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Aesthetic Instagram Accounts Stand Out From the Crowd


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 12 min read

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Having an aesthetic Instagram could be a game changer for your brand. It’s so easy to forget about it. However, you can bring in new followers just by using your aesthetic. You can even make existing ones enthusiastic about each new post. A visual style and feel you can claim as your own is critical to carve out your space on IG.

Whether you want a rainbow feed or a monochromatic one, you can make it yours. Keep reading for information on how to do that.

Aesthetic Instagram Accounts Stand Out From the Crowd

Aesthetic Instagram Accounts Keep Our Attention

An aesthetic Instagram could be the deciding factor in whether a visitor chooses to follow you. If your feed is confusing, they may navigate away from your profile. Consider that you only have a few seconds to introduce yourself and show your value. This is a crucial factor.

An exquisitely curated feed can also help raise engagement levels. Find the appropriate color palette, tone of voice, and visual themes for certain posts. It is an amazing natural method to obtain more likes on your content.

Additionally, it strengthens your brand. That’s essential to differentiate yourself from the many other Instagram accounts. This is of the utmost importance for artists and other creative professionals. Do you want to display their work on Instagram in a way that is both well-organized and aesthetically pleasing? Pay attention to your Instagram aesthetic.

This article will help leave an impact that will last and how to expand your community.

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Aesthetic Instagram: Know Your Brand and Know Your Target Audience

You can’t just go posting pictures randomly. Not because it looks nice, it means that it belongs on your feed. Yes, having an aesthetic Instagram has rules. These rules include knowing your brand identity and knowing your target audience. Let’s talk about the importance of each.

Your brand identity will significantly contribute to your style in various ways. What is the personality and tone of your brand? What are some of its core values? Nike’s brand identity will be very different from Good Molecules. The color scheme for the Barbie movie IG page is starkly different from the Wednesday IG page.

Having a grid layout on Instagram that reflects your brand is one approach to building a sense of familiarity with your audience. Randomly posting content results in disconnection and confusion among viewers. It is difficult to decide to click the follow button when the feed has so much going on.

Knowing your targeted followers is also key in developing your Instagram aesthetic. The primary purpose of your Instagram feed is to attract both present and potential clients. It is critical to develop material that attracts and keeps their interest. To accomplish this, you should begin by understanding the significant factors of your target audience.

What aspects of your brand attract them? Do you know the products and services that are most appealing to them? An Instagram story poll will help with that. You should mention this information in your Instagram feed so they can see it.

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How To Make Your Instagram Aesthetic: The Basics You Need To Know

Colors and Font. If you can master those two factors, you’re already en route to an aesthetic Instagram feed. If you shift to focus on these two things, you already know how to make your Instagram aesthetic.

The color scheme you employ is one of the most crucial parts of the Instagram aesthetic. The appropriate color combination will accurately convey the visual identity of your brand. Selecting the right colors for your brand helps to identify it.

Therefore, it is essential to employ careful planning in the selection of colors. Always keep in mind that the color you choose can have a significant impact on how your followers feel. Select it carefully. Serene colors are ideal if your page focuses on mental health. Red is notoriously a color that incites hunger. Think of all the fast food brands that incorporate red in their logo.

Consider the fonts that you want to use for the text designs. Your posts, stories, and Instagram story highlights should have the same fonts. This is just as important as your color palette. This of your brand should appropriately express your brand identity.

Ensure that you are strict regarding the fonts that you intend to use. Feminine brands mesh well with cursive fonts, for example. You don’t have to limit yourself. Certain fonts can be for headings and others for the body of text.

If you settle on font and color, you can speed through editing on Canva or Postermywall. You can designate content creation to other people easily. Overall, it will make it possible to keep a unified visual brand throughout all your Instagram content.

These are just two points, but they will make a huge difference in your Instagram aesthetic.

Running Out of Ideas? Use the Grid Method

What do Instagram accounts that are the most aesthetically beautiful have in common? They make use of “post-sequencing” to produce a profile layout that is pleasing to the eye. The overall feel of the page feels like something out of a catalog. Aesthetic Instagram accounts like this look like a lot of work but could result from not knowing what to post. We’ll explain.

When a user visits a personal or commercial Instagram profile, the site displays a gallery of recent cover photographs. We know this as the “grid.” It’s what you scroll through for hours on end.  Grids have a width of three images and do not include any text. Not all photo styles in the grid are image-heavy. If you tap on the photo, there will be a caption with rich text. Part of your Instagram aesthetic could be mixed with gorgeous photos and photos meant to hold space.

Choose graphics with simple backgrounds if you want to reduce the amount of visual noise on your profile page. It can be a lot to take in for an IG user already overstimulated by the app. You can also create an appealing grid by alternating between a graphic and a photo for every other post. It will give your followers moments to exhale. It gives you a chance not to overthink your next post, too.

