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Free Followers for Instagram Are Headed Your Way!


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Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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How do people get so many Instagram followers? They even have high follow counts across all their social media platforms. You’ve probably watched some creators build up their platform from nothing. Other creators seemed to get fame within 24 hours. Either way, you look at your potential followers with hope. That’s the spirit! You’re a small creator, so you’re looking into getting free followers for Instagram. This is all your budget might allow, after all. That’s okay because we’ll show you how to.

Followers’ tools and growth services make some lofty promises, but are they legitimate? If you’d rather take your chances with the Instagram algorithm, we have some organic growth tips for you. Yes, the kind that brings in high-quality followers and not just numbers for a show! You can decide which route to take.

Free Followers for Instagram Are Headed Your Way!

Why You Should Get Free IG Followers

The desire for more followers is not just about petty competition. Big numbers are cool, but the need to grow your page goes deeper than that. We don’t harp on it for nothing. We will get into a few reasons why you should get free Instagram followers.

1. Social Proof

Have you heard of the concept of social proof? It is a pretty interesting concept that you need to grasp. I will explain it using this scenario: 

A person casually scrolls their Instagram feed. They come across your username and post. Maybe you made it on their news feed. Maybe Instagram is choosing to promote your content today. The user likes this post, but will they like the rest of your content? 

They tap on your IG handle and see your profile page. They don’t have enough time to look through your entire feed, so they look at how many followers you have. 

Typically, if a person sees a high number of followers, they deem the page worthy of a new follow. They think that if a lot of people think the page is good, it may be good. So, without even looking at your Instagram bio, they have decided to follow you. 

This is social proof. A high following was able to secure you another follow. If you have a low following, maybe they won’t think you’re worthy of them following you. It may sound like a vicious cycle, but it’s just how social media works.

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2. More Brand Deal Opportunities

It would be nice to make money on Instagram. Who doesn’t want some extra income? Other people are doing it, so why can’t you? A high follower account used to not equate to financial income. These days, it is the first step to attracting brands on Instagram. 

Of course, some brands value a niche following. Still, you increase your chances of more brand opportunities with a higher following.

It’s also ideal for your followers to engage with your content. A higher engagement rate is more impressive than a higher follower count. Together, you have a winning combination.

3. More Potential To Convert to Sales

You may not even want to wait around for brands to reach out to you. You may not want to reach out to brands at all. Instead, you may want to use your Instagram account as a marketing tool for another website. This is how some influencers make money. This website could be one where people pay a subscription fee. 

Patreon is a good example of these platforms. More followers mean that more people are aware of your content. This means there are more opportunities for sales. There are also higher chances people will subscribe to your platform or download your digital products. 

So, you see that a higher follow count is about more than just aesthetics. It could be the beginning of you completely changing your life.

How To Get Free Followers on Instagram: The Truth About Online Sites

When you’re in a rush to increase your following, help from alternative websites may look particularly tempting. Even more tempting are the sites that offer followers for free. We’ve all seen them. 

They say they will give you real high-quality Instagram followers. Sometimes, things are too good to be true, though. We don’t want you to risk it all while trying to grow your page. Take a breather before you look up how to get free followers on Instagram. Let’s unpack what this really means.

They Deliver Bots as Followers

Yes, the Instagram growth service sites are promising to deliver real followers. They are even promising to do that for free. The likelihood that these are real people who are coming to follow your page is very low. Instead, you may see a rush of bot followers come to your page. They may have real people in their profile pictures, but they are bots.

These sites aren’t always truthful about what they can provide at such a low price point. You might think that the high numbers are all you need. You may want to think twice about that. Our next point explains why.

The Followers Don’t Always Engage

Robots don’t engage authentically. They may try their best, but it doesn’t quite land. At the end of the day, your engagement rate is what truly matters to potential collaborators. So, simply having a high follow count is not enough. You may have a lot of followers just sitting idle. 

What you want them to do is comment, like, and share your content. You may end up buying fake comments to match your fake followers. You could even wind up buying fake likes to match these fake followers. It becomes a never-ending journey of creating a facade. You could’ve put that effort into growing your following organically.

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These Sites Could Hack You

Instagram doesn’t sell followers. And even though they have a hand in promoting your content, they don’t give you free followers. If you go to a third-party site to find followers, Instagram won’t help you if something goes wrong. This is especially because IG hasn’t sanctioned these sites. 

Some of the sites use your login information to hack you. In your quest to grow your following, you can end up losing it all. It could be better to be safe than sorry.

