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Giveaway Ideas To Win Over Instagram Audiences


Plixi Team

Mar 18, 2024 11 min read

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Winning over audiences with giveaway ideas is an excellent strategy for account growth. In fact, you can generate a lot of sales and customer loyalty with the right giveaway approach. 

However, to prevent your giveaway from being a gimmick, check out the advice in this article.

You’ll learn the dos and don’ts of Instagram giveaways to increase your chances of success. Having a varied strategy is the right approach, and you must also experiment to stand out. This ensures you bring something new to the social media platform.

Giveaway Ideas To Win Over Instagram Audiences

What Are Good Giveaway Ideas: Top Options for Instagram 

Now, let’s explore what are good giveaway ideas on Instagram. Good giveaway ideas aim to draw in a crowd yet don’t cost a lot of money. 

However, it depends on the success of your giveaways. You can increase the budget once you crack the formula for turning giveaways into customers. 

You can give away products, additional content, discounts, and more. Furthermore, there are free methods for creating giveaways. We’ll explore these further in the article to help you save money with the next giveaway. 

3 Giveaway Ideas for Businesses

There are many giveaway ideas for businesses that you can explore to reward customers. This will help you build a bigger audience and potentially grow the customer base. Think of the giveaway as an investment that will pay for itself through more sales. 

1. Provide Discount Codes

You can create exclusive discount codes that are better than the usual promotions. This ensures that the giveaway has extra value compared to codes they might find during a promotional period. 

For example, 50% off is a big saving that will make Instagram audiences want to participate in the giveaway. However, you may need to cap the discounted amount to control the size of your losses. This ensures you can maintain profit during the giveaway. 

2. Free Products

Consider giving away your free products to the winners of the giveaway. These can be old products that new ones will soon replace. Therefore, you can save money on the giveaway. 

However, if you plan to release new products, consider creating a giveaway surrounding the launch period. This can create a lot of hype, and you may experience a surge in sales. Execute Instagram business giveaway ideas with the products that are cheapest to manufacture. That’s because you’ll lose the least amount of money. 

Also, you can add caveats to the free products to get more potential customers. For instance, ask for a video review of the product to ensure the giveaway’s rules have been met. You can then use these reviews on other digital assets and Instagram. 

Ask customers to leave a review on their Instagram account in the form of a post. This will spread the word about your products to their audiences. Hence, your word-of-mouth marketing will go through the roof.

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3. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular giveaway since it means the money is spent in-store. Also, winners of the gift cards can give them away to friends and family. This can spread the word about your business organically

Consider adding enough gift cards to give people a realistic chance of winning. Therefore, many smaller gift cards are better than a few large ones. Also, make sure that you state the rules for using the gift cards. For example, add an expiration date and make this known before the giveaway starts. 

How To Do a Giveaway on Instagram

Do you want to know how to do a giveaway on Instagram for maximum success? There are a few things that you can do to increase the marketing push for the giveaway. Therefore, you can increase the size of the return while adding more value to your customers. 

1. Market the Giveaway in Advance

It’s important to let your audience know about the giveaway in advance. Therefore, your audience can keep an eye out for the date and take part. Otherwise, you might have a small turnout for the giveaway, and the marketing push will be small. 

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to market the giveaway. Simply use your existing digital assets like email lists, websites, and other social media channels.

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2. State the Rules

It’s important to provide the rules for your giveaway to ensure you don’t face backlash. This includes providing details about the number of prizes and their value.  This ensures your Instagram target audience and sets realistic expectations for their chances to win. 

Furthermore, it’s against Instagram community guidelines to deceive your audience. Hence, you cannot create giveaways with rules that deceive or trick the audience. Make sure the giveaway is simple to avoid angering your audience. 

Ask your audience for feedback after the giveaway to constantly improve them. Therefore, you can keep your audience engaged and happy with the giveaway rules. 

3. Highlight the Winners

Make an effort to highlight the winners of the giveaway. You can do this by including their profile, reaction to winning the giveaway, and picture. Here are the advantages of highlighting giveaway winners:

  • Trust and transparency: Showing off the winners gives people confidence that your giveaway is not a scam. That’s because they can verify the winners and see for themselves that it’s possible to win. Also, you give the winners a chance to express their satisfaction with winning. 
  • Increase followers: Some Instagram users may see the winners list and decide they don’t want to miss you in the future. Hence, they will follow your Instagram account, increasing its popularity. 
  • More sales: You may experience a surge in sales from the winners list. That’s because they may give your products and decide they want more. For example, if you give away free trials of your services, they may decide to purchase an annual subscription afterward.
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Use an Instagram Giveaway Picker

It’s important to find a good quality Instagram giveaway picker you can rely on for accuracy. The picker will pick a person randomly to ensure a fair giveaway. Ideally, be transparent about the picker you use so contestants can verify its accuracy for themselves. This ensures that there can be no argument about the fairness of the winner selection process. 

