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Content Creator Jobs: There Is Something Out There for You!


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 12 min read

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Content creation has taken the world by storm. And, yes, another person somewhere in the world has announced that they quit their 9-5 job. They’ve always done content creator jobs on the side, but now it’s become their full-time gig.

While you admire the guts it takes to do this, you don’t think it could ever be you. That’s not because you don’t want it to be you. Rather, you think you’re incapable of landing the job. However, we’re here to tell you that it’s not as difficult as you think.

Maybe you want to be a content writer with the beach as your office. Or, you want to be the social media content creator who always seems to be abroad in some jungle. You can achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

The truth is, content creators aren’t content creators because they are very lucky people. They pursued content creator jobs and changed their lives. You can do that too. 

Plixi can give you information on how to make that happen. Read on to learn more!

Content Creator Jobs: There Is Something Out There for You!

What Is a Content Creator?

Everyone seems to be one. These days, you hear this expression a lot, but many people still aren’t fully clear about what it means. So, what is a content creator, anyway? 

Consider the types of content that you consume online. Perhaps you look at pictures, or you listen to podcasts. You watch that creator’s weekly vlog or read their sporadic blog entries. All of these are forms of content. Therefore, the creator is responsible for putting out the content.

Content creators can take many forms and exist on many different social media platforms. They may choose to focus on just one type of media or dabble in many different types. It’s not unusual to produce both photo content and video content. For even more detailed information, they may have a link to written content (e.g., a blog) in their bio. Their content can be provocative, entertaining, or educational. 

One thing’s for sure: nowadays, these creators produce lots of digital content. Furthermore, a job advertisement seeking digital creators likely emphasizes the requirements of online work submission.

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Use Your Editing Skills To Secure UGC Creator Jobs

Have you heard of user-generated content (UGC)? This offshoot of content creation involves creating content solely for brands to use. These are typically videos of the average consumer raving about a product they’ve tried. They’re meant to look as organic as possible, and brands pay top dollar for them.

Before you even say it, no, UGC is not the typical influencer job. UGC creator jobs are different, and we will tell you how. 

You may usually find sponsored content from influencers on influencer’s pages. This is because brands are trying to get direct access to these influencers’ following. The brand may consider this following to be part of their target audience. Or, they may want to access a different demographic of followers altogether. 

UGC creators usually have their work posted on the brand’s page. This is to give the impression that an independent consumer felt compelled to leave an honest review. If brands love the high-quality content of a particular content creator, they will request that they create more content for them. 

UGC Content Is Cheaper

Brands love the fact that UGC content is typically cheaper than sponsored content. When brands ask an influencer to post on their own page, they pay to access their following. However, this can be very expensive! 

Furthermore, creators tend to try to leverage their following and engagement rate to negotiate higher rates. However, UGC content has nothing to do with the creator’s following, so creators can’t use it to score higher rates. This is because brands are essentially outsourcing their media to a creator with proven skills.

UGC Just Feels More Genuine

Yes, it’s true that we can’t believe everything we see on social media. For example, UGC is not someone raving because they are so impressed by a product or service. Rather, they are putting on a good show because a brand paid them to. Still, this type of content will always feel more authentic than a sponsored post with the “#ad” at the bottom.

These creators are masters of making a video feel genuine. They know how to be personable and relatable while using the necessary buzzwords.

You Can Become a UGC Content Creator, Too

UGC content can take the form of Google reviews or screenshots of DM feedback. This costs brands next to nothing. It is high-quality video content that is worth paying for. If you play your cards right, they could pay you for your content, too!

You don’t need a huge following because your follower count doesn’t even matter. What you can’t shy away from, however, is the quality of your videos. This could mean making sure you have a good camera, microphone, and the best source of lighting. Also, if you’ll be showing off products, make sure your hands are in tip-top shape.

You’ll have to start somewhere. You consume brands all the time. For example, your local Starbucks, gym, or restaurant has IG pages. So, if you create content with their products, tag them! Maybe they won’t be the ones to ask you for content. Other brands, however, will see what you are capable of when they look through your page. This will form a portfolio of sorts for your UGC creation job.

You Could Fit the Content Creator Job Description Without Even Knowing It

If your business exists online, it will need content. This could come in the form of images, videos, or writing. All aspects of your page will count as “content.” Your skills could fit into one of these job requirements. Depending on your specific skill set, you could fit a content creator job description. As the content creation industry expands, more job titles may appear. We’ve touched on a few. Read on to learn what they are!

Become a Copywriter if You’re a Wordsmith

Words are such a powerful tool. It could be your tool to create content. Do you write well effortlessly? Are you very descriptive or convincing with the way that you write? If this comes as second nature to you, why not monetize it? 

Content writers create newsletters, blogs, press releases, and anything that you can read. You’ll just need a computer, Wi-Fi, and Google Docs! Also, there is a huge demand for writers with a specialty in search engine optimization (SEO). You could learn the skill and differentiate yourself from other writers. 

Become a Video Editor for a Multimedia Page

Videos are on every social media platform page now. It seems to be the most popular way to consume content. 

For a while, Instagram aggressively pushed reel content. It could be because videos keep people on the app longer. This also means that many businesses require video content for their pages. This is where your skills can come in. 