Instagram Could Punish You

Instagram has a somewhat intuitive program. It knows how to pick up generic followers. Sometimes, you’ll see followers disappear from your follow account. Sometimes, the reason for this is that Instagram has decided to purge the platform of fake accounts. That could include your followers as well.

It doesn’t stop there. Your account could face a shadowban from Instagram. This is scary because one day, you’ll just see your content do poorly in numbers. You’ll try your best to implement growth strategies, but you will be fighting a losing battle.

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How To Get More Followers on Instagram for Free: The Organic Way

Put your credit card away. You don’t have to spend cash to increase your following—you don’t have to buy Instagram followers. There are ways that you can grow your following for free, organically. It may take a little longer, but at least these followers are more likely to stay. We’ll tell you how to get more followers on Instagram for free.

1. Use Instagram Polls

Instagram polls are a great way to ask your followers directly what they want to see from you. It can be a fun or serious way for you to do real market research. 

You can use polls in reels, posts, and even in stories. When you find out the kind of content your followers like, you’ll have a better understanding of your target audience. You should capitalize on that kind of content to draw in more like-minded followers.

2. Collaborate With Other Users 

You can post high-quality collaborative posts on Instagram. When you do this, your content ends up in the feeds of people who follow your collaborators. This could be a different audience that never even heard of your page. They could see your content and see that someone they follow has liked your content. This may increase the chances of them deciding to follow you as well.

3. Engage With Other Users First

You want to impress Instagram with your engagement rate. You know that when you do this, they are more likely to show your content to other people. But how do you spice up your engagement rate? The answer is that you have to engage first. You have to like, comment, and share content, too. 

Be responsive to the comments that you’re getting now. Instagram notices when you interact with the comments that you already have. Who knows? You could get the reward of more followers this way.

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How To Gain Followers on Instagram Fast for Free: Reels Edition

We love making content, but we want to make it count. By “count,” we are talking about our follower count. We understand the plight of the creator trying to grow their following. We’re going to tell you how to gain followers on Instagram fast for free. Specifically, we’re going to talk about using reels tool best practices. If you haven’t been using this already, it’s about time to start!

1. Use Trending Audio

This trick has been around since reels entered Instagram. It still seems to be going strong. It would be remiss of us to not mention it. 

If you hear a particular audio often on the app (Instagram), it is likely being promoted. Along with the audio, they will promote the reels that use that audio. Your reel could be one of them. Give your content a chance by hopping on an audio trend as well.

2. Use Templates for Ease

Are you turned off at the idea of creating these reels because you think it’s going to be difficult? Yes, you see these short films that you think only Spielberg could have made. You wonder how they get the clips to merge so seamlessly with the audio. We can tell you the secret. 

Some of these content creators use reels templates. You should use a reel Instagram template, too, if you want to create reels quickly. You’ll see the “Use template” option on these reels. Just tap on it and start selecting photos and videos that you want to use. It’s that simple. Your viral video could be a few steps away!

3. Keep Them Short

If we wanted to watch long videos, we would’ve gone to YouTube. Some people are on Instagram because they prefer watching short-form videos. They want to pass the time quickly with some light-hearted mental stimulation. 

Your reels don’t need to be short films. They can be quite low-effort while still being effective. The longer they watch your reel, the quicker Instagram counts it as a view. The more views you get, the higher the likelihood of Instagram sharing your content with other people.

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4. Share Them to Your IG Stories

Reels are all over Instagram these days. You can’t scroll down your feed for long without seeing them. Because of this inundation of content, you can lose yours in the mix. 

For example, if your followers follow a lot of people, there is no guarantee that they will see your reel. What if you all post at the same time? Your followers can get overstimulated with all the short-form video content. What if they choose to log off the app before they get to your reel? You need to take an extra step to make sure that they see your content.

Luckily, we have Instagram stories. Right after you post your reel, share it to your story. This way, if they missed it on their feed, your followers will see it in your there.

A view of your reel in your stories technically counts as a view for your reel as well. But don’t stop there! Get creative with your Instagram stories. Entice your viewers to go and watch the actual reel so they can engage with it there, too. 

You can do this by obscuring the view of the reel in your story. Use an Instagram sticker to do it. Your followers may feel extra compelled to go and watch the actual reel.

Free Followers for Instagram Are Headed Your Way!, image №7

Get Free Followers for Instagram Using Organic Tips

At Plixi, we are all about growth. We focus on getting you followers who care about your content. We’re not just about getting those high numbers. We just happen to secure that for you, too. 

How do we do it? We do this mainly by using our propriety AI targeting algorithm and in-house platform of Instagram influencers. Over the last decade, we’ve been perfecting our tools. 

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