandwagon. Talking about this topic could mean potential views for your page. 

4. Talk about How Your Ethnicity Plays a Part

We know that we all come in different shades. That drastically affects our skincare routines. Successful skinfluencers on Instagram will incorporate diversity into their content. 

For example, people of color make a point to harp on the importance of sunscreen. For some time, there was a belief that they didn’t need it. Special attention to people in your demographic can attract a niche following. 

It’s helpful when they see themselves in you. It makes it easier to convince them that a particular product works. They may think if it works for you, it’s more likely to work for them.

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How the Top Skincare Influencers Make Money on Instagram

Top skincare influencers aren’t just doing this because they love having nice skin. They don’t promote products because they also want you to have good skin. They are making good money from creating the content they put out.

How do they get this money? Well, there are multiple ways to earn a living from being a skinfluencer. Here are the top three methods.

1. Brand Sponsorships

Brands contract with creators to use their social media to promote products. Companies want to connect with their target audience. They understand that traditional commercials and Google ads won’t get the results they want. 

An influencer on Instagram has the trust of their target audience. Their followers look up to them for advice. 

Brands appreciate the relationship between followers and content creators. They pay creators to promote their products to their followers. This promotion can come in the form of posts or Instagram Reels

Some creators also post on their Instagram Stories. It depends on the agreement between the brand and the creator.

Brands may supply influencers with their products for free. In return, influencers need to create content that praises these products. They may get a specific script to use. 

Or, they could get keywords they must mention in the post. The aim is to bring awareness of the brand to their followers.

2. Affiliate Links

Sometimes, creators don’t get a lump sum payment. Instead, sometimes their payment depends on how many sales they drive up. This is where affiliate marketing comes in.

Sometimes, creators include discount codes in their Instagram captions. They may put links in their Instagram Stories. They don’t just want you to buy a product. They want you to use their link or a discount code. This is not because they are passionate about you saving money. This is how a brand tracks how well an influencer creates sales. 

Influencers receive a percentage every time they make you buy something. This means they need to hustle harder to market products well. They have the power to determine how much they earn. This may not result in the biggest possible payout for the skinfluencer.

3. Being a Brand Ambassador

Some brands like to have influencers represent their brand. Instead of just a single post, they want their products to be part of the influencer’s lifestyle. Being an ambassador involves being a spokesperson for a brand. 

It’s about promoting the latest product rollout to your following. This method works best when brands choose influences wisely. 

Not every influencer fits with a brand. It’s ideal for a brand to look at the type of following an influencer attracts. The age and gender of the following are important. It’s best if an influencer has a command of a particular niche area. 

Having a huge follower count may not be as useful as having a strong, engaged following.

Some skin care products work best with a particular demographic. Brands need to be careful about getting the right influencer in that demographic.

You Can Be One of Those Skinfluencers on Instagram, Too

The idea of being a skincare influencer is tempting, isn’t it? You already love to use skincare products. This should be right up your alley. Is it within your reach? 

We think that you can become a skinfluencer answer with a little patience. Here are some ways creators land their gigs.

Tag the Brands

When you upload content, one important step is to remember to tag the brands! Don’t be afraid to tag everyone involved in the finished product. If you use sunscreen, moisturizer, and hyaluronic acid from different brands, tag them all.

This is how brands know that you use their products in your content. You can also put specific information in the caption. Of course, you need to tag the Instagram handle for these brands there, too. 

Brands will like to see you pushing your followers to their page. It gives the impression that you could be an ambassador for their brand. 

Of course, you should be speaking positively about the products. This is where things get a little dicey. People call out influencers for lying about products for a check. 

Now, people see that aspiring influencers lie about how good products are to secure a sponsorship. You still want to come off as authentic. People see right through an attempt to secure a check. You don’t need to rave about how “obsessed” you are with a product for people like it. 

Reach Out to the Brands

You can also be direct about your interest in the brand. Slide in their DMs and talk about how much you like their products. Say you are open to discussing promoting their products to your followers. 

Explain why your following fits in with their target audience. Say that they are missing out on a huge skincare market that you have a connection to. Who knows? They may start by sending you three items. When you prove you are good at creating content, they may send a contract instead.

You will have to put yourself out there for this one. Some creators are just bold, which is why they secure brand deals.

Skinfluencers Could Be the Biggest Craze on IG Today!, image №3

Skincare Influencer Marketing Tactics for Beginners

Skincare can be very pricey. Being a skinfluencer could mean buying many products to test and create content. That is not sustainable for everyone. If you are a beginner, you are likely looking to save money. 

Here’s a trick to help you do that. There is currently an online discussion about hyper-consumerism in the skincare industry. People criticize content creators for encouraging everyone to spend more. 

The cost of everything is going up, and it seems tone-deaf. That doesn’t mean people don’t want to care for their skin. They just want to do it responsibly. 

Beauty on a Budget

You could benefit from this criticism influencers are currently getting. Play into the cheaper options out there. Talk about affordable brands like Cetaphil and Cerave. 

Not everyone has the cash for Drunk Elephant and Pixi. Let skincare on a budget be your brand. Amaze people with how well cheaper products work for your skin.

Market Minimalism

The truth is that having a 10-step skincare routine may be unnecessary. Hopefully, you can find a story that says that. This is how you market minimalism to your followers. Show them they don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on skincare products. 

Talk about the key steps that they need to achieve their desired skin. This skincare brand could be more relatable to the average consumer.

Skinfluencers Could Be the Biggest Craze on IG Today!, image №4

Is Their Space for Male Skincare Influencers?

Yes, men can share skincare tips as well. Back in the day, men didn’t care much about their skin. They proudly announced that they had washed their faces with the same soap they used on their bodies. 

Times have changed a lot since then. Men care about their skin, and they go online for tips. If you have great tips for them, consider becoming one of these male skincare influencers.

Capitalize on what you know. Focus on your unique experience as a man. Maybe you know a lot about how to grow and maintain a beard. You found the products that work best for you. You can create content around this. 

Maybe you have a labor-intensive job outside. By encouraging men to wear sunscreen, you would be doing a service for humanity there. These are just a few options. We know there is so much more you can do on the platform.

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Sure, there are many ways to increase your following organically. You can produce a lot of content and engage in the comments. But this niche is very inundated. You may need a little extra push to stand out from the crowd. 

One way to do this is by investing in professional help. Plixi is a platform that offers professional growth services to content creators. We have helped many people just like you, including skinfluencers. 

We helped to create a community of followers who like what they post. They are real people who live real interactions. We have excellent tools to do this. There is an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. 

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