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User-Generated Content: Your Customers Do the Work for You


Plixi Team

Mar 05, 2024 11 min read

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User-generated content is a genius, covert way for brands to advertise their products. The truth is that everyone is an influencer. Don’t lie—you caught yourself rolling your eyes when one influencer said that this product “changed her life.” You sigh a bit when they read the same script you heard another influencer use for the same brand. Influencers are kind of played out.

User-generated content is great for creators who produce stunning and aesthetic visual content. You don’t necessarily need your own engaged community or target audience, but it helps. It shows that your content is already attractive. Use your skills to boost a brand’s ad engagement. We’ll show you how.

User-Generated Content: Your Customers Do the Work for You

First of All, What Is User Generated Content?

“User-generated content” or “UGC” refers to genuine material artists and creators produce. Brands share them to advertise their goods or services. It has a genuine appearance and texture because “regular” individuals create it. What is user-generated content used for? It is particularly convincing for consumers. This type of content is quite popular, and it is quickly gaining ground on material that is more refined and contrived.

Users love to see an objective review left by another user. It gives them greater insight into the product’s quality than the standard advertisement. How, therefore, do you use that influence as an advertiser or company associated with e-commerce?

This is where user-generated material comes in. It allows companies to present an authentic view of products. Prospective customers could see themselves from the perspectives of current customers. A natural post by a happy client is a great approach to generating social proof. It can convince others who are considering if they should make a purchase.

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Devise a Good Strategy if You Want It To Be Effective

A host of users creating fresh content for your social media channels may sound like the easy way out. On the contrary, you still have to devise a good user-generated content strategy. You can’t just repost without direction. User-generated content (UGC) isn’t meant to be lazy content. This form of content still needs your intervention. Here are some guiding points for your strategy:

  • There are several different places to collect posts made by users. There are stories, reels, and posts. Employ technologies that can assist you in keeping track of where your brand is being mentioned. Ideally, they will tag your brand in the stories and posts. If not, you may have to manually search hashtags and follow up with customers.
  • Encourage users to either tag you in photos they take or use a branded hashtag in their posts. If you want to keep the content flowing, consider incorporating a call to action (CTA). Or, you could publish your hashtag in your bio.
  • Hosting contests or giveaways. For example, content could require that the brand-related content goes on the user’s story. This is a common practice used to collect user-generated material.
  • Give social incentives for people to mention or evaluate your business on social media, such as discounts or vouchers. Ideally, the reviews are honest, as people can see through exaggerated claims.
  • Consistently share UGC on your social channels. Your fans get more invested in your account when they continuously check to see if their posts are on your page’s IG story.

Users of social media platforms are eager to gain visibility across various platforms, just like you. Make it worth their while.

Still Not Sure? Here Are User-Generated Content Examples

You can get UGC from a range of people. Keeping a good mix keeps your brand content exciting. Here are user-generated content examples that you can experiment with:

  1. Your longstanding consumer base
    You know the audience that is the most excited about your enterprise. You may even have a unique name to call your company’s most devoted clientele. They could be close friends and family. This audience is ideal for reaching out to and soliciting particular user-generated content. This is especially in the early stages.
  2. Customers
    Consider the unboxing videos that users share on IG. They’re satisfying, aren’t they? Your clients are typically the most significant cohort from whom you’ll get user-generated content. You could ask them to leave an honest Google review or send a DM for their opinion. In either case, you’ll look to obtain UGC from this group.
  3. Staff members
    Ideally, you have a healthy working environment where your staff posts happy content about their job. This is a great way to show value and the story that lies behind your brand. Random photos of downtime at work will shed a positive light on your brand. For instance, packing products or having lunch, or prepping for a client make up good content. Share videos of your team discussing why they enjoy working for your firm and give examples of how they do so. This content takes viewers behind the scenes. People love authenticity.
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User-Generated Content Marketing Is the Way To Go

User-generated content can take the form of photographs, videos, audio recordings, or written material. Members of your audience produce it, and your brand reposts it. People sometimes refer to it as user-generated content marketing or UGC marketing. It’s the same concept. It can potentially be an effective method for connecting with your audience and collecting content for later use.

Traditional marketing strategies are necessary, of course. However, bombarding your audience with an excessive amount of branded content might have a negative effect. Using this style of marketing, your customers can become ambassadors for your brand. In effect, they assist in influencing the purchasing decisions of other individuals. Positive comments from seemingly impartial people have the potential to be influential. Still, these people aren’t true Instagram influencers. They are arguably more credible than an influencer.

Creators of user-generated content don’t put in the same amount of effort to expand their audiences as influencers do. They only need to produce content in an honest manner and permit the brands to advertise it on their platforms. In contrast to sponsored content, UGC is typically on the brand’s pages. Sometimes the brand integrates it into advertisements published across social media networks.