Furthermore, using a picker removes any bias you have in the giveaway selection process. You may have a bias in your current winner selection process without even knowing. 

There are many free giveaway pickers to choose from, but the paid ones have extra features. For instance, they will email or message the winners on your behalf. This somewhat automates the process of notifying winners.

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3 Cheap Giveaway Ideas for Instagram Accounts on a Budget

Do you have a limited budget for marketing and can’t afford to give away a lot of monetary value? Then, you can focus on the cheap giveaway ideas that work well with the right approach. 

1. Create Digital Giveaways

Consider creating digital giveaways that you can give away to many entrants at no extra cost. This can be an ebook on how to use your products or a link to an exclusive video. The cost of creating the content isn’t free, but it might be inexpensive compared to product giveaways. 

However, make sure to add value to the digital giveaway for the event to be worthwhile. Otherwise, you won’t receive the benefits of the giveaway away, such as getting more Instagram followers. 

2. Create Samples

You can create sample versions of your products and give those away instead of entire products. For example, if you sell shampoos, you can give away small sachets. This allows your potential customers to give them a try and buy products if they like the quality. 

Ideally, provide a sample set of different offerings. Therefore, your customers will have a chance to try out various products. This means they can find a product they like and order based on first-hand experience. 

3. Give Away Cheaper Products

Look at your low-cost products and make sure that you give those away instead of the higher-priced ones. This ensures that you can keep the overall cost of the giveaway lower. 

Perhaps you can get a better deal from your supplier for manufacturing these products. State that you’re doing a giveaway, and the result of the promotional period might be placing a much larger order. 

Giveaway Post Ideas for Instagram

Are you looking for giveaway post ideas for Instagram? The giveaway can focus on different competition rules based on the post you create. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Best comment: You can create a giveaway post by rewarding users who leave the best comments. You can base this on a theme, such as the best comment, to provide an inspirational quote. 
  • Hashtag giveaways: Create a contest where you ask users to submit the best hashtags. This allows you to create a giveaway and generate new hashtags for your business
  • Live streams: Create an Instagram live stream for the giveaway event to create more buzz. During the giveaway, you can do a Q&A session. This provides your audience with more value and gives you another chance to sell products.
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How To Do a Free Giveaway on Instagram

Are you wondering how to do a free giveaway on Instagram? One of the best strategies is to get sponsored by a brand that provides the giveaway items. This will help you create a strategy where you can give away high-quality products at no cost to yourself. 

However, to receive products that you can give away, brands must take an interest in your account. You’ll need to grow your Instagram followers since brands will evaluate the size of your following. 

Additionally, you need to reach out and ask brands if they can sponsor your giveaway. You can make a case for the benefit of their business. This would increase sales and give them access to your audience. 

Working with multiple brands to get more products for your giveaway is a good idea. Brands will be willing to give you more as your audience grows, and an upward cycle will continue. 

Advantages of Influencer Social Media Giveaways

Now, let’s consider the benefits of using Influencer social media giveaways. After this section, you’ll better understand the value that influencer giveaways can bring to your brand. 

  • More sales: The giveaway can create a lot of buzz surrounding your business, leading to more sales. In fact, the profit made from the event will outweigh the cost of the free products or samples. It’s also an excellent vehicle for driving sales when you have no reputation on Instagram. 
  • Access large audiences: Choose a content creator with a large audience, and you’ll have more success. Creating a large audience of your own can take multiple years. Therefore, it’s a shortcut that allows you to leverage the hard work of other Instagram influencers. 
  • A nod of approval: The audience will notice that influencers give your brand the nod of approval. Otherwise, they wouldn’t want to use your products in their giveaway. It’s an organic way of getting the trust of large audiences without doing the hard work. 
  • Lifelong customers: You can turn the giveaway participants into lifelong customers. Use an email capture form to get the participants to follow your account. For instance, you can include a physical product insert in the giveaway package with a QR code. This code can link to your email list capture form.
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Giveaway Ideas: Market Research Reveals What Works

The different giveaway prize ideas in this article are a good starting point. However, you need to do market research in your niche for best results to see what works best. This ensures that you increase the ROI and effectiveness of your Instagram giveaway events. 

Now that you know some of the top giveaway ideas, give them a try for yourself. First-hand experimentation is the key to beating your competitors to the best giveaway. It’s a social media marketing strategy you should implement for social media engagement. 

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