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How To Download a Reel From Instagram Step-by-Step


Plixi Team

Apr 02, 2024 7 min read

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Discover the process for how to download a Reel from Instagram. You can download Reels on your personal computer or mobile device, and they’re available for all accounts. You may wish to download Reels to expand your editing capabilities. Therefore, it’s an excellent feature for content creators who are after more flexibility. 

Also, downloading Reels is a great idea if you wish to ensure you have a copy of your content. That’s because your Instagram account may face a hack or ban. You can still access all your Reels on the chosen storage medium when this happens.

How To Download a Reel From Instagram Step-by-Step

Can You Download Reels From Instagram?

Yes, you can download Reels from Instagram on your desktop or mobile device. The process allows you to download Instagram Reels you have created on your account. This gives you more options when sharing the content. Also, you can edit downloaded Reels in a wider range of formats after the download. 

Here is the step-by-step process for downloading a Reel from Instagram:

  1. Open your Instagram account and go to the Reels section. 
  2. Locate the Reel that you want to download. 
  3. Press the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner. 
  4. Select Save to Camera Roll. 
  5. The content is now saved on your mobile device. 

How To Get More Mobile Storage Space When Downloading Reels

Downloading Instagram Reels on your mobile device can quickly fill the available storage space. This is problematic if you have limited space and want to download a lot of Reels. This section shares the different methods you can use to increase your storage capacity. It’s an especially important consideration to make for professional content creators

1. Buy Extra SD Cards

You can use SD cards to provide storage space on smartphones, and most offer compatibility. You can typically choose between 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. However, bigger storage sizes are also available if you need to download a lot of Reels. 

It’s a good idea to buy several SD cards to ensure enough room for your data. You’ll also need a way of labeling the SD cards to ensure you know what Reels are on each one. Content creators with a big content production outlook need organization to avoid losing Reels. 

2. Transfer to a Personal Computer

You can transfer your Reels to a personal computer with more space. Also, space on personal computers is cheaper than on smartphones. That’s because the storage devices on computers are bigger than on smartphones, and that reduces costs. 

You need to use a fast cable when transferring your files to a computer. This ensures the transfer speed is fast, so there’s no need to wait a long time for the transfer to complete. It’s ideal if you’re a content creator who needs to transfer Reels to their computer daily. 

Also, come up with a system for naming your Reels on the computer in the correct files. Hence, you can find the Reels you want when you need to review them. Otherwise, the Reel you want to find might be lost in a sea of them. 

3. Use Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

Cloud-based storage solutions are relatively new products, but the offerings are excellent. It allows you to store files remotely in a location where the service houses the servers. Here are some of the top reasons to use cloud-based storage solutions for storing Instagram Reels:

  • Multiple device access: You can access the Instagram Reels with a variety of devices since all you need is an internet connection. This is convenient if you want to access the Reels on a personal computer and mobile device. 
  • Safe storage: You can lose your Instagram Reels when storing them on an SD card. However, your data stored on a cloud-based computer is much safer. Also, there are other security considerations to make, such as potential hacking events. Therefore, you need to find cloud-based services with a proven track record. 
  • Extra features: Most cloud-based storage solutions come as part of a package. For instance, it can be alongside a VPN or have a family-sharing feature. The latter allows you to give the same services to people in your social circle.
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Can You Download Audio From Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can download audio from Instagram Reels by using third-party tools. This allows you to download audio from any Reel on Instagram. However, you must be careful about reusing copyrighted music on other platforms. This can get you into legal trouble. Instagram has access to copyrighted music you cannot use for commercial reasons elsewhere. 

You may want to download IG Reel music if you notice cool clips. Some content creators have a lot of trouble customizing the music with extensive editing. Therefore, you can listen to those tracks once you download the audio. 

Furthermore, you can download audio from Instagram Reels to edit your clip. This allows you to mix and match the audio of different clips to achieve the result. However, you must find a good quality third-party software solution that works without glitches. 

How To Download Reels From Instagram to Gallery

Are you wondering how to download Reels from Instagram to a gallery? You can follow the abovementioned process to save the Reel to your camera roll. This is essential for saving the content to the gallery. 

However, each smartphone is different, so there might be small nuances in how the downloading process works. Also, ensure you have enough storage space in the gallery to fit your Reels. 

You’ll also want some spare storage space for your mobile device to function properly. When storage space is at capacity, mobile devices don’t work correctly since they need the storage space.

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Top 4 Reasons To Download Instagram Videos

Now, let’s focus on the top reasons for downloading Instagram videos. This will give you an idea of whether it’s worth downloading videos to your use case. There are legitimate reasons for downloading that are not considered theft. 

  1. Competitor research: You may wish to download videos when doing competitor research. This allows you to keep a library of videos on your top competitors for further examination. This is great when looking at marketing videos to understand what you’re up against in the niche. 
  2. Family memories: Did you create Reels that are family memories? You may wish to download them for safekeeping. This ensures that your videos are safe on a personal computer and not only in the hands of Instagram. 
  3. Advanced editing: Instagram’s editing tools are good, but you may want more features and customization. In that case, you can download and edit the Instagram Reels. Once you edit the content, you can upload them back to Instagram. 
  4. Convenient viewing: You can download Instagram videos you may want to watch later. This might provide a better viewing experience since connecting to the internet is unnecessary. 

How To Download a Reel From Instagram Without Legal Issues

To avoid legal issues when downloading content, you must ensure you have permission to reuse copyrighted content. However, there are no legal issues if you simply plan to download the content for personal viewing. That’s because it’s fair game to download all Instagram content you won’t find elsewhere.

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Start Downloading Instagram Reels Today

As you’ve seen from this article, downloading Instagram Reels is straightforward. In fact, downloading and analyzing them will help you figure out how to make Instagram Reels better. That’s because you can study the top performers and learn how they get the viral view counts. 

Now that you understand how to download a Reel from Instagram, try it yourself. You’ll see that the process takes just a few minutes of your time, and they don’t take up much storage. In fact, you can store hundreds of Reels on most mobile devices without a problem. 

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