With Instagram templates available, video editing doesn’t have to be difficult. You may not even have to create the content from scratch. Brands may only need you to edit their raw footage to remove gaps and awkward pauses. 

If this job interests you, create profiles on Upwork or Fiverr. Show off how good you are at video editing by keeping a catalog of work on your page. This can help you attract long-term clients!

Become a Social Media Manager for an Instagram Page

To have a strong social media presence, brands can’t be passive. They need a constant and strong online presence. Trends often fluctuate, and someone should always be on the ball! 

Also, because the industry is never static, it won’t be a boring job. 

Here are some responsibilities that come with being a social media manager:

  • Keep track of trending audio and challenges as they course through social media.
  • Respond to followers who engage with the content.
  • Engage in copywriting to create written content that aligns with your brand.
  • Keep track of the progress of your social media posts.
  • Be able to interpret the data that you see in your Instagram Insights.
  • Analyze the profitability of the Instagram ads that you use. 
  • Engage with the content that your average follower may like.
  • Keep track of the brands that your brand works with.
  • Organize collaborations with other creators.

Use Your Eye for Color and Become a Graphic Designer

You’ve seen those popular Instagram pages. They are more than just sharp photos and reels. Sometimes, they are just graphics with words. 

This may seem simple enough for people to do for themselves. However, some creators may not have the time to create them. Or, they don’t know how to translate their vision into an image. This is where you come in with your Canva editing expertise!

The Instagram Influencer, of Course 

Do you see all those content creator job posts we just listed? An Instagram influencer can encompass all of that and more. 
An influencer documents and shares an aspect of their lives on the internet. They could be fitness influencers, fashion influencers, food influencers, or anything in between. They can outsource, but smaller creators may not have the resources to do so.

Content Creator Jobs: There Is Something Out There for You!, image №3

How Much Is a Content Creator Salary? 

Content creators aren’t unionized. There isn’t a base salary that all creators accept across the board. Therefore, it’s difficult to say their salary. However, some content creators don’t hide their earnings. This transparency helps aspiring creators decide what is feasible for them.

What type of content creator job did you have in mind? We have to first accept that these jobs can cover a wide range. It could start with writing captions on Instagram and end with filming and editing small films. 

Fortunately, information from Glassdoor can help break down salaries by job title. At the end of December 2023, they said that salaries typically ranged from $47K – $80K on average. Of course, this range disparity is due to years of experience. 

Here are some specifics at the end of 2022 per Hubspot:

  • Digital Marketing Manager – $75,018
  • Digital Copywriter – $67,124
  • Social Media Manager – $52,210
  • SEO Specialist – $52,210

You should also know that your location matters. While some of these jobs are fully remote, others are hybrid arrangements. Some still take place in a brick-and-mortar location. Also, states like California, New York City, and Massachusetts attract higher salaries.

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How To Become a Content Creator That Earns This Year 

The prospect of securing a content creator job is becoming more and more attractive. Most people seem to have a level of interest in it. 

An increased number of content creators only creates a saturated job market. If you want to stand out, you’ll have to do a little more than just post pretty videos. You can’t just write articles at a bare minimum level. We can give you some tips on setting yourself apart. 

This is how to become a content creator that does well on social media:

1. Play Up Your Strengths in Every Way 

Your strength may lie in producing video content for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Or, your strength might be in writing, not camera work. Of course, it could even be both. 

You’re more likely to work hard at something if you’re already naturally gifted at it. You have natural gifts that you can translate to social media. Just find out what they are.

After that, specialize even further. Find your niche. For example, do you have a passion for health and fitness? Write a blog about it or create reels with health and fitness tips. You will find a community that follows and enjoys this type of content. If you simply love romanticizing your life, you could become a lifestyle influencer.

2. Engage in Some Proven Growth Tactics

You shouldn’t just post and go. Your followers appreciate a level of human interaction. After all, they are following you for your stellar personality, too. You should like their comments, reply to questions, and answer their DMs. 

You need to do whatever you can to boost your engagement rate. Instagram’s algorithm will see increased engagement and boost your page to more followers. This is what you want! More visibility comes from acting first. You can’t be passive on your content creation journey. 

Also, if writing is more your forte, the next step will touch on this.

3. Keep Studying

If your field of work was so easy for you to get into, imagine how easy it is for everyone else to enter. Because of this, you’re going to have to make yourself more marketable. There are so many resources online that can help you get better at your craft. 

For example, don’t just become a copywriter. Learn about SEO writing, too. Also, don’t just create beautiful reels, but complete courses on digital marketing, too. 

Better qualifications could also come in handy when you want to switch careers within the content creation arena. 

If you have a working knowledge of other content creation areas, you won’t need to pay someone else!

Content Creator Jobs: There Is Something Out There for You!, image №5

Let’s Expand Your Reach To Attract More Content Creator Jobs

What good is it to have the best content on IG if not everybody can see it? You work so hard to create excellent content, and you don’t get paid for it? 

We don’t want your efforts to go to waste! It’s a good thing we gave you the tools you need to stop that from happening. 

Get ready to leave your 9-5 job for a content creator job!

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