Influencers use their own platforms to communicate directly with their audiences. They draw attention to the sponsored material they share. Since influencers have to be more transparent about their sponsored content, people are less compelled to buy. UGC creators appear to be just like us. Let’s dive deeper into this.

The User-Generated Content Creator Is Taking Content Marketing by Storm

UGC creators are content producers who specialize in making organic-looking content. A user-generated content creator gets compensation for their work. Similarly to the normal content creator, users that generate this type of content, typically concentrate on one or a few specific areas. This could be wellness, fashion, beauty, or travel for example.

And no, UGC creators are not influencers. We spoke about this previously, but we understand why you’d confuse the two. The two play quite different roles in the marketing strategy of a brand. When a company collaborates with an influencer, it will typically pay for access to the influencer’s following. The most fundamental reason why businesses work with influencers is that they have the potential to help raise product sales. They have to mention it in passing to their audience.

However, when a brand pays for user-generated content, it is searching for content that has a genuine feel to it. That is better to naturally promote its company. Additionally, when a UGC creator collaborates with a brand, the content will live on the brand’s own social media channels. It doesn’t go on the creator’s profile for all their followers to see. It’s not about a creator’s reach or the number of followers they have. Brands are looking for material with a personal, relevant feel to it.

For instance, a cosmetics company may want to raise awareness about its newest athletic wear. It might hire a user-generated content maker to produce a try-on haul that features the new line. The video content wouldn’t go to the creator’s account. Instead, it would be promotional content through the official channels associated with the brand.

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You Can Secure Those User-Generated Content Jobs, Too

Did this article convince you to get involved in user-generated content? We thought it would. If you already have a knack for content creation, you should seriously consider user-generated content jobs. It may take some effort in the beginning, though. When you begin your career as a creator of UGC, brands don’t line up to collaborate with you. Put yourself out there. You need to take the initiative to contact them rather than just waiting for them to contact you.

What brands are you interested in? Compile a list of the companies whose products and services you want to represent. You may use the products already. That would make the content all the more convincing. If you have long, healthy hair, consider collaborating with a hair brand. Locate the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of people who manage marketing or social media for those companies. These may be in their Instagram bios.

You may have a long list there, but you can’t send everyone a personalized list. Create a template for an email that you will use to pitch yourself to brands. You should begin by introducing yourself and your IG handle. Include a link to your portfolio, discussing the reasons why you would like to collaborate with them. Explain why the collaboration would fit. Send out many emails, and keep a record of who you’ve contacted and when you did.

Now you play the waiting game. But you won’t just be sitting around. Make sure your page is attractive. Make sure the content you share is engaging to brands. So when these brands come lurking, you’ll be ready.

Don’t Miss Out on these 3 Benefits of User-Generated Content

The inundation of the market with influencers has resulted in the emergence of a new type of content creator. Over the past few years, many companies have begun compensating them. This is to commission the creation of user-generated content specific to their needs. What’s the appeal? Why do companies pay users to create content for them? The benefits of user-generated content speak for themselves.

1. Save Money

It is easy to see the savings. Brands only pay for the material by UGC creators and not for exposure to their consumers. You engage with user-generated content providers who are content specialists. This may also mean obtaining content of higher quality for marketing purposes. Certain influencers may rest on their high follower count and sacrifice content quality.

2. Brands Lessen the Workload

UGC frees up brands from the obligation of producing equivalent content in-house. Influencer marketing can cost a new business a pretty penny. Still, brands know the importance of it. Businesses may find that their best alternative is to outsource some of the content development it does.

3. UGC Is More Believable

Content generated by users feels genuine. This is even though influencers have paid for it. UGC must maintain its authenticity at all times. That is the whole appeal. Creators of user-generated material are good at promoting goods or services in a down-to-earth way. This is while honing in on what the target demographic of a company loves the most.

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UGC Campaigns

We want to help put your content on the Explore page. Compel brands to use your user-generated content by showing that your quality content can already make the rounds. Plixi has investigated each of your growth alternatives. We can implement a strategy for your progress. Notifications of new followers can quickly translate into financial gains. Take advantage of an opportunity to be part of some great user-generated content campaigns.

We employ an AI-based targeting method. You won’t have to restrict your attention to fake Instagram followers. It is possible to boost the amount of Instagram users that interact with your material. You can accomplish this without employing ghost followers on Instagram.

Using Plixi, you may quickly boost the number of people who follow you on Instagram. All you require is a little assistance. As soon as you can, you should put the information you’ve learned to use. You can rely on us to assist you if you wish to succeed on social media. Start increasing your Instagram following right away!

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