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Instagram Aesthetic Ideas Aren’t Just for the Pictures on Your Feed

Instagram aesthetic ideas aren’t just for the pictures on your feed. An aesthetic Instagram profile ought to be congruent in every respect. Your feed posts on Instagram aren’t the only place to show off your eye for color. Your visual style can also be in many other aspects of your Instagram profile. Your profile photo and stories come to mind. You shouldn’t overlook curating them. Here are our Instagram aesthetic tips for your profile picture.

Your Instagram profile picture is more crucial than you think. It is important to make sure that your profile picture is representative of your brand. It’s the photo from your page that people see the most. It’s in the comment section of other users’ content. It’s the icon for stories. It could be the hook that reels in users. Include a splash of your brand color in your profile picture that matches your aesthetic.

Have a lot of space in your photos if you want to give the impression that your aesthetic leans towards minimalism. Because of this, people will be able to anticipate what they will find in your posts simply by looking at your profile picture. It doesn’t have to be a photo of you. It could be something abstract. Just make sure it is in line with your feed.

Aesthetic Instagram Stories Solidify the Overall Theme

Ensure you have Instagram stories if you’re not the kind to publish them on your feed daily. This will help you keep your followers entertained. To be specific, aesthetic Instagram stories will keep followers. However, these daily stories can’t just be a collection of photos and videos taken at random. They also need to fit in with the general look of your Instagram account.

Yes, your stories are not a place to put feed rejects. You still have a brand image to maintain. Always select photographs of high quality that demonstrate your distinctive photographic style.

Stickers and music that will help set the mood are great, too. That is, so long as they fit in with the color scheme. Make your page more enjoyable and engaging for the audience while maintaining cohesion. Add some soothing music if the aesthetic you’re going for is one of calm and comfort. Everything you share in your Instagram stories should adhere to the aesthetic branding of your account.

Feel free to experiment with arranging your stories by using many photographs in a single post. Stories in the form of a collage are a great way to make followers stay longer. Ensure that the attitude and style of the rest of your profile go into the composition of your photographs and vice versa.

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The Truth About Aesthetic Instagram Accounts: No Filter

Just kidding. There are filters everywhere! Aesthetic Instagram accounts don’t just happen. So much goes into creating a cohesive feed. Creating a coherent feed can happen in several ways. A filter is a way to maintain consistency throughout a page. When you know what filter to use, it takes a lot of effort away from you. You don’t have to think hard to discover your personal Instagram aesthetic.

Experimenting with different filters is the most efficient method to find the right one for you. You end up with images that are identical to one another every time. You’ll also save a lot of time and effort editing them. You’ll be able to find a filter that produces the desired effect. There may be some tweaks here and there as each picture needs. However, it shouldn’t take long.

You don’t have to look far for your filter, either. Consider utilizing Instagram’s filters. They include a collection of pre-set photo treatments. They can simulate the effects of professional photo editing techniques. It is a popular method for developing a unified visual style for your photographs. Select a single filter and employ it uniformly to achieve the appearance of a cohesive page.

You can select relevant filters with the help of color psychology. This is the study of how color affects emotion and behavior. The color pink conveys a sense of friendliness. A slight pink filter could convey that emotion.  It is also important to consider the accent colors you use as well. Softer tones can be comforting, while brighter tones signify vitality and innovation. Generally, there are no wrong choices, just filters, and colors that suit certain brands better.

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Need Help With Aesthetic Themes? These Tools Will Help With Your IG!

Do you want consistency in your Instagram feeds? Use a color palette or filter for your pictures. This may be a challenging thing, though. Aesthetic themes are necessary, but take some getting used to if you usually slap shots on your feed. But hey, do you want an aesthetic Instagram or not?

You may improve your feed’s overall appearance and your posting’s cohesiveness. Just apply the same filters to all of your posts. Some creators swear by Aden, for example. Experiment with different levels of saturation, lighting, and contrast. We could go on and on about your options, but it may not make the process any easier. Some people just need that creative edge. This is where online tools come in.

Planoly has become a mainstay for many social media marketers. This is primarily because it has a straightforward user interface and numerous effective features. You can plan and design content using editing tools with the help of Instagram Planner. You also have the added benefit of sourcing pictures from a database of free stock images if you need to. Maybe you need filler post content to maintain your Instagram theme.

Later is also an app for managing your social media accounts in one place. It gives you access to a feed planner that can assist you in visualizing your Instagram feed. Using its features, you may also use the visual calendar to schedule posts for numerous social media networks.

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A High Follower Number Makes an Aesthetic Instagram, Too!

We are the first people to tell you about the importance of writing captions. Still, Instagram is mostly a visual medium. Having an aesthetic Instagram is still essential. The look that visitors see as they get on your Instagram feed is important. It is what ultimately decides the first impression that they have of your brand. Therefore, it can be the single most critical factor in determining whether they stick with you or go their separate ways. Make it count.

You may think paying attention to your Instagram aesthetic is too much work. Well, most people are paying attention to their feeds on Instagram. You need an aesthetic that makes you stand out from the crowd. However, to get a certain look on Instagram, you’ll need some planning and work. Good thing you have Plixi.

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